If you are thinking about buying a soldering iron, but don’t know where to start, then I would advise you to look at the Chinese site AliExpress, where this category of goods is presented in a wide range. And, in order for you not to get lost in the flow of information, I have prepared an appropriate selection for you. I will tell you what aspects you should pay attention to before buying. And yet, in the article I will indicate promotional codes that will give an additional discount on the Aliexpress site.


In the first place of our selection is a high-quality soldering iron, on the body of which there is a convenient shutdown button. The tip heats up quickly and holds the temperature well. By the way, the temperature is adjustable from 200℃ to 450℃. Before starting work, be sure to adjust it to avoid unpleasant surprises. Has LED lighting. Input voltage 110 V / 220 V. Power — 60 W.

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A budget soldering iron that is in high demand among buyers. The model has a temperature controller, which, of course, is a plus. Appointment — repair of small equipment. The material from which the tip is made is durable metal. Power — 65 watts. The voltage is 110V/220V. The heating temperature varies from 220℃ to 440℃.

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In third place in the selection is another soldering iron with a temperature controller. Supplied with a handpiece stand and a set of parts to replace it should the need arise. The handle is rubberized, ergonomic. The construction is strong and resistant to high temperatures. Power — 55 watts. Heating temperature is 180-450℃.

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The power level of the next soldering iron in the selection is very high, corresponding to 80 watts. The LCD display is provided in the model. The tip heating temperature is adjustable (190 to 480℃). In the package you will also receive a soldering iron stand and a tip replacement kit. On my own behalf, I’ll add that it’s better to order a sting in a separate lot, since there may be complaints about its quality. Voltage — 220 V.

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Next in the selection is a compact soldering iron, the heating range of which varies from 80 to 450 ℃. Power — 60 watts. Voltage — 110 V / 220 V. All made cases are resistant to high temperatures. Supplied with a set of 10 tips. A good option, it is worth taking a closer look at it.

Lefavor 60W/80W

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The sixth line of our mini-rating is occupied by a soldering iron, the tip of which is made of stainless steel. The regulator allows you to adjust the heating temperature of the tip from 180 to 480 ℃, the heater itself is made of ceramics. Purpose — soldering small parts at home. The handle is protected against overheating. The cover reliably protects from dust. The seller offers two versions of this model with different power levels (60 and 80 W, respectively). Voltage — 110 V / 220 V. Please note that in the first, less powerful modification, there is no display, but, in my opinion, this is an uncritical drawback.


I present to your attention a kit for assembling a universal soldering iron. Supplied with thermocouple, heater, tip set (T12). I note that the case and power supply are not included in the package, these lots are ordered separately. I recommend taking a closer look at the power supplies with a voltage of 12-24 V, which have a digital temperature indicator.


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On the eighth place of the selection is a model of a soldering iron with a ceramic type of heater. The soldering iron has a built-in stabilizer and temperature controller. The body is made to last. The heating temperature can be monitored on the built-in display. The range is from 80 to 450℃. The handle is made with high quality, with protection against heating in conditions of a large amount of work. The only drawback of the model, perhaps, is the lack of a stand.


Next, I would like to present you a model of a soldering iron in the form of a gun. Its power corresponds to 60 W, within a few seconds, the sting heats up to 400 ℃. The main plus of the soldering iron is the automatic supply of solder (just pull the trigger and the process will start). Supplied with desoldering pump and two antistatic tweezers. There is also a coil with a starter set of solder. Voltage — 110 V / 220 V.

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And I will finish today’s selection with a compact size soldering station, which is designed to work with Hakko T12 tips. The model has a built-in power supply. The power is high — 108 W, heats up in a matter of seconds to 350 ℃. The advantage of the soldering iron is the presence of an OLED display, it allows you to monitor the power, the current temperature of the soldering station and tip, as well as the fill level of the PWM controller. There is an auto-off function, which is also a plus of the model. The quality of workmanship is at the highest level. I am sure you will be satisfied if you choose this option.

This concludes our selection, I hope you have found a suitable soldering iron model for yourself. And if the material I proposed turned out to be useful to you, then do not forget to share the selection with friends and acquaintances, let them be aware of which soldering irons are most in demand among buyers on the Chinese site Aliexpress today.

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