Devices that provide for the presence of magnifying optics are sold on the Chinese platform Aliexpress, and the range of products in this category is very impressive. In order to make it easier for you to make the right choice, I have prepared for you a selection of 10 microscopes that are most in demand among buyers, indicating the parameters and options for each model. In addition, in the article I will try to indicate promotional codes that will give an additional discount on Ali.

1.Lefavor G600

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In the first place of our today’s selection is a digital microscope equipped with a monocular head. It is very convenient to use, both the angles and the glow are adjustable. Data is transferred directly to a laptop or computer. Among the advantages of the device — the function of automatic shutdown and continuous magnification (from 1 to 1200 times). The device is designed for 6 hours of continuous use. Memory card support — up to 64 GB. The interval to the object is from 15 mm to infinity. Diagonal — 4.3 inches.


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The following microscope model is good to use for the purpose of studying botany, as well as for working with microcircuits. The quality of the magnifying glass is up to the mark. The glow of the LEDs can be adjusted depending on the desired intensity. The platform is somewhat unstable, but the problem is not critical, as an option, you can install magnets or a metal plate, and the issue will be resolved. The zoom ratio is 1000X. The stock screen is missing. The maximum resolution is 1280×960. Connecting to a computer is via USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 ports.


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Portable model at a budget cost. Data transfer is carried out thanks to the application, which is designed specifically for the microscope. Purpose of the device: working with boards, studying biology, studying small details (for example, auto parts), studying skin and hair. The tripod is a little wobbly, but, in fact, its price is low, so the possibilities are limited. The zoom factor is 1000X. Continuous operation time varies from 2 to 3 hours. The stock screen is missing. Power is supplied by a 500 mAh battery. LED lighting is available.


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The following microscope with a 7-inch screen is designed for working with microcircuits, small radio components, for studying botany and other activities where accuracy is required. Along with the ability to take pictures, the device has a video recording function. A huge plus of this model is the ability to set up a Russian-language interface (the microscope supports 16 languages). There is also an auto-off function in the device (timing is adjustable in the range from 3 to 10 minutes). The zoom ratio is 1200X. The display resolution is 1024×600. Power is supplied from a USB port or a battery, which, unfortunately, is sold separately.

5.TUREGO 3in1 USB Digital Microscope

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The next model of the microscope in the selection is in great demand among buyers (more than 4,000 people ordered the product). Of the pluses — a large zoom, a fairly high resolution. The device is perfect for both radio amateurs and schoolchildren who are engaged in research activities. The clarity of the image and the quality of the optics are excellent. The stock screen is missing. The zoom ratio is 1600X. PC interface — USB2.0 and USB1.1. Resolution 640×480. Shooting format — JPEG / BMP. There is a backlight.


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Let’s move on to another model of the microscope, which deserves attention due not only to its technical characteristics, but also to the build quality. The device does not play, the parts are connected to a solid «five». The zoom factor is from 40 to 2000X. The device allows you to consider the smallest elements (in microcircuits, for example), as well as biological materials. Screen 7 inches. Resolution is 1024×600. Eyepiece — WF10X, WF25X wide angle. Power is supplied either from the adapter or from a 3xAA battery.

7. WALLY SKY MG10085-2A

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An interesting model of a compact microscope (can be easily placed in a pocket). Three lenses of different zoom are built into the microscope. It is logical that the area is small, but small objects can still be studied with the help of the device. To improve the picture, I recommend taking care of installing additional lighting. Battery life — 1.5 hours. Zoom ratio — 40X, 80X, 100X. Powered by 2AA batteries (not included).


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In eighth place in our selection is a monocular type microscope, with which you can carry out work related to soldering, microcircuits, the study of botany, and so on. The device connects to a laptop or computer via a USB cable. The zoom ratio is 130X. Resolution is 1920×1080. Operating voltage — 12V. Picture clarity is high. From the three configurations offered by the seller (with VGA interface, dual HDMI VGA interface or HDMI interface), you can choose the most suitable one.

9.Lefavor OX-1600X

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In the penultimate place of our mini-rating is a microscope model, with the settings of which even a beginner will figure it out. The zoom ratio is 1600X. The range of applications is wide (suitable for assessing the nozzle of a 3D printer, gap and wear of parts). The focal length is adjusted manually. There are four backlight brightness options available. Power supply 5 V. Resolution — 640 × 480. Fastening quality (material — plastic).


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And at the end of the selection, I bring to your attention a microscope that will be appreciated by radio amateurs and those who have to constantly work with small details. By the way, with the help of the device you can also study botany and solve other problems. There is a swivel holder, the focus range is wide. Thanks to high-quality optics, image quality is at a high level. Power supply — 5 V. Screen — 7 inches. The maximum resolution is 4032×3024. Memory card support — up to 64 GB.

Actually, that’s all I wanted to tell you about today. I hope that from the models of microscopes presented in the selection you were able to choose the most suitable one, according to your preferences. I suggest taking a look at my other articles and selections of new products from the world of technology, which are available for purchase on Aliexpress. I am sure that you will find a lot of useful and entertaining things in them.

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