With the help of a projector, you can watch your favorite movies, show presentations or relax by playing computer games, no matter where you are. The projector will come in handy both in the work environment and at home, it will be useful to students and even cafe owners. Intrigued? Then I’ll get down to business and talk about a dozen projectors that can be found on the AliExpress website, list their main advantages and disadvantages to make it easier for you to make a choice. And in addition to all this, in the article I will try to indicate promotional codes that will give an additional discount when buying on Aliexpress.

Projector T6

In the first place of our selection is the budget model of the projector, made in a bright and stylish design. Projection screen size: 36-176 inches. Resolution: 1280×720, supports Full HD. I am glad that the optics have reliable protection — a sash built directly into the body. Compatible with Android, Wi-Fi connection available. The disadvantage of the model can be called a small angle of the trapezoid. Also keep in mind that the smaller the image, the higher the sharpness.

AUN D60/D60S

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Let’s move on to another projector that is in high consumer demand. The model has the main ports (USB, VGA, HD, AV). Projection distance — 0.8-4 m. Resolution — 1280x720dpi. Pluses of the model — the presence of a built-in speaker, keystone distortions are corrected manually. If desired, you can choose a package that includes a TV set-top box. From myself I will add that the projector works well in a dark room, and the clarity is adjusted using the wheels.

Wzatco C2

The third place in our mini-rating is occupied by a stationary projector, whose native resolution is Full HD. 2 built-in Hi-Fi speakers, 10W each, support Android 10.0. Brightness — 6800 lumens. On the product page, you can choose a complete set with Android TV Box. The disadvantage is the noise from the projector itself, but if you prefer to watch movies at high volume, then the interference will be almost imperceptible. And further. Saturation in daylight is significantly reduced, please consider this point before making your final choice.

Vivicine M20

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A very worthy option for a projector in terms of price and quality. Compact, doesn’t take up much space. Brightness — 6500 lumens. Resolution: 1920×1080 pixels, Full HD. Speakers 4-5W. The design includes an improved removable dust cover with a filter, which allows you to easily wipe dust from the projector. Compatible with multiple electronic devices such as TV box, laptop, PS4, speakers. On the product page, you can choose the package that will appeal to you.

Byintek UFO R19

Despite its small size, the next projector in the selection is quite functional and made very high quality. Perhaps it should be clarified that this model can hardly be attributed to budget options, but you will be 100% satisfied with the purchase. The model is ideal for home and professional use. The 3D effect is impressive (thanks to the DLP-LINK function), and it creates a feeling of complete immersion in reality. There is support for HDR 10. Compatible with many devices, which is certainly very pleasing.

Lejiada YG300 Pro

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The sixth place in our selection was the projector, which is in great demand among buyers (about 900 orders have been issued). This is understandable, because it is inexpensive, and the quality of the product remains at the proper level. Video playback quality is 1080P Full HD, consoles such as Xbox, Sony PS4 are available for connection, if desired, you can connect a laptop. The speaker is built into the body of the device, if you want to achieve a more voluminous sound effect, you can connect speakers. Supported video formats are Mp4, rmvb, avi, rm, mkv.

ThunderaL TD90

Next in the selection is a projector available in different trim levels. You can select the option with Wi-Fi or check the box next to the option without the possibility of wireless connection. Brightness — 3200 lumens. Resolution: 1280×720, maximum support for Full HD 1920×1080. In general, the playback quality is not bad, but I would recommend purchasing a screen in addition to the projector, otherwise there is a chance that the picture will be blurry. Supports video formats: AC3, MPG, AV, TS, MOV, MKV, DAT, MP4, VOB. A significant disadvantage of the model is the lack of connectivity to the Netflix application.


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I present to your attention a projector model of the middle price category. Android version is 10.0, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi functions are supported. Brightness — 2600 lumens. Resolution — 1280 × 800 pixels, support for 1080P. Keystone distortion is corrected manually. Good choice for home theater. The main video formats (most popular) are supported by the device. Of course, the model will also appeal to gamers who cannot imagine their lives without computer games.

Salange P62

In the penultimate place of the selection is a compact projector, which attracted users from different countries due to its technical properties. Great for showing presentations and playing lectures in video format. The device is compatible with Android 4.2 and above. The quality of the picture is at its best, you can watch movies on the device even in the daytime, but best of all, of course, with the curtains closed. There is support for Full HD 1080P.

TouYinger H5

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And I will complete today’s selection with a budget projector model, which is famous for its excellent sound and video quality. The projector has a cooling system, which has a positive effect on the life of the device. The picture quality is Full HD 1080P, the brightness is 4500 lumens, and the model also has a built-in Hi-Fi speaker. If you are looking to purchase a budget projector to use it as a home theater or video game broadcaster, then you can’t think of a better solution than buying this model.

This concludes our selection. I hope you have chosen the most worthy model in your opinion, and now you have a minimum number of questions regarding such equipment as projectors available for purchase on the AliExpress website.

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