A screwdriver has already become a familiar and essential tool for both professional workers and many home craftsmen. Using a screwdriver, you save a lot of time and effort. In this collection you can find 10 inexpensive but practical screwdrivers that are perfect for home use.

Deko DKCD12

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And the selection is opened by a screwdriver model from a fairly well-known Chinese brand Deko. The advantage of this company is that they have their warehouses in many countries, including the Russian Federation. Also, their products are distinguished by an affordable price, good equipment and excellent quality. This model has a compact size and is powered by replaceable 12 V batteries with high electrical capacity. There are also models with a more powerful engine and battery to choose from. Depending on the model you choose, the screwdriver produces a torque of 28, 32 or 42 Nm


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And the next screwdriver model in this collection is represented by a model from Wosai. The seller can also choose one of three models that differ in electric motor power and batteries. Traditionally, you can choose different equipment with one or more batteries, and you can also purchase a convenient bag for storing and transporting the tool. For residents of Russia, the possibility of fast delivery will be a plus.


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Next, I bring to your attention a screwdriver from the company Yikoda. This is a compact and reliable model that is powered by a 1.5 Ah battery and delivers 28N.m. If desired, you can choose more powerful models that are a little more expensive. The basic charging unit is able to charge the battery up to 100% in just 1 hour, but this is on the basic screwdriver model with a 1.5 Ah battery. Older models of batteries from this manufacturer are charged in about 2 hours. I will add that the seller has local warehouses in Ukraine and Russia.


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This is another worthy screwdriver option that you should pay attention to when choosing. This screwdriver is handy, balanced and powered by a 1.5 Ah battery. The seller indicates the maximum torque of the screwdriver motor is 50 Nm, however, I assume that it is a little too high and still equal to the usual 42N.m. Despite this, the instrument turned out to be really worthy. It should also be said that it can be ordered from local warehouses from many countries.


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Aneerpower is one of my favorites in the Chinese power tool market. She is far from the most popular, but has a lot of her fans. As for this particular screwdriver, it is really thoughtful and convenient, has a low weight and high torque, which is equal to 48N.m. This model can be purchased with one or more batteries of your choice, you can also purchase a practical, combined case in the kit, there is delivery from the Russian Federation.


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When creating a selection of Chinese power tools, it is almost impossible to bypass Prostormer. The company has gained its share of the market by producing quality tools at an affordable price. It should also be noted that the company has its own warehouses in China, Russia, Ukraine and other countries. As for this model itself, it can be ordered in two versions: with a cartridge and with a hex lock of your choice. Traditionally, when ordering, you can choose different configurations based on your needs.


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And this is another worthy screwdriver model from Longyun. The tool is equipped with a relatively powerful battery and a fast charger. In the kit you can purchase a second replaceable battery and a durable plastic case. Also, if desired, you can order the shipment of goods from a warehouse located in Ukraine or Russia. And for residents of other countries, you can place an order with free shipping from China.


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Hilda manufactures many different power tools, including screwdrivers. This model is one of the worthy consideration for purchase. At the stage of placing an order, you can choose one of the many proposed configurations. The configurations differ in the number of complete batteries, the availability of shipping cases, and most importantly, the power of the electric motor and the electric capacity of replaceable batteries. Traditionally, for this selection, this product can be ordered from a local warehouse located in the Russian Federation.


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The next model from Heimerdinger is distinguished by the presence of a battery with an electric capacity of 4 Ah, as well as high torque. It should also be noted that the screwdriver is compatible with many Makita batteries. The tool can be ordered either simply in a cardboard box or with a plastic shipping case. Also in the kit you can immediately purchase several batteries and a set of various bits and drills.

Deko GCD20DU3

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Deko has already been featured in this selection, however, this model is more powerful and has a more energy-intensive 20 V battery. The motor of the tool produces a maximum torque of 58N.m. Since this screwdriver is really good and powerful, it is also one of the most expensive on this list. It should also be noted that it can only be purchased complete with two batteries and a branded plastic case. I will add that there is free shipping from China, Ukraine and the Russian Federation.

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