In some cases, when it is required to unscrew a soured nut with “licked” edges, a screw with a damaged slot or a stripped bolt, special devices — extractors help. They exist for various sizes of screws, bolts or nuts. Sometimes only with the help of these extractors it is possible to disassemble or dismantle the part without damage. So in the home arsenal, garage or workshop, it is better to have one or two of these sets.

Screwdriver extractor set

Inexpensive set of extractors for installation in a screwdriver. Differ in bilateral arrangement. There are sets of 4, 5 or 6 pieces in the lot to choose from. Hardness of hardening (declared) — 58 … 60 HRC. Usage: match the size of the slot, first use one side to align the slot (removes burrs), then the side with the extractor to remove the screw.

Power Extractors

A set of extractors for force extraction of screws with a defective slot. They differ from the previous set in a reinforced design. The set is supplied in a case, 5 pieces in total, differ in size: 1/8″ (for M3… M6 screws), 1/4″ (M6… M8), 5/16″ (M8… M11), 7/16 ″ (M11 … M14), 9/16 ″ (M14 … M18).

1/4″ shank extractor kit

For ease of use, compatibility with extensions or adapters, and for use with screwdrivers, it makes sense to purchase a set of powerful extractors for 1/4 inch shank (HEX 6.35 mm). There are 5 sizes in the case. Material — high speed steel (HSS). The first and second numbers are suitable for screws with a head diameter of 3-5 mm, the third — 4-8 mm, the fourth — 5-10 mm, the fifth number: 6-12 mm.

Bit extractor set

Easy to use and compact set — extractors in the form of bits. There are two lots to choose from with 22 and 33 units of the tool inside. The kit includes a special holder with a 1/4 inch shank (HEX 6.35 mm). Material — high speed steel (HSS). With the help of such a set, you can remove broken fasteners not only in equipment or a car, but also in a laptop / smartphone.

Plumbing Extractor

Removing broken threads and remnants of pipes/screws will require an extractor that is large and capable of transmitting a lot of force. According to the link, one of these options is a double-sided model for pipe sizes (inner diameter): 1/2 inch (16 mm) and 3/4 inch (20 mm). The kit comes with a collar.

Nut Extractor Kits

In order to dismantle the nut without damaging the part, you will need special extractors designed for nuts. They are powerful impact sockets with a special profile for the power plant over the nut. The profile firmly clings to the nut, allowing it to be unscrewed with a tool.

Concealed Fastener Extractors

A set of extractors for a special type of fasteners for hidden installation — in countersunk or recessed threads. Lots differ in the number of extractors in the set (5, 6 or 9 pcs in a set). Lot number 1 — reinforced. Designed to extract fasteners up to size M12.

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