Motorists will not let you lie, a set of tools in the trunk of a car in many cases comes in handy. Such sets have a large number of items and are able to help out the car owner in a variety of situations. Tools will help you fix a sudden breakdown on your own, help with the replacement of consumables and, as a result, save money.

The selection includes only branded tools with a large set of items, suitable workmanship and shipment from Russia.

Ombra OMT94S

Ombra OMT94S car hand tool set. The set consists of 94 items and comes in a brown plastic case. The user gets a multi-bit screwdriver, hex wrenches for various diameters, a ratchet handle, hinge extensions and much more.

Grandfather Makar MK172-055

A set of tools for the car Ded Makar MK172-055 in a plastic case in red and black. In total, there are 172 items inside for various tasks. Inside the case are sockets, spark plug heads, extensions, adapters, wrenches, universal joints, ratchets, a screwdriver handle, a bit holder, and hex keys.


82-piece car tool kit. Case plastic on latches. Tools allow you to service threaded connections with internal and external working profiles. Wrenches and nozzles are wear-resistant, resistant to corrosion.


A set of tools for repairing your car DEKO DKMT94. Set in a plastic case with latches, includes 94 items. The tool is made of high-strength steel, hardened and specially processed. The case contains a ratchet mechanism, a lot of extension cords, nozzles, screwdriver bits and much more.

Berger BG108-1214

Car tool kit Berger BG108-1214 in a black plastic case with latches. Inside 108 different items to help the motorist. The tools are made of chrome vanadium steel and protected against corrosion. The set includes a screwdriver, sockets and bits, ratchet wrenches, hinges, extensions and more.


A set of tools for the Rokot car in a black plastic case. There are 94 items inside. The tools are made of hardened steel and have ergonomic handles for a comfortable grip while working. The set includes many bits, sockets and extensions, a ratchet wrench, a screwdriver and more.


Workpro car tool kit with 160 items inside a case. A budget option with a hammer, ratchet, pliers, tape measure, adjustable wrench, a screwdriver with many bits, a knife and other repair tools. The handles are made of blue-red plastic.


Car tool kit for car DEKO IK187 in a metal case on wheels. The set contains 187 items: a hammer, a tape measure, a ratchet, a knife, scissors, screwdrivers, wire cutters, pliers, a pressure gauge, a lot of bits, extension cords and attachments.


Automotive hand tool kit Kuzmich expert consisting of 94 items. Green plastic case with metal latches. Ergonomically shaped tool handles with anti-slip coating. Inside the head are hex sockets and many others, extensions, ratchet, hinges, adapters, wrenches and other tools.


108-piece ValueMax Automotive Hand Tool Set. Plastic case size: 380*270*80mm. Inside there is a ratchet, sockets, a screwdriver with a set of bits, extension cords, adapters, hex keys and much more. The tools are made of hardened steel and have ergonomically shaped handles.

Successful repair with a new set of tools for the car!


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