Today I have selected for you 10 universal kits that are suitable for both home repairs and for fixing breakdowns of a personal car, and can also come in handy as spare kits or in the country.

All presented options are sold in cases, which is very convenient in terms of storage and transportation, moreover, now they can be purchased at good discounts (promo codes for them are indicated on the product page), and at the end of the selection I will place a bonus — promotional codes for any goods with Aliexpress.

Tool set DEKO45 in a case

And let’s start, perhaps, with such a small set that will come in handy for those who are not used to doing repairs, but sometimes you still have to fix or tweak something, including disassembling equipment.

Or this is a great spare set — it will not take up much space at home or in the trunk of a car, and will always help out in an emergency.

The set includes 45 tools made from chrome-plated chrome-vanadium steel, and the tool handles have ergonomic non-slip grips for comfortable handling.

The case is firmly fixed: 6 precision screwdrivers, bit holder, extension cord, pliers, side cutters, 1/4″ ratchet wrench, 20 bits, 10 1/4″ sockets and 5 hex keys.

The DEKO brand is quite satisfactory for most home craftsmen and has proven itself well in terms of price / quality. For domestic use — just right, if you do not want to overpay.

In the same store, there is a huge selection of discounted DEKO sets — from very small ones to boxes on wheels, complete for any needs and tastes.

Universal set of hand tools DEKO168

Ask for a price

And I use this set myself — and it suits me completely.

It lies in the pantry and is not only indispensable for repairs, but often helps out in the most unexpected situations — for example, recently it took to saw off the neck of a bottle made of durable plastic.

All tools are quite strong, with pleasant non-slip handles, and do not fall out of their boxes in the case during transportation.

The set includes 168 items: ratchets with a set of sockets, combination wrenches for car repair, and tools for the home — screwdrivers with bits, tape measure, level, small saw, clamps, hex keys, adjustable pliers, long nose pliers, hammer, construction tool knife, wire stripper and more.

I give two links — the first is for Russian users (take the promo code at the end of the selection), the second is for other countries (there are several different sets)

Berger Tool Set

This is a quality tool that is produced in Taiwan, while the manufacturer gives a lifetime warranty on products.

The case itself is durable, with metal fasteners.

The set includes (108 items): socket heads, ratchets, screwdrivers and bits for them, extension cords, adapters, universal joint, hex keys.

The kit is mainly used for car repairs (it is also suitable for professional use), but it can also be useful for household chores.

In the store, you can also choose Berger sets of other configurations, also at discounts, using the link.

Toolbox Arsenal

This set has a small bonus: it is also made of durable plastic with metal fasteners, but there is still a compartment for small items inside. This is what is often lacking.

The manufacturer also gives a lifetime warranty on the tool (the link leads to the official store, everything is only from Arsenal).

The set includes 82 items: two ratchets for 72 teeth, crank, extensions 50, 100, 125; 250 mm, hexagon heads 4-32 mm, spark plug heads, adapters, wrenches, bit set, adapter, screwdriver handle, cardan joint.

This set is also more often used in car repairs.

A set of tools in a case KUZMICH EXPERT

The tools in this set do not have a lifetime warranty, but the set itself is better equipped and cheaper. The case is also of high quality, with metal fasteners, and inside everything is securely fixed in place.

In addition to ratchets, socket and candle heads, handles for bits, a set of bits themselves, extension cords and adapters, combined wrenches, there are separate screwdrivers with comfortable rubberized handles, adjustable pliers, pliers, side cutters, indicator screwdriver.

This is a more versatile set — a great helper, both for car repairs and at home.

All-in-one tool kit in Ombra case

The homeland of this tool is Taiwan, there is a lifetime warranty.

In a durable case with metal fasteners, 94 items are placed: these are sets of socket heads and bits, two ratchets, adapters, extension cords, a universal joint, an adapter, a wrench, a screwdriver handle.

This suitcase is taken mainly for car repairs — it feels great in the trunk, does not rattle, and always helps out on the road.

Mobuta toolbox

This is a set with a small number of tools — there are only 42 of them.

This is 21 bits, 13 sockets, 3 hex keys, ratchet, screwdriver handle, adapter, extensions.

Suitable as a spare set for rare car, motorcycle, bicycle repairs, and a screwdriver with bits can be useful for homework.

The price for it is up to a thousand rubles.

A set of tools in a case KUZMICH 82 items

And this is also a budget option, but more complete.

The set includes 82 items: 15 bits, sockets, 2 extensions, 2 universal joints, 2 candle sockets, flexible extension, wrench, adapter, socket handle, bit holders, combination wrenches, 2 ratchets.

The quality here, of course, will be worse than that of Ombra or Berger, but if you are an infrequent visitor under the bottom of a car, then this is a good option to save money.

A set of tools in a case KUZMICH 158 items

Here, the package will be more complete.
Set includes adjustable pliers, needle nose pliers, combination pliers, universal and crimping pliers, flashlight, indicator screwdriver, hammer, hex keys, bit set, tape measure, ratchet, 16 sockets, adapter, spark plug wrenches, bit handle, extension , 2 screwdrivers, pullers, clerical knife, a set of fasteners and electrical tape.

Quite a good universal set, both for home and for repairing your car.

I hope the compilation was useful, and you found a set of tools for your needs.

On Aliexpress, of course, the choice of tool manufacturers is much wider, however, when writing the selection, I was guided primarily by the most, in my opinion, the most favorable price-quality-component ratio (taking into account discounts).

I inform you that on February 16, the “Time to please” sale ends on Aliexpress, and a new sale starts on February 21 (promotional codes for it have not yet been announced).

You can quickly find out about discounts, distribution of coupons, promotional codes on my discount telegram channel — KVPokupok (the link to it is below). Check it out and join!

At the time of publication of the selection, promo codes for Russia/CIS are active:
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GOODOK — 450₽ from 4500₽

They work for any goods, and are already entered in the basket at the checkout stage.


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