A screwdriver is one of the main tools in the household, because at a relatively low cost it allows you to solve most problems. The so-called nozzles or adapters allow you to further expand its functionality, which turn the screwdriver into a radically different tool that can perform the functions inherent in a completely different tool. The most interesting nozzles are presented below.

Metal shears

The scissor attachment is designed for cutting sheet metal up to 1.5 mm thick. There are three types of scissors on the page, differing in cutting ability. This nozzle allows you to cut a plate of carbon steel up to 1.5mm thick. The body of the nozzle is made of metal, for work it is desirable to have a powerful screwdriver with a good moment on the shaft.

Sheet metal cutter

The sheet metal cutter is an alternative to the previous type with a completely different working principle and capabilities. It is also designed to work with sheet materials, such as metal tiles, corrugated board or galvanized sheet. At its core, it does not cut, but helps out the metal with a small cutter that moves back and forth.


The nozzle is designed for fastening thin sheet metal and other materials. Received the greatest application at installation of a thin sheet profile both among themselves, and to the bearing elements. It is also used for fixing synthetic materials. Fastening is carried out by special rivets, which are purchased separately.

Step drill

The step drill is designed for drilling holes in thin sheet metal. It differs from conventional drills in that it allows you to drill a large diameter hole in one pass. With conventional drills, this will not work, since several drills of different diameters are needed. The nozzle is very useful, especially for those who are engaged in various homemade products.


The beveler is a very handy attachment designed for working with damaged metal fasteners. It has a conical shape with sharp cutting edges that chamfer at a certain angle. All this allows you to remove jammed threads and easily twist into the desired part. It is used to remove damaged threads from studs or bolts.

reciprocating saw

This attachment is designed to turn a screwdriver or drill into a reciprocating saw. With the help of gears, it converts the rotational movement of the screwdriver chuck into reciprocating. Depending on the type of blade installed, it allows you to work not only on metal, but also on softer materials such as wood or plastic.

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