If you are still looking for gifts for loved ones for the New Year holidays, then in this selection I will offer you the option that will become a win-win and universal, believe me. Pay attention to massagers. Everyone in our family uses them, from our adult parents to our children. And we order more and more new models and varieties of these devices. Do the massage yourself, or connect someone from your family to this process, and you will have a great time together and get great pleasure from the result. Do not forget, massagers do not have to treat something, they can and should be used just for relaxation. I will not tire of praising such devices, because now they have become very affordable, and the variety is impressive.

So, my selection of the most popular and really working massagers from Aliexpress. Many of which we use ourselves.

Excellent massager for shoulders, lower back, feet. Checked!


The most popular and coolest massager according to many members of our family is a massager for the back, shoulders, neck, feet. In our family, we and our parents have one. Several modes of operation, heating, speed of rotation of the rollers, selection of the direction of rotation of the rollers. The massager is almost silent — while watching a movie or while your child is sleeping in a small apartment, you will not interfere while taking a massage session. Take it on the road and plug it in between trips.

Great foot massager. Checked!


I am not happy with this massager. Working at the computer, I placed it under the desktop and now I get a foot massage session during the work process. The massager is rather big, the case is made of plastic with a glossy surface, the color is practical, dust is not particularly visible on it, the fabric covers are removable, with locks. The control is simple, push-button, programmed for a session, lasting 15 minutes, suitable for 45.5 foot size. It works in 3 modes, has a Shiatsu function, 3 intensity levels, a heating function, vibration, there is no smell of a Chinese thing. My recommendations. Here is a review on it MASSAGER REVIEW

Excellent Xiaomi gun massager. Checked!


Cool massage gun Xiaomi Yunmai SE MV-FG-0308. You can see a review of it by following this link.

Multifunctional massager, for different muscle groups, powerful — 2730 beats / min, quiet, comfortable, autonomous, with an extended delivery set: with a variety of massage heads, a strong plastic case for transportation and a powerful charging station. Works in 5 modes, you can adjust the number of beats per minute: from 1540 to 2730, battery capacity: 2900 mAh (Li-On), operating time from one charge up to 14 hours, weight 0.84 kg. I recommend to buy, because. I use it myself and I’m satisfied

Great massage chair. Checked!


I am familiar with the products of this manufacturer firsthand. I enjoy using their massager for hands and feet. Now I’m testing just such a cape, or as we call it — a massage chair. My review can be viewed at the link. Very satisfied with the purchase. I will say right away that a child of 7 years old is trying to sit in a chair, however, it is designed for large dimensions, because. has built-in massage rollers in several areas — neck, lower back, shoulder area. Heating mode available. Thanks to the MARESE massage mat, you will receive the following types of massage: vibration, tapping, compression, roller, which will help you completely get rid of fatigue and stress. Management is simple with the remote control. The massage mat can be installed on a car seat.

Functional massage chair


An amazing chair, as all users of this massage device write. The chair is expensive, but not more expensive than your own time and money to visit massage parlors. This is exactly a full-fledged chair with an incredible number of functions and possibilities — get a full body massage on it, including the head and legs. Armchair with «zero gravity» effect, designed for 8 massage points, programmed for 20 automatic modes. Provides the following types of massage: combined kneading, pushing, vibration, squeezing, warming. Has built-in Bluetooth.

Excellent wireless lumbar massager complete with power bank. Checked!


The massager was presented to parents who were very pleased with the device. This is an electric, please note, wireless lumbar massager. Works in Vibro mode, gently or intensively massages the lumbar region, and the warming effect improves blood circulation. Of course, a life-saving remedy for the restoration of damaged ligaments and muscles. Power is organized in 2 ways — from the network and wireless. The massager works silently, use it at home, at work, and on the train in a car or even in a fixed-route taxi — you will not disturb others. Included: several cables of different lengths, an adapter with a plug for a euro socket and, most importantly, a 12,000 mAh power bank.

See my review at the link

Cheap but effective foot massage mat


A very cheap foot massage mat is a wonderful tool for self-massage, according to users. It will be especially relevant for women who wear high heels and their legs get tired during the day, for people whose work involves standing for a long time, for the elderly. Product size: 32 cm * 29 cm * 2.8 cm, the massager has 6 modes, 9 intensity levels, has a built-in battery and is charged via USB.

Great head massager. Checked!


I will definitely add a hand massager to the selection. Such massagers are certainly cheap and suitable for those who like to be taken care of. I am talking now about a very popular and beloved in our family manual octopus massager. After all, you can’t massage them yourself. Massage relaxes to goosebumps, and some even laugh. This link sells a quality massager.

Wireless head massager


For those who experience tension headaches at the end of the day or during the day, here is an electric massager. And also — this is an excellent device for those who have slowed blood circulation. Inexpensive, compact, portable, it will help to relax and help in complex therapy to restore the scalp, improving blood circulation. The massager has a built-in battery and is charged via a USB connection. Of course, you can use it for self-massage on other areas of the body. Please note that the set includes several massage heads.

Inexpensive and functional massage pillow


Many people like this massage pillow. After all, it can be used for different muscle groups: massage the neck, shoulders, lower back, feet. The pillow is compact in size and works quietly. Performs vibromassage and warming massage. The device is equipped with 8 rollers, operates in several speed modes, the control is simple, push-button, the kit includes a wire for connecting to a car.

I hope my selection has helped you decide on gifts for your loved ones.


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