Along with the development of modern technologies, the subject of car accessories is also developing. In particular, automotive compressors have become smarter lately. About 15 years ago, if you needed to pump up a wheel, then with a 99% probability you did it manually or with your feet, pumping the pedal and remembering Kuz’kin’s mother. Then came electric compressors, which were powered by batteries. They pumped themselves and this made life much easier, but the dimensions left much to be desired, and preparing it for working condition and connecting it to the battery is a very time-consuming task. In addition, it was necessary to control the process and turn off the compressor independently when the desired pressure was reached. Now compressors have become much more compact and some models can easily fit in a glove box. They have become smarter and can turn off on their own when a predetermined pressure is reached. The connection process itself has been greatly simplified, because they are connected to the cigarette lighter, and some models can work autonomously from the built-in battery. Today I will show 7 interesting models from Aliexpress. I have a couple of compressors from the selection for personal use and I will leave links to detailed reviews.

CarSun universal compressor

We will skip the very cheap “disposable” models and go straight to those models that have proven themselves well. CarSun universal compressor is one of them. Its dimensions allow you to place the device not only in the trunk, but simply under the seat, where it is always within walking distance. A convenient quick-release fitting allows you to quickly connect the hose and quickly remove it without losing air, as with a conventional unscrewing. The advantages include: an all-metal cylinder block, a fairly powerful engine and convenient digital control. With it, you can pump the wheels not only for a car, but also for a motorcycle, a bicycle, as well as various inflatable watercraft, for which the kit includes the necessary adapters. We set the required pressure, pressed start and you can rest. When the set value is reached, the compressor will turn itself off. Wheel 195 \ 65 R15 will pump up from scratch in less than 5 minutes. There is a built-in flashlight that will help in the dark.

Classic car compressor powered by 12V

This compressor has a classic shape, but is also equipped with an electronic control unit and a built-in pressure gauge. Set the desired pressure on the screen and the compressor will pump up the wheel to the set value, after which it will stop. You can select different pressure units: PSI, KPA, BAR or KG/CM². Productivity is 35 liters per minute, the standard R14 wheel of a passenger car will inflate in 3 minutes. Powered by cigarette lighter, cable length 3 meters. Cable with a quick-release fitting, a bright flashlight is built into the compressor housing.

Compact car compressor Baseus

A compressor that I have been using a lot lately. The main advantage over competitors is the size. It is incredibly compact and fits even in a small glove box. The set includes a convenient storage bag, a set of additional adapters and a small hose with a quick-release fitting. The compressor is quiet enough and well cooled by the built-in fan, so it won’t die from overheating. Electronic control, there is a memory for 4 cells, which is useful for different use cases. The motor housing, gear train, connecting rod, piston are all made of metal. The built-in pressure gauge is very accurate. Capacity 30 liters per minute. My wheel 185 \ 65 R15 pumps from 0 to 2.3 BAR in 5 minutes 26 seconds. A bicycle tire inflates 2.4 BAR in just 37 seconds. Powered by cigarette lighter, cable length 3 meters. There is a built-in flashlight. A detailed review can be read here.

Basues Battery Compressor

Basues has another interesting compressor. Its main feature is that it is equipped with a built-in 2500 mAh battery and can be used completely autonomously. Firstly, it is convenient, because you are not tied to the power cable from the cigarette lighter and can quickly bypass the car, checking the tire pressure with the help of a compressor and, if necessary, bring it to normal. Secondly, the compressor can be used for a motorcycle or bicycle if it is not possible to power it from the cigarette lighter. Thrown into a backpack and he is always ready to help. Digital control, automatic shutdown, built-in flashlight — it’s all the same as in previous models. Of course, the battery is not enough to download a lot and for a long time. For example, he spent half the charge on inflating a wheel from 1 to 2.3 BAR, and in time it took almost 7 minutes. But if you need to pump up a little, for example from 2 BAR to 2.5 BAR, then you are welcome, he can pump up 9 wheels in this way. Or pump up a bicycle wheel 8 times from scratch. Or pump up a basketball 54 times. At the same time, its size is comparable to a regular smartphone, only a little thicker.

AmazeFan compressor with 8000 mAh battery

The previous Baseus compressor is not bad, but because of the tiny battery, it is more bicycle than car. But the AmazeFan compressor has a battery more than 3 times larger, which allows it to be fully used as a car compressor. From a full charge, according to the manufacturer, it can fully inflate 8 car tires or 15 motorcycle tires. Electronic control, 4 programs for different types of inflated products, automatic stop when the set value is reached, built-in flashlight. And it can also be used in everyday life, because it is able to act as a power bank, that is, to recharge third-party devices, such as a smartphone.

Compressor 70mai Midrive TP03

I have personally been using this compressor for 1.5 years now and it has successfully shown itself both in hot summers and in frosty winters. Not to say that I constantly pump them right, I still don’t work in a tire fitting, but once a month I check the pressure and pump it up if necessary. In the off-season, when I changed wheels with summer tires for wheels with winter tires, it was especially useful, because during the year of storage, the tire pressure dropped to 1.5 — 1.3 ATM. Pumped up 4 wheels in a row without problems and did not even warm up. The compressor is compact, feels good under the passenger seat. The hose is normal with a screw head, but it doesn’t bother me. If necessary, you can buy a quick-release adapter. The pump has a capacity of about 30 liters per minute and is relatively quiet. I also like the convenient and understandable control, the pressure gauge is accurate and turns off the compressor when the set pressure is reached. The wheel of a passenger car with 0 to 2.3 BAR inflates in an average of 4 minutes. I saw a video on YouTube where a wheel was heated from ZIL to 5 BAR with this pump, spending about 30 minutes. In general, an excellent pump, both externally and internally. I dismantled mine: metal gears and a cylinder, there is a fan for cooling. A detailed review can be read here.

Compressor 70mai Midrive TP01

And this is a more advanced version of the compressor from 70 mai. A durable metal case, a convenient carrying handle and small dimensions allow it to be placed in any car. It is not as compact as the TP01, but it is more efficient and pumps air at a speed of 40 liters per minute, which allows you to inflate a passenger car tire in just 3 minutes, an SUV tire will take about 6 minutes. The built-in pressure gauge displays readings on the screen in real time and, upon reaching the set pressure value, will stop the device. A quick-release fitting, a power cable length of 3.7 meters and various additional nozzles allow you to inflate not only a car tire, but also tires of bicycles, motorcycles, as well as various tourist and sports equipment. It is also relatively quiet compared to other compressors.

A car compressor is a must have. Of course, now there are a bunch of tire shops where you will check the pressure and pump up the wheels for a small cost. But you still need to get there and it is not always convenient. But once every couple of weeks, while the car is warming up, take a walk and check the pressure — it will not be superfluous. Firstly, keeping the pressure in the norm, you will reduce tire wear, and secondly, you will save money on tire fitting. And in general, it is somehow calmer when there is an opportunity to pump up the wheel right here and now.


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