If you are thinking about buying a kitchen knife, then today’s selection will come in handy. There are a lot of products in this category on the AliExpress site, so the information collected in one article will save you precious time, and plus, you can find out what parameters you should pay attention to before buying. Also in the article I will indicate a couple of promotional codes that will give an additional discount on Aliexpress.

Chef knife Sunnecko

In the first place of our selection is a chef knife from a well-known brand in China. The tool is very sharp, the handle is comfortable. According to external characteristics, the knife looks like a stone, the material is high quality German steel (1.4116), the hardness corresponds to 58 HRC. Not afraid of corrosion, durable, designed for long-term use. The blade is thin — 2 mm. The knife weighs just over 200 g. In general, this is a good version of the knife, despite the fact that the handle is made of plastic, not wood, I recommend taking a closer look at the product.

Xinzuo chef knife

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The next chef knife model that I would like to tell you about, unlike the previous version, is equipped with a sandalwood handle, which is a significant advantage. Knife weight — 177 g, length — 8 inches. Sharpening with an angle of 30°. Product material — high quality German steel, hardness — 58 HRC. The knife is made qualitatively, as they say, for centuries. The cutting edge remains sharp for a long time.

Santoku Sunnecko

Next, I present to your attention a compact knife, which will be appreciated by the owners of small hands. Knife parameters — 5 inches in length, and weight — 140 g. The knife is sharpened very sharply, the handle is ergonomic, made of G10 fiberglass. The purpose of the tool is cutting vegetables. The blade is the thinnest — 2 mm. The knife is made of Damascus steel of class VG10, which indicates high quality, anti-corrosion protection is provided, the cutting edge practically does not deform over time.

Santoku Grand Sharp

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In fourth place in the selection is a knife that is perfect as a gift due to its attractive design and functionality. The handle of the knife is ergonomic, it is convenient to hold it in your hand, fiberglass G10. The blade material is VG10, SUS430 and SUS431 steel, so to speak, three in one. The combination of three grades of steel in one model indicates high strength characteristics and resistance to various corrosions. The knife is light and impact resistant.

Chef knife Hezhen

The fifth line of our mini-rating is occupied by a chef knife from the Hezhen brand. The material of the product is high-quality German steel. High hardness — corresponds to 56-58 HRC. Blade thickness — 2.2 mm. Weight — 177 g. Anti-corrosion protection is provided, the knife is not afraid of blows, the cutting edge is durable, sharpened like a razor. As for the sharpening angle, it is 30 °. The material of the knife handle is pakkawood, durable and wear-resistant. Has anti-slip properties.

Chef knife Grand Sharp

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Next in the selection is a wonderful chef knife, which is in rather high demand among buyers. Factory sharpening is excellent, the design of the knife is carefully thought out, it is ergonomic and durable. The blade material is VG10 steel, this indicator indicates that the cutting and strength characteristics of the knife are excellent, and the steel itself belongs to the premium class. The handle is made of a material such as fiberglass G10. The knife weighs 253 g, the blade thickness is 2.2 mm.

Chef knife YeeLong

Another model of the chef knife, made of three grades of steel — VG10, SUS430 and SUS431. The handle is made of wood, making the knife very comfortable to use. Factory sharpening of very high quality. I’ll add on my own that if you decide to order this model, then keep in mind that free delivery of the knife is not provided. I also note that this knife with great doubt can be attributed to the budget category.

Bread knife Mitsumoto Sakurako

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In eighth place today was a knife, the main purpose of which is to cut bread. The blade is very sharp, the handle is made of wood. The design is very unusual and carefully thought out (in form, the model stands out significantly in comparison with other knives for cutting bread). Blade material — high-quality German steel 1.4116, high hardness — 58 HRC. The knife is high-strength, anti-corrosion protection is provided. The cutting edge remains sharp for a long time. Gorgeous knife, what else can I say!

Xituo vegetable knife

The ninth line of our mini-rating is occupied by a vegetable knife equipped with a blade that even cuts paper perfectly. The blade is hard. The handle is ergonomic, it is very comfortable to hold in the hand, does not slip. The material of the product is high-quality Chinese steel 7CR17 (it is identical in properties to steel 440A). High strength — 58 HRC. The knife will delight you with the same quality for a long time. Provided with anti-corrosion protection. I dare to suggest that you may be confused by the pattern applied to the blade — unfortunately, this is just a laser engraving, and not Damascus steel at all, as it might seem at first.

Vegetable knife Sunnecko

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And in the last place of honor of today’s selection was a vegetable knife, which definitely deserves attention. The quality of factory sharpening is at a high level, the handle is made taking into account physiological characteristics (the material of the handle is fiberglass G10), cooking with this knife is a pleasure. VG10 steel is a worthy indicator, premium steel class, cutting performance and knife strength are on par. Resistant to corrosion. I recommend to take a closer look at this model if you are looking for a quality knife for vegetables.

Perhaps this is where I will complete today’s selection, I hope you were able to learn something useful from it for yourself, and now you will surely make the right choice of a kitchen knife and will not be confused among the widest range of similar products presented on the AliExpress website.

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