The choice of winter gloves is a rather painstaking question, because there are a huge number of types of gloves and they all differ in one way or another. Gloves with a heating function, which runs on a built-in battery or conventional AA batteries, have become especially relevant. In today’s selection, I have selected 10 pairs of winter gloves that differ in appearance, structure and application. But before we get started, let’s take a look at the current types of gloves:

  • textile — made of artificial and natural materials that are suitable for sports and everyday use.
  • fur — from natural materials for severe frosts
  • for the touch screen — having special inserts on the fingers for working with mobile phone screens
  • leather — classic everyday gloves made of natural and artificial leather.

The gloves listed above do not contain some items that I did not include in today’s selection (driving with short fingers and mittens). While those listed can be crossed for better results. Therefore, first you need to decide first of all on the type of operation and then the choice of gloves will become easier.

Xiaomi PMA Smart Heating Gloves

And let’s start today’s selection with Xiaomi PMA Smart Heating Gloves, which are equipped with 3 levels of maintained temperature (42~45°C, 52~55°C, 62~65°C).

2 removable cells for 1900mAh act as a rechargeable battery. To charge, just remove the battery from the gloves and put it on a standard 5V2A charger.

The tips of the thumb and forefinger are equipped with pads for working with touch screens, and the material of the gloves themselves is water-repellent. Great option for evening bike/motorbike trips.

Xiaomi SUPIELD Aerogel Airgel Gloves

Xiaomi SUPIELD Aerogel airgel gloves are made of a special material that is resistant to cold due to the presence of airgel in its structure, as well as elastic fabric and a silicone anti-slip part.

I have been using these gloves since last year and they performed well in the test at 12 degrees below zero with 3 hours of downhill riding. By the end of the evening, my hands were dry and warm. Great for playing in the snow or snowboarding/skiing/cheesecakes.

Gloves ROCKBROS S133

ROCKBROS S133 gloves are made of multilayer material (nylon, fleece, PU, ​​cotton) that can withstand up to -40 degrees. And thanks to the long sleeve and cuff, it can be used for trips on open modes of transport: motorcycles, ATVs, tricycles and bicycles.

Gloves have waterproof impregnation, silicone inserts for a better grip.

Also on the product page you can choose other gloves from this brand with a wide size grid: S, M, L, XL, XXL.

Cycling gloves Kyncilor A0021

The Kyncilor A0021 cycling gloves are quite thin and light (70g) and are perfect for those who like a natural feel. The material is multi-layered and consists of cotton, lycra, nylon and silicone, thereby protecting both from wind and moisture. They are also well suited for working with touch screens with any finger of the hand.

Xiaomi Kyncilor insulated gloves

If the previous Kyncilor A0021 gloves were produced under their own brand, then this type has already fallen under the wing of Xiaomi. The main difference is a more insulated version with a cuff and a zipper on the back. And thanks to the detailed table, you can order the right size.

Fleece lining, wool insert around the cuff.

Mijia Gloves

Another representative of thin winter gloves, but having a distinctive feature in the form of an elongated cuff. This will cover your hand even in a jacket with a short sleeve.

For a comfortable grip, silicone inserts are provided on the inside of the palm, and special material + impregnation is used as protection against water. It also supports touch screen phones.

There are 3 sizes and 2 types of gloves to choose from.

Ski gloves PHMAX

Relatively cheap, but high quality and warm winter gloves, great for winter sports. The inner part is reinforced with soft insulation, so that falls are also not terrible.

In the reviews there are those who tested gloves at -10 degrees and there are no problems with them. On the order page, you can choose 4 colors and 5 sizes.

Xiaomi Velvet Gloves

Classic velvet gloves with an elongated cut. Perfect for both men and women. Ribbed cuffs, faux wool interior. There are 3 colors to choose from.

iWarm cashmere gloves

If someone missed their gloves from childhood, then this option is your choice. Cashmere as a material, classic tailoring with a wide cuff and brushed inside. Well, as a tribute to the modern world — support for working with touch screens.

There are 5 colors to choose from. The only size is 23*11cm.

KoKossi Electric Ski Gloves

The final gloves of today’s selection are heated zone ski gloves that are powered by 3 AA cells. Thus, you can lose problems with a sharp discharge of the battery and simply replace the old elements with new ones.

As for the gloves themselves, they include PU (outer part), TR, CTPU and Sponge. Thus creating a sandwich that will save your hands from the cold.

I hope this selection was useful to you and you were able to decide on the right gloves for this winter season. Happy shopping everyone!


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