Every handyman who is used to doing repairs on his own needs a set of tools and it is best that the set is stored in a small case for easy transportation. Such a set will help solve the problems that have arisen in various emergency situations, and will also become indispensable helpers both at home and in the garage. Today I have prepared for you just such necessary tool kits that you can buy right now on Aliexpress. All the sets presented below are popular among buyers, and in my opinion have a good value for money. In addition, when buying, shipping is at the expense of the seller. The choice is yours.


The list opens with a set of Ombra tools with a popular package, which has 94 items. This kit is perfect for car repair and maintenance. It is delivered in a compact case made of durable plastic, which is securely closed with metal fasteners. A convenient handle is provided for carrying. The material for the manufacture of the working part of the tools is high-quality chrome-vanadium steel. Each tool of the set lies in its place and is easily removed from its intended socket. For more convenient use, all sockets are marked, as are the tools themselves. The weight of the set is 6.5 kg. When used correctly, the manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty.


A relatively inexpensive and high-quality set of tools from DEKO with an optimal and well-thought-out package. The set consists of 168 items. The tools are durable and extremely lightweight, as they are made of high-strength chrome vanadium steel, which has additionally undergone special processing and hardening. The set is delivered in a shock-resistant plastic case, in which each tool is securely fixed in its place. The case is convenient, when closed, it is fixed with two fasteners. For carrying the case, a folding handle is provided, which makes the case more convenient for storage. The weight of the set is 6 kg. Such a set is useful for the master both at home for minor repairs, and in the garage for car repairs.

3.Hi-Spec DT30134

This versatile 89-piece tool kit is perfect for beginners and advanced users for car repairs as well as minor home repairs. Like the previous sets, it comes in a case made of impact-resistant plastic, which compactly accommodates all the items in the set. The case closes with two fasteners, and a convenient handle is provided for carrying. Case size: 37 x 9 x 29 cm. Set weight: 5.5 kg. All working parts of the set are made of high-quality wear-resistant and durable chrome-vanadium steel. Other sets of 38 and 122 pieces are also available. In general, a decent option for your money.


The 172-piece NIK-016 tool kit is a versatile kit that can be successfully used at home, as well as in a car repair shop. All tools in the set are made of chrome vanadium steel, which provides the tools with a high level of performance properties. It contains: hex keys, socket and candle heads, various extension cords and adapters, ratchets, bit holders and other tools. Each of the items in the set has its own individual seat in the case. The case is durable and comfortable, made of impact-resistant plastic. In general, a good set that can be a great helper for any master, as well as a good gift.


A 108-piece multifunctional tool kit is perfect for car repair and maintenance, as well as other equipment. The set includes: ratchet, T-handle, bits, bit holder, hex wrench, adapter and other tools. All working parts in the set are made of high quality and durable steel. The handle of the ratchet wrench and screwdriver is covered with non-slip material, which ensures maximum comfort during operation. The set comes in a branded case made of durable plastic with durable fasteners. Overall, a good quality set for the money. You can take. Delivery from a warehouse of the Russian Federation.


This 46-piece tool set perfectly combines two components — compactness and convenient layout. The set includes: 20 straight and cross bits, flexible extension, screwdriver bits, universal joint and other tools. The tool material is durable chrome vanadium steel. The set comes in a plastic case, in which each item of the set has its place. Thanks to its compact dimensions (12.5 x 24 cm), it is convenient to carry it with you, store it in the trunk of a car or closet. The set is good, worth the money.


Excellent tool kit includes 123 essential items for car repair. Supplied in a heavy plastic case with metal clasps and a rubberized handle for easy carrying. Inside, all the tools are in their cell in two halves of the case. The tool material is chrome vanadium steel, which has undergone additional hardening and processing for maximum strength and durability of the tools. In general, an optimal and balanced set that will help solve various repair tasks and is perfect as a gift for a motorist.

8.Value Max

Another interesting set of tools in terms of equipment and quality. There are three options available for 46, 108 and 122 items. Perfect for car maintenance. All tools in the high strength set are made of chrome vanadium steel. Each set includes sockets in different sizes and a comfortable ratchet with a rubberized handle. Working with such tools is quite comfortable. The set is delivered in a case made of impact-resistant plastic, in which all the tools lie in their places, so they will never be lost during transportation.


A popular 82-piece universal tool set, which includes: a set of bits, sockets of different sizes, wrenches, a flexible extension, an adapter, a T-handle, a ratchet, a universal joint and other tools. The working parts of the tools are made of chrome vanadium steel. The handles are anti-slip for a more secure grip and comfortable operation. The set comes in a durable plastic case for easy carrying and storage. Delivery from a warehouse of the Russian Federation.

10 Kingmaizi

A practical 150-piece tool kit, great for car repair and other tasks. All tools are made of high-strength steel and are reliably protected from corrosion. They will last a long time. The set includes: T-handle, extension, a set of bits with cross and straight slots, socket heads, ratchets and other tools. The tools have ergonomic handles made of non-slip material that allow you to securely hold the tool during operation. For convenient storage and transportation, the set is supplied in a special case made of impact-resistant plastic, which closes with reliable fasteners. A handle is provided for carrying. All in all, a great set that is worth the money.

I hope the selection was interesting, and you were able to choose the right set of tools for yourself. That’s all. All successful shopping.


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