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Today I present a selection of three-dimensional jigsaw puzzles from Aliexpress, which may be interesting not only for children, but also for adults. Puzzles are made in the form of various models that can be assembled both independently and in a friendly company. Such constructors stimulate many visual-spatial functions: working memory, flexibility and speed of thinking, perception ability, perseverance and fine motor skills.

Assembling a puzzle not only activates the activity of the brain, but also helps to relax. It works, like any other meditation, by distraction: while the person is focusing on putting the puzzle together, he does not think about his problems. Putting together a 3D puzzle after a hard day can relieve anxiety and help you find a positive mindset.

Marble night city

3D constructor «Marble night city» is a mechanical puzzle made of wood using laser cutting. The puzzle consists of 294 pieces that are assembled without glue. The set also includes 10 metal balls, which are cyclically rolled along the tracks set for them, when the mechanical handle is rotated.

The overall size of the assembled model is 228x325x214


Puzzle constructor in the form of an airship-airship.

The package contains wooden plates in which 176 parts are cut using a laser.

The pieces of the puzzle fit together perfectly.

The overall dimensions of the assembled model are 180x125x165 mm.

Flying Dutchman

A wonderful model of the ghost ship «Flying Dutchman» can not only diversify your leisure time, but also become an element of the decor of your room. The set consists of 360 expanded polystyrene parts that are assembled without the use of glue. Additionally, the set includes LED illumination of portholes.

Overall dimensions of the assembled model — 240 x 690 x 600 mm

metal scorpion

3D model of a fantastic scorpion is quite difficult to assemble, but thanks to the instructions, slowly and with patience, you can assemble it by connecting the metal parts with screws.

The set consists of 185 elements, which are made of stainless steel.

The size of the assembled model is 160 x 140 x 140 mm.

motorcycle model

A 3D model of a motorcycle is assembled from component parts that are cut into thin metal sheets. Parts are removed and bent according to the instructions.

The kit includes tweezers and small side cutters for removing parts from metal sheets and connecting them together.

The size of the assembled model is 15 x 128 x 67 mm.

globe lamp

3D model of a rotating globe consists of 180 parts. The material of the model is wood.

Designed for self-assembly by children aged 14+ or assembly by younger children with their parents. Estimated assembly time 4+ hours.

The globe has a built-in light and can be used as a USB powered bedside lamp.

The size of the assembled globe is 167 x 203 x 293 mm.

metal ship

Beautiful 3D ship. The set consists of 11 painted metal sheets measuring 110 x 210 mm. Details are cut into the sheets using a laser. In total, the model consists of 709 metal parts.

Assembly tools are not included, you will have to use your own side cutters and pliers or purchase them separately.


A mechanical 3D model of a steam locomotive is assembled from wooden parts without glue.

The locomotive has a spring drive that drives the wheels.

The dimensions of the assembled model are 300 x 100 x 140 mm.

Folding tripod telescope

  • From the details of a wooden 3D puzzle, you can assemble a folding telescope and a tripod for it.

Real lenses are installed in the telescope and the observation distance is declared up to 150 meters with a magnification of 3 times.

The puzzle constructor consists of 314 parts. Dimensions in assembled form 330 x 240 x 325 mm.

Black Pearl

Another beautiful metal 3D puzzle is the Black Pearl ship.

The puzzle consists of 307 pieces and is designed for self-assembly by children aged 14+.

For assembly, you need to remove the parts from the metal sheets and connect them together. Assembly tools are not included.

The size of the assembled model is 190 x 50 x 162 mm.

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