Choosing a backpack is a responsible matter, because it is not only designed to protect expensive gadgets (laptop or tablet), but also to be comfortable, stylish and, preferably, inexpensive.

And today I tried to pick up models that meet all these criteria, especially since now very “tasty” discount promotional codes are working on the Aliexpress site (you can find them at the end of the selection).

Fenruien City & Travel Waterproof Backpacks

This is perhaps the most popular brand on Aliexpress, which produces excellent backpacks in terms of price / quality ratio.

Products are durable, waterproof, wear-resistant and extremely roomy.

This is an indispensable option for every day for those who, in addition to a laptop, are used to carrying documents and other bulky things with them, as well as a reliable companion on business trips.

At the link you will find several models — both with two straps, and a smaller sling backpack. They come with a USB charging port and an anti-theft lock. All models keep their shape, and some have a circular zipper for convenience and are able to open in two halves.

You won’t have to wait long for a purchase — there is also express delivery.

For a discount, we take coupons on the seller’s page and use promotional codes at the end of the selection.

Backpack for laptop and documents OIWAS

These options are simpler, but they are also much cheaper.

Made of Oxford fabric, it is waterproof, dense and durable.

The backpack is available in navy blue or black.

Dimensions — 33.5x17x51 cm, capacity — 29 liters.

Inside we see two large compartments, one of which includes a pocket for a 14-inch laptop and many small pockets. The back of the backpack is breathable, and there are meshes on the side for a bottle of water or a thermos.

A good option for every day for walking and working in the city, there is also a fast delivery.

The promo code for the discount is indicated on the image of the product.

BOPAI Ultra Slim Laptop Backpack

This sleek backpack is designed to fit a 15.6″ laptop and only the essentials.

If you need very little for commuting — just a wallet, an umbrella, a couple of thin folders or notebooks and other little things, then this option is for you.

Moderately roomy and yet not bulky, waterproof, ultra-light, thin, with a breathable back and a USB charging port. The backpack has many pockets, including a hidden one on the back.

Product size — 28x7x43 cm, there is an express delivery.

To get a discount, take the seller’s coupon and use the promo code located on the product image.

Vinco Claros City Laptop Backpack

And this is a backpack with a very original design.

Sold in two versions — for laptops 14 inches (dimensions 27x13x38.5) and 15.6 (dimensions 29x13x42 cm). There are also two colors here — black and black with a pattern.

The product is made of wear-resistant water-repellent fabric, on the side of the backpack there is an outlet for USB-charging gadgets.

Great bag for city life.

To receive a discount, use the promo code at the end of this collection.

Tigernu men’s waterproof backpack

Great brand with quality products.

The backpack is available in black, red or gray and is designed for a 15.6-inch laptop.

Production material — Oxford cloth, dimensions — 46x31x15 cm.

This backpack is suitable both for every day and for trips — it is quite roomy, has a USB port, a zipper and a secret pocket to protect against theft, as well as a horizontal strap on the back for attaching to the suitcase handle.

The back itself is breathable, and the fabric is waterproof and frost-resistant — you can not be afraid that it will crack in the cold or leak in a downpour.

For the best discount, take the seller’s coupon on the product page and use the promo code at the end of the selection (not the one shown in the image). There is also express delivery.

Inexpensive practical urban backpack

This is a backpack for a 15.6 inch laptop or tablet and is especially suitable for school and college students. There is a wide variety of colors — from blue to pink, and there are also comfortable handles, which allows you to take it off in transport and conveniently hold it in the air.

There is only one common compartment, but there are simply no pockets to count.

Textbooks, notebooks, stationery, wallet, gadgets and other little things — everyone will find their place.

The dimensions of the product are 29x13x42 cm and the volume is 25 liters, the material of manufacture is Oxford cloth.

We take a promo code for a discount at the end of the selection.

Business urban backpack

And this is another version of a backpack with an interesting design.

Three size options are available at the link, which are suitable for laptops 14, 15.6 and 17 inches.

Strong brown straps are located on the top and side, which allows you to carry it not only on your back, but also vertically or horizontally. There is also a detachable shoulder strap and a strap for attaching to the handle of a suitcase.

The material of manufacture is a dense water-repellent fabric.

A good inexpensive option for those who, in addition to a laptop, carry documents in folders with them — it is moderately thin, looks interesting and is well designed for city life.

Travel laptop backpack CoolBELL

Its dimensions are 33x20x48 cm, it is made of water-repellent fabric (at the time of publication, this backpack costs only 1.5 thousand rubles — the price in the picture is wrong).

The backpack has a protective shockproof compartment for a laptop, swings open 180 degrees, a fixing strap for attaching to a suitcase handle and three large compartments in the inside. It comfortably fits a 17.3″ laptop and has plenty of thoughtful pockets.

Comes with two detachable storage bags and a shoulder strap.

There is a coupon on the product page, it is better to take a promotional code for 200 under the selection.

Backpack for the city and travel

At the link you will find a backpack similar to the previous one, and even at a very attractive price (the promotional code is on the product page).

Its dimensions are 30x16x46 cm and it can accommodate a 17.3 inch laptop.

The backpack has two main compartments, a strap for attaching to the handle of a suitcase, breathable straps on the back, many pockets and a USB outlet for charging gadgets, tightening the straps on the sides.

Of course, it also has moisture protection.

An excellent option for those who want to save as much as possible.

I hope you liked the selected models and you were able to get yourself a backpack at a discount.

Also, just below there is a link to my telegram channel — for those who want to be aware of sales with Aliexpress, always have access to working promotional codes and buy at the best prices. Check it out and join!

And here are the promotional codes for the discount (click to expand):

Promotional codes are relevant at the time of publication of the collection, if you read it after a long period of time and they do not work, I recommend that you look at my telegram channel (the link to it is under this collection). There you will always find fresh and working ones.

Active promo codes for Russia/CIS:

HEYJAN – 50/150₽
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HOT2022 – 500/3500₽
JANBUY – 700/5000₽
JANHAPPY – 1000/7000₽
JANFUN — 1500/12000₽
HEY2022 – 2000/17000₽
They work on products from this collection (except for the last 2), as well as on MOST goods from China. If you want to buy something else — I advise you to check in the basket.
*** Each specific promotional code can be applied once per account, when you try again, the message “All promotional codes have been used” appears.

Active promo codes for ALL goods in Russia/CIS:

20MAXI22 — 150₽ from 1000₽
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PES2021 — 200₽ from 1500₽
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