Sneakers are, perhaps, the thing that absolutely everyone needs. At the same time, you always want them to be comfortable, worn for a long time, look great and at the same time inexpensive.

And today, in the selection, I tried to choose just such options for you, especially since now very nice promotional codes for a discount of up to 33% are working on Aliexpress (they apply to all the sneakers below, as well as to most other products with delivery from China) . Promo codes are entered in a special field at the time of placing an order, with their help, a discount is obtained both for a specific product and for the entire basket with the required amount of orders.

You can find them at the end of this collection.

Men’s hiking shoes HIKEUP

The size range here is from 40 to 45, you can choose the option in brown, black or gray.
For a discount, take the seller’s coupon and use the promo code at the end of the selection, and they will cost you less than 2000 rubles.
The seller indicates that the upper material is leather and nubuck, and the lining is genuine leather. The sole here is rubber, with a pronounced relief — they will not slip in the mud or when climbing.
Sneakers look very decent, have water protection and a rubberized «nose» with the brand’s logo.
In the same official store (HIKEUP Store) you can pick up many other cool options at a discount.

RAX men’s and women’s waterproof running shoes

At the link you will find 11 models in different colors with a size range from 36 to 47.

There are men’s and women’s options, both low-top and high-top.

The upper material is suede, the sole is rubber, with moderate relief, support for the foot and a special shape to reduce the load and absorb shocks. Water protection is also included.

They will look good both in simple hikes and in urban conditions.

The same store also has similar winter sneakers with plush inside.

Walking shoes for men and women

Size range from 35 to 45 and 16 models to choose from in different colors for both men and women.

There are great options for both summer and spring-autumn.

Upper material — leather, sole — rubber with a medium pronounced relief.

Comfortable, soft, inexpensive sneakers for different seasons.

Suitable for light hikes or walks around the city.

Men’s warm boots BONA made of genuine leather

Size range — 41-46, color choice between gray, black, greenish and blue.

For a discount, take the seller’s coupon and use promos at the end of the selection.

The top of the shoes here is leather, inside — warming made of soft plush.

The sole is rubber, the relief is well pronounced and in winter they do not slip (for ice, of course, it is better not to tempt fate and immediately order ice access).

This official store of the BONA brand has a wide variety of other sneakers for all seasons and (with foot sizes up to 31.5 cm), as well as branded universal insoles.

Men’s warm sneakers for long walks

There are four models to choose from in dark color, and the size range is from 41 to 46.
The upper material is artificial leather and suede (waterproof and wear-resistant), there is insulation inside, the sole is made of TPR, it cushions and prevents slipping.
Sneakers are suitable for walking in urban conditions in autumn, spring or cold winter.
This is an inexpensive option, but on the leg they look quite original.
For a discount, do not forget to take the seller’s coupon and use the promotional code.

Humtto Men’s Leather Outdoor Sneakers

Available sizes here are from 39 to 45, and the options are brown, blue or gray.
The manufacturer indicates that the upper of the sneaker is made of genuine leather, the sole is made of rubber with a pronounced relief, and the lining is textile.

There is a knob on the front to protect the fingers.
Suitable for spring, autumn or summer in cold climates.

Cheap winter sneakers with fur EOGC

The size range here is wide — from 36 to 48, both male and female models are available.
The material of the upper is polyurethane, inside there is a plush lining.
The sole is rubber, with a pronounced relief.
Perfectly fit into urban conditions, and suitable for long walks.
Very original, with interesting lacing and velcro, shoes impervious to water.
Suitable for winter, both snowy and not so.

Sneakers for easy hiking and hiking SENLONGAO

Extremely budget, but at the same time a very worthy option.

Size range 39-46, colors — black, brown or gray.

The upper is made of breathable material (split leather), the sole is rubber and moderately ribbed. Suitable for autumn and spring, summer in a cold climate.

Despite the low cost, they look very, very good.

BONA men’s hiking shoes

Size range from 41 to 46, color options — black, gray, beige and marsh.
The upper is made of breathable material (leather), the lining is textile, and the sole is rubber with a pronounced relief.
Branded sneakers of excellent quality for less than 2000 rubles with a seller’s coupon and promotional code.
Suitable for hiking in the summer, and for the city in the fall or spring.

HUMTTO men’s leather waterproof sneakers

At the link you will find more than a dozen models with a size range from 39 to 46, both for autumn, spring and summer.
Instead of the usual lacing, these shoes have a modern quick-lock system with a lock.
The top is represented by a two-layer fabric — it is waterproof, but the foot does not sweat. The sole has a pronounced relief, which allows you to wear sneakers not only in the city, but also for long walks or hikes.
Do not forget to take the seller’s coupon for a discount and use promotional codes.

I hope the selection was interesting or useful, and you were able to pick up sneakers for a great price.

Of course, the shoes presented in this selection are not suitable for professional hikers — they should turn to more famous brands and prepare a larger amount.

But, in my opinion, for the majority — those who love long alleys around the city, do not often go out into the countryside or go on one-day hikes — the shoes here are quite suitable and at the same time very inexpensive. Yes, and just for every day, it will be very relevant.

And here are the promised promotional codes for the discount (click to see):

Please note that the promotional codes are relevant at the time of publication of the collection, if you read it after a long period of time and they do not work, I recommend that you look at my telegram channel (the link to it is under this collection). There you will always find fresh and working ones.

Active promo codes for Russia/CIS:

HEYJAN – 50/150₽
START2022 -150/700₽
JANSHOP — 250/1300₽
LETSBUY – 350/2000₽
JANHOT – 400/2500₽
BEST2022 – 450/3000₽
HOT2022 – 500/3500₽
JANBUY – 700/5000₽
JANHAPPY – 1000/7000₽
JANFUN — 1500/12000₽
HEY2022 – 2000/17000₽
They work on goods from this selection, as well as on any goods from the presented stores and on MOST goods from China. If you want to buy something else — I advise you to check in the basket.
*** Each specific promotional code can be applied once per account, when you try again, the message “All promotional codes have been used” appears.

Active promo codes for ALL goods in Russia/CIS:

20MAXI22 — 150₽ from 1000₽
MAXI22 — 200₽ from 1500₽
PES2021 — 200₽ from 1500₽
*** As you can see, this group of promics is worse, but it works for all products, both from Russia and from China.
Promics for the CIS separately or for the EU, Ukraine did not fit — they can be found on my telegram channel.

I also recommend my other selections of sneakers: warm Here and lungs Here (get promotions for them from here).
Also, just below there is a link to my telegram channel — for those who want to be aware of sales with Aliexpress, always have access to working promotional codes and buy at the best prices. Check it out and join!


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