The second part of the topic is about a cordless tool powered by the popular Makita 18V batteries and capable of facilitating routine work and bringing more efficiency to it. For example, using a cordless hedge trimmer will save the environment from harmful emissions (as opposed to working with gas models) and reduce noise levels, while a circular saw will be useful in cutting wood, laminate, plywood and much more.

And before moving on to choosing a tool, a few words about the convenience of using the entire toolkit for one battery format. There are many tool manufacturers on the market that have a wide fleet of their equipment. But in the CIS market, the Makita brand gained a significant advantage, releasing its products for batteries of different denominations: 12, 18, 40V. Naturally, third-party manufacturers picked up this type of battery and began to produce a cheap analogue. Therefore, at the moment you can have both the original instrument and high-quality assembled copies.

Scissors Makita CP100DZ

Start today’s selection of compact cordless scissors, which are great for cutting various kinds of materials (carpet, plastic, cardboard, leather, linoleum, other textiles, tarpaulin, etc.) up to 6mm deep.

This tool belongs to the Makita CXT series, powered by 10.8V batteries, which are compact and efficient devices.

Includes carcass only.

Blower MUSTOOL 18V

An air blower is an indispensable assistant to a system administrator or an enikey specialist, as it is capable of blowing large volumes of air. The main convenience is to work from any Makita 18V battery. The maximum engine speed reaches 20,000 rpm.

There are several configuration options on the product page: carcass only, carcass + 1 battery, carcass + 2 batteries. Some items are in stock in Russia.

Circular Saw Drillpro

Compact circular saw powered by Makita 18V batteries. The design uses a brushless electric motor with a soft start, it is possible to tilt to cut chamfers. The maximum cutting depth is 70mm. Application places: wood, MDF, plywood, PVC, ceramic tiles, etc.

Only the carcass is included, there is a shipment from the Russian Federation.

Renovator Makita TM30DZ

Renovator or multi-tool is a handy tool capable of performing many tasks with the help of various nozzles. The Makita TM30DZ Renovator is a powerful cordless tool that will easily compete with wired counterparts. Of the features: limiting the starting current, adjusting the speed, blocking the power button.

Power is supplied from rechargeable batteries at 10.8V (not included).

Reciprocating Saw Zhuany

The cordless reciprocating saw allows you to cut both wood and plastic, as well as ferrous metal. To work with various materials, appropriate hacksaw blades are provided that support hot swapping. The maximum saw cut of wood/steel is 32 mm, the frequency of movement of the blade is 2800 strokes/min.

The reciprocating saw works from the Makita accumulators on 18V (is not included in the package).

Drywall saw Makita SD100DZ

Another cutting tool, but with a more defined direction in the form of drywall and wood blanks. The Makita SD100DZ drywall saw allows you to cut up to 30mm in drywall and up to 15mm in wood. The saw allows you to adjust the depth of cut, use segmented blades, contains a built-in dust collector + connection of an external vacuum cleaner.

Saw speed — 0-6000 rpm, operation from 10.8V batteries (not included).

Brush cutter Makita DUH523Z

If you are a gardener or own your own plot, then you have definitely come across curly pruning of bushes and trees. A corded or cordless brush cutter comes to the rescue in this difficult task, Makita DUH523Z is a representative of a cordless tool. Blade length is 52cm, maximum cutting thickness is 15mm, powered by 18V batteries (not included).

Batteries and chargers

18V 12V

Due to the fact that most of the tools presented do not have batteries and chargers in the kit, we fill this gap. By clicking on the link, you can choose different battery capacities, as well as sets of several pieces.

Set of 4 tools

Quite an interesting set of 4 tools: wrench, impact drill, angle grinder and puncher. For convenience of storage and transfer, a suitcase is provided for all this stuff. There are also 2 options for the kit: with a battery and a charger, or only carcasses. Each of the tools is trustworthy, since I myself have this set and it has already gone through 2 major repairs in the apartments.

This tool is powered by Makita 18V batteries, which can also be purchased separately.

I hope this selection has allowed you to expand your horizons in the field of cordless tools for Makita 18V batteries. In the profile, you can see the previous selection, in which I talked about a hammer drill, a chain saw, and even a coffee machine.


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