Recently, tools for driving nails and staples are gaining more and more popularity. These are electric (battery) staplers, nailers and various nailers. With the help of such a tool, it is convenient to carry out finishing repairs (cladding with clapboard, fastening cashiers, etc.), to assemble and reupholster furniture. Powerful nailers will be appropriate for installation and roofing work, as well as for quick laying of plumbing or electrical lines. When choosing, pay attention to the availability of power adjustments (driving depth), the type of consumables (in cassettes, etc.), as well as the availability in the warehouse in the Russian Federation (“Express Delivery”).

Gas mounting guns

Recently, gas-operated mounting guns such as Hybest and Toua have become available. They not only successfully replace gunpowder models of construction guns, but are also more convenient when mounting fixtures for electrical lines, water and heating pipes for large volumes of work. The principle of operation is based on the operation of the piston and the combustion of combustible gases. Pistols work from a gas cylinder (1 cylinder per 1000 shots) and a battery (for drive). Without any problems, they replace the puncher, work on concrete, metal, etc.

Powerful cordless nailers

To ensure field work or work at height, it is convenient to use not pneumatic models of nailing and stapling tools, but battery analogues. Worthy models are available in the FUJIWARA assortment, as well as RYOBI (Air Strike tool line). They work with special finishing nails and T-studs.

Cordless staplers

Cordless staplers are used for furniture upholstery and for working at heights (roof vapor barrier lining, etc.). Similar models work from a built-in 3.6V battery, they provide standard P and U staples. For charging, use MicroUSB or a complete power supply.

Network staplers

Powerful network models will be a worthy alternative to cordless or pneumatic nailers or staplers. One of these options is the ZSP-2000 staple gun Zubr. The declared power is 2000 watts. Works with finishing nails, T-studs. Pay attention when choosing network models — adjustment of the power (depth) of driving should be provided.

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