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Today I present a selection of popular desktop alarm clocks from Aliexpress.

Despite the fact that many people often use the alarm clock in their smartphone, stationary alarm clocks are still popular.

One of the advantages of a stationary alarm clock is that it makes it possible not to depend on the phone. This is true for people who notice that they spend too much time with their smartphone.

The selection will feature a variety of original alarm clocks that will always wake you up at the right time.

Popular alarm clock

The most popular alarm clock with a lot of sales.

The alarm clock is equipped with a mirror screen with fairly large numbers and auto-brightness. The display shows the time, ambient temperature and humidity values. The built-in projector is able to additionally project time onto any surface.

The device supports two customizable alarms, the built-in FM receiver is able to memorize 15 radio stations. The rear panel has a speaker and a USB port for charging devices.

The RTC battery allows you to keep the countdown in case of possible power outages.

Alarm clock weather station

A more advanced model, an alarm clock with a complete wireless sensor.

The screen displays time, date, month, day of the week, temperature and humidity readings inside the building and outside (on a remote sensor), weather forecast. The built-in projector is capable of projecting time, temperature and humidity onto the surface.

The function of adjusting the time by radio signal will allow the watch to always display the exact time.

budget alarm clock

Another familiar to many popular, not expensive alarm clock.

There is nothing superfluous here, time, temperature and humidity are displayed. It is possible to set three alarms, there is an adjustment of the brightness of the glow and activation of the screen by sound. Battery powered, USB? or from a 5V power supply, which is not included.

Children’s alarm clock-night light

Interesting and unusual children’s alarm clock. The screen can display the time and a variety of emoticons and figures, depending on the alarm mode. There are several alarm setting groups.

There are several simple, but at the same time interesting features. For example, to snooze the alarm for five minutes, you need to take the alarm clock in your hand and shake it a little.

The presented device is not just an alarm clock, but also a night light with voice control function,

the ears light up on the sides.

Power is provided from a built-in lithium battery with a capacity of 1500 mAh, which should be enough for an average of a week of work. Charging time is about 2 hours.

Multifunctional alarm clock

Alarm clock with built-in Bluetooth 5.0 wireless speaker with 5W speaker and passive emitter. The device also has several alarm clocks (repeating weekly and daily), time-programmed backlight brightness, built-in FM receiver and two USB ports for charging devices with a total charging current of 2A. The kit includes an RTC battery and a power supply.

The mirror screen displays the time, day of the week and temperature.

Alarm clock with pleasant lighting

An alarm clock with a pleasant design and soft backlight, which can be used as a night light.

The screen displays the time and date. Of the main functions: 25 melodies, 2 alarm clocks, adjusting the brightness of the indicator, USB port for charging devices (when the power supply is connected).

Interesting, cute clock for a child’s room.

Alarm clock with wireless memory

Alarm clock with 10W wired and wireless charging, FM radio and 2 x 5W built-in speakers.

Can be used as a wireless speaker via Bluetooth 5.0.

Only the time and day of the week are displayed on the screen.

Alarm clock with big numbers

A desk alarm clock with a simple design, decent build quality, a good set of standard features and large, easy-to-read numbers. The height of the digits is about 45 mm, there are 3 levels of brightness adjustment. Three options for displaying data on the screen.

The ability to alternately display the time, date, temperature and set two alarms.

The watch runs on 3 AAA batteries or a 5V power supply.

Smart alarm clock

Alarm clock from Qingping (Xiaomi ecosystem) — displays the time / date / temperature and humidity in one place on the screen. At the same time, it has a simple neat appearance. In the MiHome application, you can set the time format to 12\24h. Language: English or Chinese. Temperature units are Fahrenheit or Celsius. You can change the alarm ringtone and set the volume. There are settings for brightness and backlight time.

The height of the numbers is 15mm, the temperatures are 6mm, the dates are 3mm.

Integration into Home Assiatant is possible. Connects with apps via Bluetooth 5.0 channel.

Sunrise alarm clock

More like an alarm clock. Controlled by buttons or from a smartphone in the Smart-Life app with the ability to connect to Alexa and Google Smart Home.

The alarm clock can automatically adjust the time via the Internet, the user can be sure that the correct time will always be displayed.
The built-in FM receiver operates in the frequency range 76.0-108 MHz.
For a comfortable awakening, there is a choice of melody from 7 options. You can also set the sunrise simulation from 10 minutes to 60 minutes. before turning on the sound of the alarm clock and the maximum brightness of the light from 1 to 20 points. The volume control range is from 1 to 16 points.
For sunrise and sunset simulations, an orange light color is used.
The lamp has 7 preset glow colors.

Aliexpress has a huge number of options for alarm clocks, as they say: «For every taste and color.»

The selection included devices with a large number of sales and good reviews.

I would be glad if someone finds an interesting alarm clock for themselves.

That’s all. All good.

Thank you for your attention!


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