I’m sure many ixbt readers know the difference between a northbridge and a diode bridge. Some even know the difference between CISK and RISK. IF you are a programmer OR an engineer THEN this selection of Aliexpress t-shirts is just right for you.

Interesting circuitry

An extremely popular T-shirt that you don’t even have to look at — it literally screams to the whole world about your belonging to the ilite, the knights of the soldering iron and hot air guns

The seller has a lot of conceptually similar options, you should look and choose to your taste.

negative feedback

Another example of subtle and specific humor. You should not expect that on the street you will turn around after you. But in a professional environment, it will undoubtedly be appreciated.

Hacker power

Mitnick, of course, is unlikely to have worn this T-shirt. But if you are ready to declare to the whole world about your interest in playing ping-pong with other people’s servers, then why not?

I am an engineer and I am right

And here is a stylish, modern design manifestation of self-righteousness. There is a beautiful picture, and a game with fonts, and even a good review from the buyer.

And a little humor, of course.


Frankly, so many incredibly cool T-shirts have been produced for Linux users that I see no reason to limit your choice to one link and above I just gave a link to the search.

In the title, I brought the variant of AC-DC styling that I liked the most


If you need to choose a gift for a web designer friend, then this t-shirt may well come in handy.

Seeing it, I warmly remembered the first crooked attempts to make something in Dreamwever.


Another variation of the famous T-shirt. I’ve already seen Run BJJ, and now I’ve also seen the IT adaptation of the imperishable.

Another proof that everything ingenious is simple. I think that those who prefer Florida death metal to the New York hip-hop scene will not break off to wear such a T-shirt.

That’s all, I hope you enjoyed the selection!


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