Why have upright vacuum cleaners become so popular? It’s simple: they are more convenient than a stationary vacuum cleaner, and much more powerful than a robot. But most importantly, the washing vacuum cleaner simultaneously collects dry debris and liquid dirt. It is the most convenient thing to pick up a broken egg, clean the floor after a flower transplant, clean up the soup spilled on the floor. Not to mention that with the help of a washing vacuum cleaner, you can simultaneously do dry and wet cleaning. The only problem is that there are a huge number of these vacuum cleaners on the market and the choice made is quite difficult. To save your time, I offer a ready-made TOP-7 current models of 2021. All of them cope well with complex cleaning, but differ in design, functionality, characteristics and cost, which varies from 14 to 40 thousand.

7. Xiaomi SWDK FG2020

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In seventh place, I put the xiaomi SWDK FG2020 — simple but thoughtful. First of all, it should be noted that the SWDK FG2020 has the correct proportions of the tanks — the dust collector is larger than the tank (750 ml versus 500 ml). Therefore, with this vacuum cleaner you can not only wash the floors, but do a full dry cleaning. Luckily, it comes with a bristle brush. It can comb through carpet pile and collect hair normally. Wet cleaning is also implemented better than Jimmy: at the press of a button, water is supplied to the suction socket without the risk of wetting furniture and wallpaper. In addition, such a system helps to clean the roller from debris and ultimately improves the quality of mopping. But keep in mind that SWDK FG2020 is unlikely to impress your guests — it has a very simple and angular body. There is no information display, it is replaced by indicators on the battery compartment. You shouldn’t look closely at the vacuum cleaner either, otherwise your eyes will see a Chinese assembly in the worst sense of the phrase: cheap plastic, slots in the handle, burrs, ill-fitting parts. True, you cannot say the same about the SWDK FG2020 charging station, because it does not have a charging station. Be ready to rinse the roller in the sink, put the vacuum cleaner on a cloth and plug the adapter into the socket on the body. But SWDK FG2020 is the cheapest representative of the rating. It can be purchased for 14 thousand rubles.


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Describing this vacuum cleaner is quite easy: we have an almost complete copy of the SWDK FG2020 with improved performance. Visually, AQUA V2 from the Russian-Chinese PRO-EXPERT brand is no different from the xiaomi analogue, but it significantly outperforms it in performance. The manufacturer replaced the original motor with a suction power of 7500 Pa with a more powerful one, and now the vacuum cleaner produces 15000 Pa. This is already enough for deep cleaning of soft coverings: the vacuum cleaner collects not only surface debris, but also draws out the dust that has settled in the carpet. To maintain a sufficient level of autonomy, the battery had to be replaced. Instead of the old low-power battery with a capacity of 2500 mAh, they put a top-end one with a charge of 5000 mAh. With it, AQUA V2 works even longer than its predecessor (half an hour versus 25 minutes for SWDK FG2020). Another small improvement awaits the buyer in the box. This is a silicone vacuum cleaner. So there is no need to look for a suitable rag now. Taking into account the modernization carried out, the cost of the device has naturally grown. For an updated vacuum cleaner, you will have to pay 19,500 rubles.

5. Tineco iFloor 3


In fourth place is a more serious vacuum cleaner with a carefully crafted design and modern design — Tineco iFloor 3. It should be said right away that this model does not have a carpet brush, but everything related to cleaning a smooth floor is implemented at the highest level. The vacuum cleaner is relatively light (4.5 kg versus 5.43 kg for Jimmy HW8), a working unit with rubberized wheels so that they do not slip on a wet floor, a tank with a hinged lid, which is very convenient to use. There is even a brush with a built-in hair cutter. A full-fledged display is built into the end of the case, which displays the operating status, battery data and service messages (for example, about filling the dust collector or lack of water in the tank). Tineco iFloor 3 easily copes with complex cleaning, quickly eliminates spilled puddles, collects crumbs and sand from the carpet surface. The motor is powerful enough — 220 W, so the robot is very noisy (up to 78 dB). At maximum suction power, the battery lasts only 18 minutes, and the battery is non-removable. It will take about 4 hours before restarting, so using Tineco iFloor 3 in large houses will be problematic: you will have to clean the bedrooms and the kitchen in the morning, and vacuum the hall, corridor and bathroom in the evening. This is the main disadvantage of this vacuum cleaner, otherwise it is an excellent middle-class device. Given the high-quality assembly, the price tag is quite moderate — 24 thousand rubles.

4. Xiaomi Dream H11


In fourth place is the Dreame H11 talking vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi. On the back of the body of this model there is a separate notification control panel: you can adjust the volume and select a voice package (Russian language is available). The vacuum cleaner will warn you about the need to charge the battery, empty the dust container or add water, report on the change of operating modes. Additionally, an information display is provided at the end of the case — the same as that of Tineco, only larger. In general, these two vacuum cleaners are quite similar: a cylindrical body, a bell with a roller (without a carpet brush), self-cleaning, the same arrangement of containers. But Xiaomi decided to abandon the hurricane motor and equipped their vacuum cleaner with a 170 W motor. This is more than enough for cleaning on a smooth floor, while the noise level has decreased and autonomy has increased — up to 30 minutes at maximum speed. And the vacuum cleaner is recharged much faster (3 hours versus 4 hours for Tineco). This model also has the largest water tank in the ranking, with a capacity of 900 ml. But this is not the most successful decision of the manufacturer: it still won’t work to fill the floor with water, otherwise the vacuum cleaner simply won’t be able to collect it — the volume of the dust collector is only 500 ml. In addition, because of such a tank, the dimensions of the hull have noticeably increased. The price tag at first glance seems too high — 27 thousand rubles, but do not rush to draw a conclusion until you get acquainted with the next representative of the rating.

3. Bissell 2582N

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The top three is opened by the reliable American vacuum cleaner Bissell 2582N. Compared to its Chinese counterparts, it looks a little outdated, but it is very powerful — as much as 250 watts. Such a motor easily lifts heavy debris such as cat litter, cereals and small pebbles. In general, before cleaning, it is advisable to check whether the tiles are securely glued to the floor, because you can expect anything from Bissell. Along with a soft roller, a bristle brush is included in the kit, and it will not be superfluous, because the quality of dry cleaning Bissell 2582N is not inferior to a stationary vacuum cleaner. True, it should be borne in mind that the vacuum cleaner is very noisy — at maximum speed it produces up to 80 dB. You can’t listen to the radio while cleaning. But high power is the only serious advantage of this vacuum cleaner, since in terms of technology, Bissell is noticeably behind even its budget counterparts. It does not have not only voice prompts, like the Dreame H11, but even the most primitive display, so you will only know about the battery drain by turning off the vacuum cleaner. It can only work for 25 minutes, and the battery is non-removable, so large houses will have to be cleaned in parts. When self-cleaning, for some reason, you need to pour water into the pan manually, as if the huge 820 ml tank is not enough for the vacuum cleaner. Despite the limited functionality, the manufacturer appreciated their efforts very highly. Bissell 2582N will have to pay from 38 to 43 thousand.

2. Conga Popstar 29600

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Silver takes a model from the Spanish brand Cecotec called the Conga Popstar 29600. This is a handy, compact yet functional vacuum cleaner for a smooth floor. Popstar 29600 is armed with a soft roller, with which it carefully wipes the heel from the laminate, and a lever is used to supply water. You can switch between dry and wet cleaning at any time, carry out delicate cleaning in the bedroom, and pour tiles abundantly in the kitchen. The suction power of 7000 Pa is enough to suck up small debris, cereals, crumbs and dirty liquid of any consistency: ketchup, juice, milk, oatmeal, broken egg. It is enough to make a couple of passes, and the floor will immediately shine.

The filtration system is simple (foam filter and mesh), which can also be attributed to the advantages, because. the container can be completely rinsed under the tap. The roller does not need to be washed — the Popstar 29600 can handle this task by itself, just put it on the base and press the button. The tank for clean water is small (only 350 ml), as well as the dust collector (400 ml), but enough for a couple of rooms. The vacuum cleaner weighs nothing at all — 3.45 kg, so no effort is needed during cleaning. Autonomy is high — 35 minutes in standard mode. And if you have a very large house, you can buy a second battery (the Popstar 29600 has a removable battery). The price tag is relatively modest — only 20 thousand rubles.


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ATVEL F16 is another representative of the American industry, but much more balanced than the Bissell 2582N. The handle is arranged in a similar way (buttons and a lever for water supply), but ATVEL has a more convenient control, because there is an information display on the body. In addition to system notifications and battery charge, it also shows the remaining time, which allows you to plan further cleaning. The ATVEL F16 has smaller tanks, but the vacuum cleaner itself is lighter and more mobile. You can entrust the cleaning to the child, and do more useful things yourself — for example, watch TV. In terms of power, ATVEL did not chase the competitor and settled on an indicator of 150 watts. This is enough to suck broken eggs, porridge, thick liquids and various fractions of small debris into the dust collector. At the same time, the vacuum cleaner works quieter (70 dB) and longer. With maximum suction power, the vacuum cleaner can operate for 28 minutes, but the ATVEL battery is removable. If you have a large house, you can additionally buy 1-2 batteries and change them during the cleaning process. Self-cleaning is also implemented much more thoughtfully: the vacuum cleaner itself pours water into the pan, rinses the roller and draws back the dirt. It is very convenient to work with such a vacuum cleaner, while buying it will not make a hole in the family budget, as the Bissell 2582N does. A complete set will cost only 20 thousand rubles. Excellent combination of price and quality!


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