Grinder (angle grinder) is simply an indispensable tool for processing metal, wood, stone, peeling and deburring workpieces and grinding.

A large selection of nozzles for various tasks make this device multifunctional, and its low cost makes it affordable for any master. However, there are also disadvantages — this is a high risk of injury, therefore, in the process of work, I strongly recommend that you follow safety precautions.
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Today, the selection includes 10 nozzles for grinding and polishing various materials — metal, wood, concrete, which are most often useful for these types of work.

Nozzle on the grinder for car polishing

At the link you will find both the nozzles themselves of different sizes with Velcro (and an adapter for a drill / screwdriver), as well as several options for sets of interchangeable discs for them. Please note that their hardness depends on the color of the sponges: white is the hardest, yellow is closer to hard, orange is medium, blue is closer to soft and black is the softest. For different manufacturers, by the way, the color / hardness may differ and be completely opposite, so I recommend that you always specify it on the product page.

Rigid foam nozzles are used at the initial stage in combination with highly abrasive pastes. They polish deep coating defects. Then they already take on medium and soft ones and perform a final polishing to give a mirror shine to the body.

At the link you will also see fur nozzles — however, with seeming “softness” in the absence of experience, they can easily spoil the paintwork of the car. Therefore, it is not worth starting with them.

Nozzle for grinder for sanding wood and metal with Velcro

Following the link you will see several lots — these are nozzles with a total diameter of 125 mm and a seat of 10 or 14 mm.
Separately or in one order, you can also purchase an adapter for a screwdriver / drill.

In the same store you can easily find grinding emery discs for them with different grain sizes. Sizes of abrasive particles: 60, 80, 100, 120, 180, 240, 320, 1000, 1500, 2000 microns (the larger, the coarser the treatment). There are 10 pieces in the set.
With their help, rust, paint and burrs are easily removed from the surface of various materials, mainly from metal and wood.

Nozzle for grinder for grinding metal and wood (petal end abrasive disc)

It is used for dry and wet grinding, peeling and metal processing (chamfering, deburring) and processing wood, plastic.
Disc diameters to choose from — 125, 115 and 75 cm, seat 10 or 22.23 mm, grit — 40, 60, 80 or 120 to choose from. One lot contains 10 pieces.
The disk itself consists of a plastic base with sandpaper petals glued to it in a circle, dusted with zirconium oxide.
Discs with a grit of 40, 60, 80 are used for quick and rough grinding (removing paint, burrs from sheet metal, etc.), 120 for secondary grinding.
These disks are quickly used up, so there are 10 pieces in the set at once.

Nozzle for grinder for grinding metal and removing rust («coral» disc)

Available sizes — 100, 115 and 125 mm, bore diameter — 22.23 and 16 mm.

With its help, you can quickly clean metal surfaces of a large area from paint or rust.

The nozzle is made of non-woven fiber with abrasive particles by hot pressing. During operation, it is not clogged with grinding products, does not heat the treated surface and does not spoil the metal. In addition, it is elastic, which allows processing in hard-to-reach places.

On the other hand, some complain about the fragility of the disc and the relatively high cost. In fact, the “coral disc” will last a long time if you follow the prescribed recommendations in work: avoid grinding sharp edges of workpieces, provide the minimum necessary pressure and adhere to the correct operating mode of the grinder (for circles 125-135, the speed should be 4000-4500 per minute, for 75 mm — 6500-7000 rpm, for 150 — 3000-3500 rpm).

Nozzle-adapter for grinder for polishing wood and metal

At the link you will find both an adapter for installing polishing rollers on angle grinders, and the polishing rollers themselves.

The adapter is a metal product that allows you to switch from M14 115/125 to M10 120x100x19 mm.

However, only certain polishing rollers are suitable for it, be careful.

The rollers presented here are suitable for sanding and polishing curved or uneven surfaces of wood, metal and other materials, both rough and finish — depending on the option chosen.

Nozzle for grinder for grinding metal tape (grinder)

This attachment can turn your angle grinder into a belt sander. It rotates within 180 degrees, and on its upper part there is a standard input for connecting a vacuum cleaner.

There are two sets for different threaded connections — M10 and M14, the kit includes a glued emery tape measuring 15 × 452 mm. The latter can be purchased in the same store and separately, 10 pieces each.

Scope: with this nozzle it is convenient to work in hard-to-reach or narrow places, grind and polish workpieces made of metal, wood, plastic, level welds, clean decorative elements, sharpen tools and other work.

Nozzle for grinder for grinding wood, metal and concrete (diamond grinding cup)

These attachments make it easy to level and sand workpieces, remove paint and other debris, and finish surfaces.
Here you can find four variants of such cups.
Type A1, A2 is suitable for woodworking (surface cleaning, grinding, shaping), type B (more durable) — for dry or wet grinding of concrete, granite, stone, marble, tiles, brickwork.
Type C is used for grinding stone, asphalt, ceramics.
Seat with washer — 16 mm. It is removed, increasing the internal hole to 22.23 mm. The total diameter of the disk is 100-115 mm.
Suitable only for domestic use and when working on concrete quickly become unusable.

Nozzle on the grinder for grinding concrete (turtle)

It is used for grinding and polishing marble, stone, granite, concrete, tiles, ceramic and other materials.

The grinding wheel is relatively flexible, with relief on the surface and diamond coating. It is attached to the seat with Velcro.

The link has several sets that include discs with different grain sizes — from 30 to 8000 microns, they differ from each other in color.

The coarser the grit, the faster the grinding process and the rougher the finish. The smaller it is, the smoother the surface will be, up to the “mirror” effect.
In the process of woodworking, you need to adhere to the optimal mode of operation: the minimum speed of the grinder is 2200, the maximum is 12000, and also use special liquids or pastes.

Nozzle on the grinder for grinding wood (grinding abrasive disc)

Only suitable for woodworking: fast sanding and shaping, especially for convex and concave areas.
The nozzle is made of high carbon steel and has many durable teeth on its surface.

At the link you can find both the “donut” option, and the flat or inclined plane, which allows you to choose a nozzle for a certain geometry of wooden blanks.

Product diameters — 85, 100, 75 mm (inner hole — 22 and 16 mm).

Nozzle for grinder for grinding wood (nozzle-brush)

This cup is metal, and the bristles are made of nylon wire coated with an abrasive compound.

Different colors differ from each other in grit: gray brush — coarse (80), red-medium (120) and blue-fine.

Brushes are used for polishing (mainly wood) at different stages, removing paint or aging wood, working in hard-to-reach areas.

Cup dimensions — 85×60 mm.

I hope the selection was informative and useful, and you have chosen the right nozzle for your angle grinder.

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