Agree, carrying a phone plus a wallet in your pockets is no longer very convenient. And if you need, for example, a passport, a driver’s license, headphones, a bunch of keys and other trifles, then it is completely inappropriate.

On the other hand, a bulky backpack will also be superfluous here. Therefore, it is a great way to have a small practical shoulder bag, or a sling bag or purse for these purposes.

And today in the selection I have chosen 10 options for such bags, and at the end you will find a bonus — promotional codes for a discount on all Aliexpress products (as part of the “Time to please” sale).

Inexpensive men’s chest bag

And we will start with this model, which can be purchased in black or gray.

The bag is small — 30x21x10 cm, but quite roomy and well thought out.

Production material — Oxford cloth.

In the main compartment there is a pocket for a tablet, in addition to it, a wallet, a phone, documents (but smaller than A4), a folded umbrella, a 0.5 liter bottle of water and other things will easily fit in here. There is also a rubberized headphone output and a USB port for charging gadgets.

The second compartment is slightly smaller, and there is still an outer pocket for money or other small things.

The strap can be transferred to the other shoulder, there is a reflective strip.

The zippers in the bag are metal, but there are also plastic fasteners — so you should not overload it. These small flaws are interrupted by the cost — about 600 rubles with a promotional code.

Fenruien men’s sling bag

And this bag looks much more stylish, but it also costs significantly more.
Here is the excellent quality of the brand, there is also a comfortable strong handle on top, a soft shoulder strap, a breathable back with a secret pocket, a combination lock to protect against theft (well, or just from the unwanted curiosity of loved ones).

The bag itself is made of dense and waterproof «3D» EVA material and holds its shape.
All fittings are metal, and they obviously did not save on it — for convenience, the bag opens 180 degrees and is equipped with several compartments for a tablet, phone and other things. Of course, there is also a USB output.

The strap is adjustable with the possibility of transferring to another shoulder, it also has a small pocket.

You can choose from two sizes: 32x20x10 cm or 27x17x7 cm.

This is the option when you need a quality item that will last a long time.

Men’s leather chest bag

If you prefer leather goods, I recommend to take a closer look at this option.

JEEP is also a popular brand that produces good quality bags.

Production material — split wood, fittings are completely metal.

Dimensions — 32x17x5 cm, there are two compartments with a zipper, one has a pocket for a tablet.

Also in front there is one open pocket (with fabric inside) and one small one with a zipper.

The skin is not afraid of water, but you still shouldn’t walk under a shower — after all, the lightning area is not protected.

The belt can be rearranged to the other side, and choose black, light or dark brown.

JEEP men’s leather shoulder bag

And this is the case if it is more convenient for you to carry the bag not on your chest or back, but rather under your arm.

For example, this is a good option for winter, when you have to wear a thick layer of clothing and it will be corny to walk with a chest bag. Or this is a great bag for documents and small things to carry with you in the car.

In addition to the shoulder strap, the presented bag has a durable handle that allows you to carry it in your hand like a purse.

The material of manufacture is split leather, the lining is made of polyester. The fittings are metal, the fastening straps are durable.

There are several models of different colors, but the standard size is 27x23x9 cm.

In addition to one large compartment with pockets, there are two external pockets with zippers and one pocket with magnetic fasteners.

A purse of the same color is a bonus for the purchase.

Tactical holster bag

But, look, what is an interesting and inexpensive model.

This is a more spacious option than, for example, a fanny pack, and more convenient.

Such a bag can be worn under a jacket, and it will not interfere with walking or running.

Of course, a tablet won’t fit here, but a phone, keys, a passport, a small wallet and other little things will do.

For the convenience of placing items inside, the bag has 4 pockets — 3 with a zipper and one with a button.

The belt is adjustable and can also be unfastened, which is very convenient if the bag is under clothing.

There are several models to choose from — they differ both in color and in the position of the strap — on the right or left shoulder.

Product size — 23.5x26x25x18 cm, material — nylon.

On Aliexpress there are many other, but already urban options, in a more stylish design.

City holster bag

This is a similar model, but in classic gray or black and only on one shoulder.

The strap is detachable here, but the mount is not made of plastic, but of metal.

There are also four compartments — 3 with a zipper and one with a button.

The size of the bag is 33x23x10 cm, the country of manufacture is Russia.

In my opinion, this option is more interesting, and is now even cheaper than the previous one.

Tigernu men’s messenger bag

This duffel bag from a fairly well-known brand is, for all its apparent simplicity, has carefully thought-out functionality and excellent workmanship.

For example, the tablet compartment (accommodates a 9.7-inch device) has impact-resistant embossed pads, and the zipper tabs of the outer pockets are hidden in special recesses.

Production material — Oxford, wear-resistant and waterproof fabric.

Bag dimensions — 26x21x6 cm, it is possible to adjust the shoulder strap — from 27 to 60 cm in height. In addition to the main compartment, it has 5 pockets.

Men’s chest backpack

And this chest backpack just begged to be included in the selection — because it easily fits into the business style of clothes and can become an excellent companion in urban life.

Its dimensions are 28x17x6 cm, the material of manufacture is Oxford cloth, there are gray, blue and black colors.

The tailoring is of high quality, the fittings are metal, there is a strong handle on the top of the bag.

Please note that there is no way to rearrange the strap to the other side, because there is a USB output for charging gadgets.

Inside there is one large compartment with a partition for the tablet, the second is smaller and a pocket with a zipper on the front.

Korean style chest bag

And here we have an ultra-thin bag not only with a very unusual design, but also with excellent workmanship.

Its dimensions are 35x16x4 cm, the manufacturer indicates that it is made of TPU material, waterproof, wear-resistant and lightweight.

The back of the bag is breathable, there are two zippered compartments with pockets, the small one has a metal key holder.

Such a thing, of course, will attract everyone’s attention, but it also costs a lot.

Men’s messenger bag

And finally, I saved the most capacious bag in our selection.

Its plus is also that there is a fastener on the side, with which you can adjust the volume and, if necessary, reduce or increase the product.

The material of manufacture is artificial leather, the manufacturer very prudently placed a fabric breathable layer at the back, and in the heat the back will not stick.

The dimensions of the bag are 35x20x8 cm, or 33x18x8 cm to choose from, the colors are also different.

There are so many pockets and compartments inside that it seems that everything in the world will fit there.

There is also a USB output, as well as a pocket on the side for a bottle.

The strap can be moved to the other side.

I hope the selection was interesting and useful, and you were able to pick up something for yourself.

If you want more options (or bags for a belt, for a hip, etc.), you can find them in my previous selections Here And Here.

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