Lighting a living space directly affects our mood. For example, bright white light sets you up for work and allows you to concentrate, it also helps you stay active and alert. Subdued warm lighting has other properties, it helps to create a cozy and romantic atmosphere. Background lighting allows you to reduce eye strain when working at a computer or watching TV. And just for decorative purposes, we often use various kinds of lighting. Today I will show 10 interesting lamps that will help create the right atmosphere in your home.

Philips Eyecare Smart Lamp 2

The most important lamp in a student’s life is a table lamp. In this case, you can’t save money, because due to a lack of light or low-quality LEDs, you can easily plant your eyesight. At one time, I asked this question very seriously and chose the Philips Eyecare Smart Lamp, which my son has been using for about 5 years. An ideal lamp in every respect: high brightness with smooth adjustment (up to 1200 Lux at a right angle), high-quality LEDs with the right lighting spectrum, no flicker, the ability to use as a night light + remote control via app. And also a very convenient form factor that allows you to tilt and turn the lamp at any angle. Also, the lamp can automatically change the brightness depending on the ambient light, because it is equipped with a special sensor. If you want the best quality light on your desktop, then Philips Eyecare Smart Lamp 2 is the best solution. Expensive, but worth it.

Xiaomi Yeelight Z1 pro

Another table lamp from Xiaomi is called Yeelight Z1 pro. It is not as powerful as the previous one, but it has one interesting feature — it is equipped with a 2500 mAh battery and can be used autonomously, without being connected to a power outlet. You can use it anywhere without the hassle of wires. The manufacturer promises about 40 hours of continuous operation at minimum brightness. When it is increased, the operating time will decrease. There are 5 levels to adjust the brightness. You can also choose the color temperature of the light: warm, neutral or cold in the range from 2700K to 5000K.

Baseus Magnetic Desk Lamp

Another standalone lamp was made by Baseus. It can be used as additional lighting when working at a computer or laptop, to illuminate the workplace, to illuminate the pantry or wardrobe, as a night light, or even as emergency portable lighting. The luminaire is attached with a magnet (2 magnetic pads are included) and can be removed and installed in another place at any time. The luminaire can operate both from the network and the built-in battery, which lasts for 24 hours (at minimum brightness). The LEDs are of high quality and do not flicker, there is a smooth adjustment of brightness and color temperature. You can read more about the lamp in my review, where I checked the ripple and brightness.

Baseus i wok

And if you don’t have enough space on your desktop, then I recommend a screenbar lamp with a monitor mount. I have been using this lamp personally for 1.5 years and it helps me a lot. I turn it on while working at the computer to further illuminate the workplace and keyboard. The luminous flux of 200 lm is enough for almost any task, but most often it works at half power, illuminating the table and unloading the eyes. There is a smooth brightness control with a convenient knob — twists and 3 lighting modes: cold, neutral and warm. Power is supplied via USB, rated power 5W. Review with tests can be read here.

Xiaomi Mijia Light Bar

Xiaomi has a similar lamp. The name Light Bar describes this lamp very accurately. By placing it on the monitor, you will get additional lighting for the table, which will make your work more comfortable. If you do not own a blind typing method, then appreciate the keyboard backlight. If you work with documents and text, then the lamp will be even more useful. Well, it can also be used for entertainment: playing on a computer is harmful in complete darkness, this will quickly tire your eyes. And the lamp helps create background lighting that is more comfortable for the eyes. You can set a warm shade and create a cozy atmosphere. By the way, the lamp is equipped with a wireless controller with which you can adjust the brightness and color temperature remotely. If the table is in the room where you sleep, then you can use the lamp as a night light and turn it off without getting out of bed with this controller. But on the desktop, it will not be superfluous to adjust the brightness — no need to reach for the monitor. Use the controller where it suits you and control the lighting remotely.

bedside lamp

And this is a more decorative version with a very interesting design of a man or a robot. The legs and neck are made of wood and can change the angle, so how you install it is only up to your imagination. The lamp is designed for a bedside table and in addition to cozy lighting, it is an original piece of furniture. As for the brightness, you yourself are free to choose the lighting power, because it uses a standard E14 cartridge. Do you like to read before bed? Then install a light bulb more powerful. Need a soft light to get ready for bed or get a little stuck on your phone under the covers? Just buy the right light bulb in the nearest store. But there is also a light bulb in the kit and when ordering, you can choose its color temperature.


Another unusual and very beautiful lamp is called Heng pro. In addition to the unusual appearance, it also turns on in an original way. To turn on the light, you need to bring one ball to another, after which, being attracted by a magnet, it will pull the rope, which in turn will close the contact. I have the first version of this lamp, but relatively recently a PRO version has appeared, in which they added brightness and color temperature adjustment, as well as a built-in 1500 mAh battery, which allows you to use the lamp anywhere without being tied to an outlet.

Dimmable LED Spiral Table Lamp

The use of LEDs allows designers to run wild in their wildest fantasies and experiment with unusual shapes. How do you like a lamp in the form of a circle or figure eight? What about a twisted helix? It looks very original and at the same time the lamp is very functional. You can choose the shade of the LEDs: cold or warm, or you can choose the RGB option and change colors depending on your mood.

Wall lamp Modern Minimalist

And this is a wall lamp that can be placed near the bed or coffee table. Minimalism in its extreme manifestation, but the interior only benefits from this. The lamp creates a very cozy atmosphere, which is just called a lamp. Wooden crossbar and standard cartridge E27. Looks great with retro lamps with long filaments. Please note, the light bulb is not included.

Wall lamp in the form of a cube

And the last lamp in today’s selection is also wall-mounted. Its body is cube-shaped and made of aluminum. The light is distributed up and down the wall creating an interesting visual effect. The luminaire can be used both indoors and outdoors because it is protected from moisture according to the IP65 standard. LEDs can be warm, with a color temperature of 2700 — 3500K or cold, with a color temperature of 5500 — 7000 K. Power 12W.


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