Quality casual shoes are the basis of the basics. Every day we walk hundreds, thousands of steps using one or another shoe. And I think it’s not a secret for anyone that high-quality shoes are worn and felt differently than a cheap pair from the market for 800 rubles. And since I constantly move around in sneakers or sneakers, many of which were also purchased on Aliexpress, it was decided to write this article. Popular manufacturers were chosen as brands, which somehow conquered the market with their approach, pedantry and technology. Let’s get started!

Li-Ning Cosmos EVO sneakers

Well, let’s start today’s selection with a new model of everyday sneakers Cosmos EVO from Li-Ning. This brand produces sportswear and equipment of high quality and durability.
The Cosmos EVO model stands out for its softness, which many owners speak about in reviews and 2 color options. The size range is represented by many models from 7 to 10.5 with an intermediate step of 0.5.

Xiaomi Mijia 4 sneakers

Stylish sneakers Xiaomi Mijia 4, which replaced the previous model and has the best qualities of the series: comfortable fit; softness when walking; flexibility and ventilation of the upper. There are many positive reviews.
The size range is from 39 to 44 (the European size corresponds to the Russian one), the color scheme includes 3 colors: gray, blue, black.

Adidas Coreracer sneakers

Lightweight sneakers from Adidas. The Coreracer is a fairly simple but concise shoe that stands out for its lightness (suitable for those involved in running or athletics) and the price tag. Shipping from Russia. Wide size grid, black color.

Sneakers Li-Ning WAVE PRO

Men’s Li-Ning WAVE PRO sneakers are suitable for both skateboarding (dense sole with excellent grip) and everyday wear. The DUAL CUSHION system is used in these sneakers, providing optimal softness of the insole and sole.

There are 2 colors to choose from: gray and turquoise. Dimensional grid from 7 to 12 US.

Sneakers Puma Smash v2

Classic casual sneakers from Puma. The Smash v2 is made of leather with suede, while the outsole is made of rubber with excellent grip. These sneakers can be comfortably used both for everyday wear and for sports (the name Smash v2 has references to tennis).

The size grid is extensive, but due to popularity it is quickly dismantled. I recommend you hurry up. The only color is black. Delivery from Russia.

Sneakers Under Armor UA Micro G

Lightweight sneakers from the American brand Under Armor, the UA Micro G model is perfect for sports and everyday wear. And first of all, this is the merit of the sole, made of Micro G® foam, which gives cushioning properties. And thanks to the textured tread, the shoes provide a good grip with the surface. The upper part is made of breathable mesh, so the best season is spring, summer.

Dimensional grid from 7 to 13. Delivery from the Russian Federation.

Adidas Courtphase sneakers

Casual sneakers from Adidas, made of genuine leather with suede inserts. This shoe has a lot of positive reviews about the quality and durability of operation. Therefore, if you are looking for simple yet concise branded sneakers, Adidas Courtphase will be a good choice.

Size grid from 7 to 11 UK, color — black. Delivery from Russia.

Xiaomi Youpin sneakers

Not so long ago, I was making a selection of futuristic sneakers from the Middle Kingdom, as Xiaomi released their signature sneakers under the Xiaomi Youpin brand. The material of the sneakers is combined (leather replacement + mesh + TPU), the size grid is from 39 to 46, the color scheme has 8 colors.

Sneakers Li-Ning SCENERY AGLR079

Casual Li-Ning sneakers with a quick-lacing system and modern styling. Model SCENERY AGLR079 stands out with 3 unique color options, moderately soft soles and quality tailoring. The size grid is quite narrow, so you need to take this into account.


The final shoe of today’s selection and it’s a timeless classic as a casual shoe. The VANS WARD VA36EMC4R sneakers bear the resemblance to their classic Old Skool model, but with a simpler design. The upper material of the sneaker is genuine leather with textiles, the sole is one-piece, rubber with proprietary Waffle LUG technology.

Dimensional grid from 39 to 45 EU, color — black. Delivery from Russia.

I hope this collection will help you decide on shoes for everyday use and maybe you will learn something new. I tried to select one of the practical and high-quality sneakers / sneakers from well-known brands.

For some models, promotional codes are provided, so do not forget to apply them before buying.
shoe model Coupon Discount
Adidas Coreracer ALISALE800 800₽
Puma Smash v2 ALISALE1500 1500₽
under armor ALISALE800 800₽
Adidas Courtphase ALISALE800 800₽


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