An angle grinder (angle grinder) or grinder is an important tool and an excellent assistant for any craftsman in matters of construction and repair. There are a wide variety of discs and circles to work with this tool. One of the main tasks for any master is to choose the right disc or wheel for a specific task. It is quite convenient to use interchangeable disks and circles. They are easy to replace, and thanks to their compact dimensions, they can always be taken to field work. Today, the selection contains 10 interesting disks and circles on the angle grinder, which, in my opinion, will be useful to any master for solving a different range of repair and construction tasks on the farm. All discs and circles presented below are of good quality, positive feedback from real buyers and free shipping.

It is worth remembering that when working with angle grinders, safety precautions must be observed, since it is easy to lose, for example, a finger.


Classic cutting disc for working with a grinder. Differs in good quality and wear resistance. Disc diameter: 115 mm, thickness: 1.2 mm, seat diameter: 22.23 mm. Made of fiberglass and abrasive mixture with a metal ring in the middle, which ensures high quality cuts and meets safety requirements. The disk is intended for cutting of products from stainless steel, metal and cast iron. Especially effective when cutting thin-walled profiles and sheet metal. The maximum allowable speed of the angle grinder is not more than 12200 rpm.


Universal diamond disc. Suitable for cutting concrete, brick, stone and other building materials. Equipment is operated without water supply. Suitable for intense workloads. The height of the diamond layer is 15 mm. The disc is equipped with slots that remove cuttings from the cutting area, and also contribute to the cooling of the cutting part during operation. The seller offers a choice of three options for 125 mm, 158 mm, 188 mm.


Petal face abrasive wheel for cleaning and grinding of metal, wood, plastic and other surfaces. Consists of sandpaper petals glued on top of each other. Diameter: 125 mm, landing diameter: 22.23 mm. Grain size to choose from 40 to 120. The circle has high performance and good wear resistance. The maximum allowable speed is not more than 16000 rpm.

4. Grinding Disc

The cleaning coral wheel is made of non-woven abrasive, has high wear resistance and is inexpensive. Thanks to its design, it allows fast and efficient processing of metal surfaces even in hard-to-reach places, such as bends. It is a good replacement for embossed wire brushes, flap discs, etc. During operation, the circle does not heat up and is not salted. Great for removing paint and rust. With careful use, it will last a long time. Available circles with a diameter of 115 and 125 mm.


Diamond flexible grinding disc, which is commonly called Velcro or turtle. It is used for grinding and polishing various products made of granite, marble and tiles. The disc can be used with or without water supply. Attaches to instrument with Velcro. Disc diameter 100 mm. The set includes 7 discs of different grain sizes. For better grinding in the process, it is recommended to alternately use discs with different grain sizes.


The chain disc is designed for sawing hard and soft woods. Differs in high efficiency and smoothness of a cut. The body consists of two parts: the cutting edge, which looks like a circular chain with limiters, and a disk. The chain can be easily sharpened, which increases the life of the attachment, and can be replaced if necessary. You need to be extremely careful while using the disk. Wheels are available in 4″ and 5″ diameters.

7. Grinder Shaping Disc

This version of the wheel with original relief design will help to quickly and effectively remove the top layer of paint, clean, remove bumps and give the desired shape to various wood products. The circle has a good quality, will last a long time. The seller has a circle of 100 and 85 mm in diameter with a seat of 22 mm. Recommended maximum rotation speed up to 11500 rpm.

8. ZLinKJ

This version of the circle used in tandem with the grinder will help to accurately polish wood, metal and marble products. The body of the circle is metal with a “cushion” made of felt. It is she who is responsible for the gentle polishing process. The felt is quite dense and easily tolerates active use. Circle diameter 100 mm. Installs in a couple of seconds. It has a good quality, will last a long time, during this time the circle will work out every cent spent on it.

9 Grinding Disc

Reliable diamond blade with a good work resource. Made of steel with diamond chips. Diameter: 100 mm, inner diameter: 22 mm. Suitable for dry and wet work. You need to work with the disc very carefully, because it not only removes the top layer, but bites into the surface while remaining safe and sound for a long time. With it, you can easily fix hardened concrete, remove paint, polish the surface of the stone.

10. GRAFF Tools

The three-tooth saw blade is made of durable tool steel. Each of the three teeth of the disc has a different sharpening angle. Designed for fast and high-quality cutting of wood, plastic, drywall, gas silicate. During operation, it has a smooth, accurate cut, if necessary, it can cope with cutting nails and self-tapping screws. External diameter: 125 mm, internal: 22 mm. Disc thickness: 4 mm. The maximum allowable speed is 12200 rpm.

I hope the selection was interesting, and you have chosen the right wheel option for your angle grinder for the job. That’s all. All successful shopping.


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