Statistically, the most popular style of wristwatches are diving watches, commonly referred to as diving watches. Moreover, the vast majority of owners of these watches do not use them for real diving. It’s just that people like this style — a brutal massive watch with good readability. The characteristic features of diving watches are the presence around the glass of a ring rotating in one direction with markings — the bezel. Good phosphor on hour markers and hands. Claimed water resistance of 200 meters or more. Although recently even quite decent Japanese and Western brands, in the wake of the popularity of such a design, “fake” divers began to be produced — watches with a water resistance of 100m, in which you can swim, but it is not recommended to dive to a depth. Probably thinking — «you need a watch as an accessory for the office, and not for real diving.» )))

Can I buy diving watches from China? Of course, you can and should. There, in recent years, a huge number of watches have been produced for the so-called microbrands. Such companies usually develop their own design of the case and dial, and install a Japanese movement inside. As you understand, therefore, there are usually no problems with the reliability and accuracy of the course.

Seagull Ocean Star Watch 816.523

Sea-Gull is one of the leaders in the Chinese watch industry. Known for its manufactory mechanisms, which are willingly purchased by other brands, including Western ones.

Ocean Star, the current iconic diving model from this brand. Judging by the video review from Getat, the quality is not inferior to budget Swiss brands.

Steel case. Diameter 44 mm. Sapphire glass. Inside is a Sea-Gull ST2130 self-winding movement.

Bronze watch San Martin SN003-QP

Another manufacturer of very high-quality divers, but already a lower class — inside the Japanese mechanics, many models with a borrowed design.

This model is based on the Seiko Marine Master. But as a material, not steel was used, but more prestigious (in narrow circles of amateurs) bronze. At the same time, the price is the same as for steel models.

Body made of bronze. Case diameter 42 mm, with 47 mm protection installed. Thickness 15 mm. Sapphire glass. Water resistance 300 m. Japanese movement NH36 with automatic winding. Hands and hour markers are phosphor SLN C3 or BGW-9, depending on the color. Leather belt.


In past collections, I carefully avoided watches with hard-to-pronounce names.

But the choice of normal diving watches on Ali is not so great.

The manufacturers of this model also looked at watches from Seiko.

Stainless steel case and bracelet. Case diameter 42 mm. Sapphire glass. Water resistance 200m.

Inside is a self-winding NH36A movement. Japanese C3 phosphor on hands and hour markers

Tactical frog sub 300T watch

The Heimdallr Watch Store sells quite a few watches with normal brand names. For example, I was attracted by a watch called Tactical Frog)))

In black, they look very brutal. And if that doesn’t suit you, there are a bunch of other colors to choose from.

Stainless steel case and bracelet. Case diameter 43 mm. Water resistance 200m. Sapphire glass.

Seiko NH35A movement. Swiss C3 phosphor on hands and hour markers.


Another brand with a strange name. But their watches look interesting. There is an unusual black and white dial, there is a silver dial, and a few more options with matte solid colors.

316L stainless steel case and bracelet. Case diameter 42 mm. Water resistance 200 m. Sapphire glass. Seiko NH35A movement. An unusual design element — in the dark, not only the hands and hour markers glow, but also the date window, that is, a phosphor is applied to the calendar disk.

Pagani Design PG-1668 watch

Well, when it comes to the fact that the name in the watch is not the main thing, how can one not recall the Pagani Design brand. Now they are trying to rename themselves to PAGRNE DESIGN, but it turned out even worse (((

Whatever it was, among Chinese diving watches, this is one of the leaders in terms of price / quality combination. Often, for $90, you can get a watch with «full stuffing»: mechanics, sapphire, etc. As in this case, besides, this model with an unhackneyed design, such as the most popular in the official store — homage for the Submariner, and he is already pretty tired. And here is an interesting angular case, and a bezel in the form of a polygon.

Stainless steel case and bracelet. Case diameter 43 mm. Sapphire glass.

Japanese movement NH35A. Water resistant to only 100m, this watch can swim and dive shallowly. But I would not advise diving to a depth of more than 3-4 m.

I&W Carnival watches

For my taste, a very beautiful elegant diver-style watch. Moreover, the Carnival brand does everything quite well.

Stainless steel case and bracelet. The dimensions of the case are closer to everyday watches — diameter 41 mm, thickness 12.5 mm. Sapphire glass. Movement SEIKO NH36A. Water resistance is only 100 m, the crown is twisted. You can swim and dive shallow with this watch. But I would not advise diving to a depth of more than 3-4 m.

Watch Steeldive SD1975

Another fan of making watches based on Seiko Marine Master for a modest price. Interestingly, for some reason, they had to replace the inscription on the dial with Marine Engineer.

316L stainless steel case and bracelet. Case diameter 47.5 mm. Water resistance 300 m. Sapphire glass. Bezel with ceramic coating. NH35 movement.

Blue BGW9 phosphor on bezel and C3 on hour markers and hands.

If you are not confused by the secondary design, a very good watch at an adequate price.

Watch Addies Dive MY-H9

This brand is related to Steeldive and is also very fond of Seiko watches, but my attention was drawn to this model with a more or less original design, with a dial in the spirit of «field» watches. 100% positive feedback, live pictures look very good.

316L stainless steel case and bracelet. Case diameter 40 mm. Sapphire glass with anti-reflective coating. Bezel with ceramic coating. Water resistance 200 m. Movement Japanese NH35. KG Swiss C3 phosphor applied to the hands, hour markers and bezel.

Watch LOREO 9201

And finally, the most budget option. Moreover, the characteristics are not worse than the previous hours.

A watch based on the somewhat boring Rolex Submariner. However, there are so many colors in the lot that you can choose something to your taste.

Stainless steel case and bracelet. Case diameter 40 mm, thickness 13 mm.

Sapphire glass. Water resistance 200m. Judging by the video review, as well as the reviews under the lot, the watch really withstands diving into the seas and oceans.

Mechanical watch, self-winding.

To summarize. There are not so many brands that produce trustworthy diving watches on Aliexpress. Most microbrands are sold on other websites.

Almost all mechanical watches are equipped with self-winding movements from Seiko — NH35 or NH36A.

And in most official stores, I found a not very nice feature. Homages of diving watches from Rolex and Seiko have the largest number of sales. And watches with original designs from Chinese brands are much less popular.

That is, most buyers are looking for not just beautiful and high-quality watches, but where they can buy an almost real Seiko Tuna for a third of the price. Thus, this dominance of non-original designs is provoked by the buyers themselves. I’m cool with the homage theme, but I’d like to see more watch designs in stores.


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