Everyone knows that the most convenient way to apply sealant is to use a specialized tool called a sealant gun. This tool works on the principle of a syringe and is designed to extrude sealant, adhesives, silicone from a plastic or foil tube.

Since I recently started repairing, it turned out that this gun was not just a whim, but a necessity. It is necessary both when installing plumbing and when using liquid nails, as a result, it participated almost everywhere where it could be used. Even when grouting tile joints, where earlier I imagined only a spatula as a working tool.

During the construction work, more than one gun was changed, and accordingly bought. Therefore, below I present to you a selection of various sealant guns.


One of the simplest sealant guns from INFORCE opens our selection.

This pistol belongs to manual mechanical, reinforced skeletal type.

Designed for use with plastic tubes with various fillings.

This is one of the cheapest options in this collection. If you need a pistol for home use, where you need to use silicone or other materials from time to time, this option is ideal.

Skeleton-type pistols, which are cheaper, I do not consider at all, since they are disposable.


The next in the selection is also a budget version from KSEIBI, but with a cylindrical body.

This gun is also manual and mechanical, but it also allows the use of foil tubes.

In addition, it is already possible to lay in a similar material prepared by oneself.

Extremely convenient thing, but if used on small volumes. Even within the renovation of an apartment, for example, when grouting tiles, corns will be guaranteed, but cheap.


This gun is made to make your job easier. It is made in a semi-shell type and already belongs to the category of electric ones.

Power comes from 4 AA batteries. They are not included in the kit.

Only suitable for use with plastic tubes.

There is a lock button.

This model is cheap and, in my opinion, is only suitable for home use. The semi-hull type is not the most reliable for long-term use, but this model has rather thick metal. It is easy to work with it, it is not heavy, the main thing is not to forget about the batteries if you have ordinary ones.


The following is a gun more advanced from a technical point of view.

The cylindrical body allows it to be used with any kind of tubes.

It is completed with two batteries, charging and a key with a replaceable nozzle for various types of tubes. And all this in a disposable bag.

Quite light due to the small weight and size of the batteries.

There is a lock button and feed rate adjustment.

There is even a flashlight built into the handle to illuminate the surface of the work, but it shines on a C grade.

Suitable not only for home use, but already for construction work with an average load. Batteries run out for a long time.

Ideal for do-it-yourself repairs when there is no need to rush.

5 Caulking Gun

Next in our selection is a more significant device with adequate batteries. It is designed for long-term use and will serve you well in construction work more than once.

Of course, the semi-casual type limits its capabilities only to plastic tubes, but it is already positioned as a professional one.

There is a lock button and feed rate adjustment.

Two relatively powerful batteries.

I wouldn’t take one for myself, I would save up for a device with a full body. But he has a place to be.


Next we have a more expensive representative of pistols from COOFIX

This is a full-fledged professional tool designed for builders.

It can greatly facilitate the work of applying a sealant or other composition to the surface and seams.

The kit includes 2 batteries, a charger, nozzles for the rod and for the tube body, a plastic case for storage and transportation.

There is a lock button and feed rate adjustment. Cylindrical body. Long working time. Reliable materials.

A very good option for frequent use in the construction industry.


And so we smoothly approached the Mercedes in the world of sealant guns in our selection, at a price that’s for sure.

Your attention is a pistol from the company DEWALT.

It contains all the advantages of pistols.

Cylindrical body, rubberized handle for comfortable holding, quality materials.

There is a lock button and feed rate adjustment. Bright LED backlight. In a word, a masterpiece.

But despite its space cost, it is not equipped with batteries with chargers. It should be purchased only by those who already have cordless tools from this company, since the main batteries there are suitable for various tools.

If you are seriously involved in construction and you have the tools of this company and extra money, and with all this you still oil the sealant manually, then this gun is for you.


Next in our selection is an air gun from HIFESON

This gun is universal and suitable for all possible materials. It is made of high quality materials, equipped with a huge variety of nozzles and accessories.

There is an adjustable feed rate.

But it is only suitable for production or for those builders who can afford to carry a compressor with them.

Despite the fact that it is not at all suitable for everyday tasks and small jobs, its full advantages are revealed in production and huge construction projects.

9. Portable gun

In eighth place, I could not help but mention the Chinese miracle of technology — a portable sealant gun.

This gun belongs to manual mechanical. The principle of operation is based on a different principle than standard pistols. Here it is not the piston in the tube that is pushed, but the tube is drawn in. At the same time, there is a cutter (blade) inside that cuts the plastic tube. The spent part of the tube that came out behind can simply be cut off.

The advantage is compactness.

On the downside, I’m not sure if it works and if so, how long it will last.

But I couldn’t help but mention it in the selection, since this pistol has quite a lot of sales and positive reviews almost everywhere.


I would like to finish the selection with accessories for pistols with a cylindrical body.

Since not all of them are equipped with different nozzles, and there are all sorts of cases.

This set of plastic nozzles with iron tips is relatively inexpensive and not very durable, but sometimes it can be very useful. You can easily choose the size you need or even change the shape of the tip to fit your needs.

This concludes my collection. I hope that it will help you, if you don’t choose some kind of pistol for yourself here, then at least decide on the type that you want. And do not forget that the tool needs care. The better you take care of it, the longer it will last you.


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