Mother nature has rewarded all of us with abundantly growing hair, including on the face. From time immemorial, people either mercilessly get rid of them by shaving, or turn them into a source of pride, forming a mustache or beard. Blades were used for shaving, then wet shaving machines appeared, and eventually dry shaving machines.

Today I will give a small selection of combined electric shavers for wet and dry shaving. In it, I included not the most expensive razors, those that I myself would use or use at the moment. In the price range up to about $130.

1 Philips S3333

The razor from the well-known brand Philips opens our selection.

This model is quite simple, but perfectly performs its functions. Easy to clean and not afraid of moisture.

Number of blades: 3 self-sharpening

Full charge time: 60 minutes

Working time: 60 minutes

The kit comes with a station and a soft case for transportation or storage.

A distinctive feature of this razor is the trimmer, which is built into the handle behind the shaving head.

The small display shows the battery level, simple and tasteful.

2.Philips S5585

This is followed by the most expensive razor in this collection from the same brand Philips S5585.

This version of the razor began to be produced in 2020, before that they had a more round shape. I myself use a similar one only to the old model, a link to its review will be below.

Number of blades: 3 self-sharpening

Full charge time: 60 minutes

Working time: 60 minutes

Quick charge time: 5 minutes if the shaver is empty and you need to shave urgently.

This razor has a SkinIQ sensor that constantly reads hair density and adjusts the shaving power.

This option comes with a charging station only, but you can also pick it up with other additional accessories, such as a trimmer, cleaning device, and others.

PHILIPS S5420/06 Electric Shaver Review

3. Braun Series 5

In third place in our selection is an electric shaver from Braun.

It is distinguished from the previous ones by the structure and shape of the blades. They are not round, but oblong, which does not prevent her from shaving well and makes her a strong rival to the previous brand.

Number of blades: 3 flexible blades

Full charge time: 60 minutes

Working time: 50 minutes

Fast charge time: 5 minutes

This shaver features an EasyClean system that provides quick and easy cleaning without having to remove the shaving head.

This kit, in addition to the razor, includes a charging cap and a cleaning brush. But you can pick up other kits with a trimmer and other accessories.

4. Mijia S700

The fourth place in the selection was taken by a razor from Xiaomi’s Mijia brand.

Number of blades: 3 ceramic blades

Full charge time: 120 minutes

Working time: 60 minutes

Distinguishes this razor, except for the blades, and its appearance of the body, as well as the material. Unlike the previous ones presented, it is iron, not plastic, and has a cylindrical shape. This shaver also has the ability to manually adjust the shaving power level. In terms of charging, there are also nuances, the razor can be charged both through the Type-C connector and through the station.

The manufacturer also positions this razor as «smart», which is able to determine the length of the bristles and adjust the speed.

The kit includes a cable and a stand that can work as a charging station. An additional shaving head is available.

5. Xiaomi Mijia Braun

Let’s dilute our selection with the Xiaomi Mijia Braun portable razor. This product is the result of a joint effort between Xiaomi and Braun.

Number of blades: 2

Full charge time: 60 minutes

Working time: 40 minutes

This shaver has been specially designed for those who are often away from home and do not want to carry a regular household electric shaver with them. A distinctive feature of this razor is naturally its dimensions, 100x27x60 mm.

Another advantage is the ability to charge via USB.

I use the same one myself. I take it for fishing when I go for 2-3 days. The charge was always enough, I never had to recharge. The quality of shaving cannot be compared with the usual one, but it is suitable for field conditions.

6 Philips One Blade

My selection is completed in its own way by a unique electric shaver from the already well-known Philips brand.

Number of blades: 1

Full charge time: 180 minutes

Working time: 60 minutes

This electric razor is unique in that it has one wide flat blade and many options for its use. Depending on the price, this razor is equipped with various attachments, which makes it an excellent trimmer for hair care not only on the face, but also on the rest of the body.

This option is equipped with a charger, two blades, a protective cover, nozzles 1,2,3 and 5 mm, as well as a storage case.

This is where I finish my selection, of course, not everything that may interest you is presented here, only what I would stop at when choosing a razor for myself today. I hope you can find the perfect razor for you, and I will only be glad if my selection helps you with this.


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