Angle grinder (grinder) is an indispensable tool for a wide range of work, both with metal and with wood or tiles. But, besides this, it is rightfully considered one of the most traumatic tools. After all, if safety precautions are not followed, you can easily lose, for example, a finger or an eye.

Therefore, when working, be extremely careful and careful. Do not use the grinder without a protective cover, wear protective clothing and shield your eyes. Use nozzles strictly for their intended purpose, check and securely fix them before use. Hold the tool with both hands and do not exceed the maximum speed of the angle grinder.

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Discs for a grinder for cutting metal

At the first link you will find inexpensive cutting discs with a diameter of 125 mm, a thickness of 1.2 mm and a bore diameter of 22.23 mm.

These discs are suitable for most angle grinders and allow you to quickly cut sheets of ferrous and non-ferrous metal, cut profiles and pipes.

The maximum allowable speed of the grinder should not exceed 12 thousand rpm.

If you need something more reusable and reliable, then look towards diamond discs. They are made of alloy steel, but have a diamond coating on the cutting edge, which significantly increases their cutting ability and service life.

These discs can handle even the hardest materials and produce fewer sparks.

Cutting discs for wood

On the first link you will find a cutting disc for wood, on the second one you will find chain cutting discs.

Their diameters are 115 and 125 mm, the mounting hole is 22.23 mm, the maximum speed of the grinder is up to 12 thousand rpm.

In the first case, the cutting edge is coated with carbide chips using the laser melting method, and anti-vibration slots ensure high speed and prevent deformation. Great for cutting, milling, stripping wood, cutting wood with nails, as well as cutting plastic pipes, drywall, copper pipes.

In the second case, the disc is equipped with a cutting chain and is suitable for woodworking, small garden work, cutting plastic, hard rubber.

I draw your attention — these disks are extremely dangerous, you need to be extremely careful and use protective equipment.

Diamond blades and core drills for angle grinders for cutting tiles/stone

Ask for a price

The first bits are suitable for precise, fast and chip-free cutting of ceramic tiles, marble or granite.

The diameter of these disks is 105, 115 and 125 mm, the thickness is 1.1-1.6 mm, the inner hole is 22.23 mm.

The latter are used for dry and even drilling of holes in the above materials (there are options with a hole diameter from 6 to 130 cm).

The threaded connection here is M14, the length of the crowns is 60 mm, and the diamond belt is 10 mm.
Crowns are made using vacuum soldering technology and coated with technical wax, which significantly extends their service life.

Support bracket for angle grinder

And now from discs and crowns for cutting, let’s move on to more specific nozzles that allow you to fix the angle grinder in a certain position.

Such a stand turns your manual angle grinder into a full-fledged machine for cutting metal, ceramic, wood or other workpieces, depending on the blade used. In this case, the diameter of the disk itself should not exceed 110-125 mm.

The stand allows you to adjust the angle of inclination (within 45 degrees) and make even cuts up to 30 mm deep.

The kit also includes a clamp for fixing workpieces, a handle and a protective cover.

Nozzle for angle grinder for straight cut

This is a handy tool for cutting various building materials.

It allows you to securely fix the grinder and cut at a constant angle of 45 degrees.

With it, you can easily make straight, even cuts in metal, tile, wood or other material.

The benefits also include half the number of chips compared to conventional cutting, safety and workflow comfort.

The design is mounted in the holes for attaching the side handle.

The overall dimensions of the nozzle are 300*200 mm.

Nozzle for precise cutting at an angle of 45 for angle grinders

This nozzle is used mainly for large volumes of work with tiles.

It is easily mounted on a regular angle grinder casing, then, using a special scale, the size of the bar is adjusted and fixed for the required tasks.

Exact positioning of the cutting disc relative to the tile is ensured by the increased nozzle area, stiffening ribs and ergonomic plastic screws.

The nozzle is the second, improved version of the Mechanic Slider and is suitable for almost any angle grinder.

Nozzle-wall chaser on angle grinder

This is an indispensable thing for creating smooth strobes in the walls (needed for laying wires) in the absence of a strobe.

The strobes themselves are obtained by cutting two parallel cuts with diamond discs.

The nozzle has a remote washer and a clamping nut, which allows you to install two discs on the grinder at once (the width of the resulting strobe is always standard — 12 mm).

This nozzle is also the second, improved version with a more advanced attachment system. There are also ergonomic thumbs for setting and fixing the depth of cut.

I hope the selection was interesting, and you were able to choose the right nozzle for your angle grinder.

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