For me, Lenovo has always been a manufacturer of laptops and workstations. At work, I was always given a ThinkPad laptop, of course, at first it was IBM, but then it became Lenovo. At my current job, I have a Lenovo ThinkStation installed in my office.

I have great respect for this company, the more interesting it was to discover that they make not only laptops and computers, but also a huge line of computer accessories.

I liked a lot of things, and even ordered something for myself to see. Maybe something will appeal to you too.

Soundbar for computer Lenovo Lecoo DS101

Beautiful and comfortable soundbar for your computer or laptop.

Brief characteristics:

  • power — 2 channels of 3 watts
  • connection — 3.5mm or USB
  • dimensions 415x78x68 mm
Does not require driver installation if connected via USB. Beautiful RGB lighting. Free shipping to Russia.

Lenovo TS33 bluetooth 5.0 wireless soundbar

Wireless soundbar for use with a laptop or phone. Please note that the device is powered by USB and does not have a built-in battery. Built-in backlight, where without it.


emitter size: 2 inches
playable range: 60Hz-16KHz
Supply voltage: DC 5V (USB)
size: 380*75*60mm

Lenovo G80 Inexpensive Gaming Headset

Equipped with 50mm dynamic drivers. 3.5 or USB connection, there is a version for playing «7.1 Surround Sound». Noise-canceling microphone and, of course, backlighting.

It makes sense to choose the G80B version, then the connection will be entirely via USB, otherwise USB is connected only for lighting and sound via two 3.5mm jacks.

Lenovo M10 Wireless portable speaker

This speaker has support for bluetooth profiles HSP / HFP / A2DP / AVRCP and a built-in microphone, which allows you to receive and answer calls.

You can also connect a 3.5 mm jack cord or play music from a TF card.

The capacity of the built-in battery is 1200mAh, they promise to work for 5 hours on a single charge. Equipped with a quiet backlight, the color is selected.

Alarm clock, FM radio, bluetooth headset from Lenovo

Multifunction device from Lenovo. As for the musical part, there are two speakers and a passive radiator. A receiver, a clock, an alarm clock, and you can also talk to it because it can listen — there is a microphone. Looks beautiful and stylish, three design options.

Supported bluetooth profiles — HSP/HFP/A2DP/AVRCP

Battery capacity — 1200mAn

Time of active work on one charge — 6-8 hours

Set of computer acoustics Lenovo C1530 Speaker

Beautiful and strict acoustics for the computer. The set, in its brutal form, is quite compact and can even fit on a small table. Power is traditional for today — from USB.

Power — 3W sub, 1W * 2 satellites

Dimensions — Bass 228*156*142mm, Satellite Box 85*200*69mm

Lenovo MG10 glasses

For quite technologists, Lenovo offers Lenovo MG10 glasses. Of course, these are not only glasses, but also a bluetooth headset. At the same time, the spectacle part is made very stylishly and naturally has all the protection from all types of light. From UV for sure.

On board is a bluetooth chip version 5.0, which promises low consumption and fast connection at least.

TWS earbuds

It was a surprise to me that Lenovo makes so many different TWS headphones. There are both gaming and regular, options with different fit … choose and choose.

Judging by the reviews, the quality is quite up to par, but the appearance, as always with Lenovo, is on top. See if you can choose something for yourself.

I hope you, like me, discovered something new for yourself. I’m not that fan of the brand but I could not resist and bought something.


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