As often happens, you have a whole set of wrenches and heads, but in the end, you still have to look for another tool to cope with some situation. At the same time, I am not talking about use in professional activities, a garage, a workshop, etc. I made a selection of keys and heads that will help out in everyday needs and tasks. Starting from standard wrenches and bolts, ending with wrenches, which will simply be indispensable in the same plumbing.

8 in 1 allen wrench for easy plumbing work

When I first looked at this key, I immediately exclaimed: “Where were you before?”. The places for supplying hoses with water to the sinks are so inconvenient that pulling them up is “heavenly bliss”. And here everything is done at first glance logically, it is possible to tighten the nut and the hose, hiding inside the key, will not hurt. I haven’t personally tried it yet, but I ordered

AIRAJ universal double-ended wrench

This wrench is good because it allows you to clamp absolutely any object and pull it up if necessary with sufficient effort. It is made of chrome vanadium steel. These keys have a slight play, but this does not affect the operation. There is an indication of the brand and reviews.

Adaptive clamping head for 3/8 adapter

This head is good because by scrolling the ring on it, it can be adapted to many nuts and bolts. The idea lies in the clamping jaws, which are actuated by scrolling the body of the head. Thus, the jaws clamp the nut or bolt, allowing them to be unscrewed.

Multifunction clamp wrench

This wrench will help not only in loosening and tightening bolts and nuts, it will generally help to tighten what is problematic to tighten. The whole idea is not far from the clamping head, but it additionally uses a lever so that you can apply force to unscrew something

Large aluminum alloy adjustable wrench for plastic

And what to do when we are dealing with a material to which force cannot be applied? For example, tightening the lids of siphons. You can do it the old fashioned way, wrapping your hand in a rag, but there’s no way to estimate the tightening moment. A similar key will help in this situation. It has a large grip and is made of aluminum alloy, allowing you to grip wide plastic objects without breaking them. A special plus is the short handle

Oauee Band Key

The next participant in the collection has a similar goal. This is a band wrench that will allow you to clamp something that does not have edges. Often used as an oil filter remover, but can also be used in many difficult situations. For example, it will allow you to unscrew the plastic cup of the water filter to replace the cassette.

Popular universal head

This universal head is familiar even to those who, in principle, were not going to do anything like that. It is the most popular and is sold in many TV shops. Well, we have the opportunity to buy it without intermediaries. It is put on the nut, and the columns inside the head either go deep or will later help to unscrew the nut.

Universal wrench with high clamping force

This wrench is similar to the AIRAJ but has a pointy end and surprises with the clamping power. In the video at the link, a person grabbed a horizontal bar with two such keys and they can withstand his weight without scrolling through a round pipe. Made from high carbon steel.

YZI wide grip wrench with short handle

This key is interesting in that it has a wide capture capability. There are four types of keys to choose from, the maximum clamp is available at position 12. It can be extended up to 52 mm. At the same time, for work in confined spaces, it has a short handle.

Torque wrench DEKO DKTW01 1/4 5-25 Nm

And finally, if you need to know the exact torque of the nut, I suggest considering a DEKO torque wrench. The team is known to many, produces a quality instrument and has many fans. The wrench is supplied with a 1/4″ adapter and a ratchet.

I hope you found something useful and new for yourself. For example, I am surprised by the universal wrench for tightening the water supply hoses to the mixer, I just can’t imagine why I didn’t know about it before. Was ordered immediately.


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