Today’s post is about mp3 modules with compact front panels. These devices are used as an audio source (USB/microSD/FM/AUX/Bluetooth) in DIY projects such as portable speakers or to breathe new life into an old music center. Let’s consider audio modules of precisely modest sizes, so as not to take up much space in the project and not spoil the look of old technology.

Consider several popular options for mp3 modules with compact sockets on the AliExpress platform. I bought almost all the models myself, where possible, there will be a link to my articles.


Opens a selection of compact panel audio modules model AVN-757. I used it in this DIY project, it is also on the title photo of the topic. Dimensions 87×25 mm, there is even a small screen with a color indicator.

The panel is powered by 5 V DC, comes with a small remote control and a set of short cables for installation.

Key Features:

  • Support for TWS mode (for a pair of modules)
  • External power via micro usb
  • USB (without flac), Bluetooth 5.0, FM radio, equalizer
  • Two line inputs (jack and 3.5mm)


Next, an mp3 module with a 92×41 mm front panel, fastened with 4 M3 screws. Of the signal inputs, there is: USB / microSD / FM / AUX / Bluetooth. And there is support for uncompressed files in the USB player.

Device power supply 9-12 V DC. The lot has a choice of types of remote controls. For this model, there is an overview with a check of the main functions.

The second link is the same panel, but with a built-in class D 25 W amplifier, convenient for creating your own portable speaker.

kebidu V19

This module from kebidu is interesting with two supply voltages to choose from (5 or 12 V DC) and support for a full-size SD card. It also remembers the source of the signal.

The size of a neat panel with a screen is 106×25 mm.

The USB/SD player supports MP3 tracks with a bitrate of 32-320 kbps.

The model is budget, a lot of reviews. Comes with a compact remote control and a set of cables.

ARuiMei mini

The pinnacle of minimalism. The module with a front panel of 50×24 mm had to sacrifice the display for the sake of compactness. On the front panel there is a micro SD card slot, usb A and three control buttons.

This model is based on the AC6926B chip and supports uncompressed audio tracks in MP3 / WMA / WAV / FLAC / APE formats.

Power supply 12 V DC. There is a silver and black front panel color option to choose from.


Perhaps the best selling option on Aliexpress. Popularity is easy to explain — low price, but a large number of functions.

Versions with one appearance differ somewhat in functions, specifically this version with support for Flac and Bluetooth calls (there is a microphone).

The dimensions of the front panel are 108×25 mm.

There are versions of such a module with built-in amplifiers (3 or 25 W per channel), which is convenient for homemade speakers, and simplifies assembly.


VHM-314 board for hidden installation. An option when you only need Bluetooth 5.0, but with normal quality. 3.5mm line out.


  • Power: 3.7-5V via micro usb
  • S/N 90 dB and THD+N -70 dB
  • Channel separation -86 dB
  • Operating range: 15 m

The Pro version supports Bluetooth calls. This lot has a fast delivery option from Russia.


This version of the audio panel comes with a comfortable volume knob and remote control. There is support for recording and USB/microSD/FM/AUX/Bluetooth sources.

The panel size (112×62 mm) is slightly larger than the others, but the screen and functions are larger. Power supply 12 V DC.

There is a detailed review of this model.


The selection is completed by a quality version of the Flac module — TDM156. The front panel size is 115 x 47 mm, there is a 128 x 64 dot screen and a functional encoder for control. Comes with cables and a small remote control.

It’s a folder-navigating device on media, recording, tagging, playing uncompressed track formats, and decent sound.

There is a review of his older brother TDM157 with similar functions (but there is a larger screen and two encoders).

I hope that the selection of tested compact mp3 modules was useful and you will choose the option that suits your taste and budget.

Happy shopping! Don’t forget to apply AliExpress coupons and discounts.


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