It is quite difficult to make the right choice among car DVRs with built-in radar detector and GPS informer. I offer a selection of current models that are currently available for purchase. The total budget is within 15,000 rubles. These are modern models with manufacturer support, which is of great importance when choosing a model with a built-in informer and GPS tag databases. It is good practice to receive updates once a month. Recording quality — FullHD, SuperHD or 2K / 4K. Optionally, you can watch models with a Wi-Fi module for remote access from a smartphone.

Fujida Karma Bliss S WiFi DVR

I’ll start with the popular Fujida Karma Bliss S WiFi hybrid DVR. This is a fairly advanced device with a built-in radar detector and GPS informer. Provides access via WiFi connection, updating databases and firmware. I note a convenient magnetic mount that allows you to quickly remove or install the device. Writes in FullHD 1296p SuperHD or 1080p FullHD modes. A detailed review of the Fujida Karma S WiFi model is at the link.

DVR TrendVision DriveCam Signature

Another fresh hybrid model is the TrendVision DriveCam Signature DVR with a CPL filter, Wi-Fi module, as well as a built-in GPS informer and a radar detector. I will note the useful and rare function of managing notifications using gestures. As in the previous model, the DriveCam Signature has a high-quality Sony IMX 307 sensor with the ability to record clips in 1080p FullHD format. A detailed overview of TrendVision DriveCam Signature can be viewed here.

DVR Marubox M600R

The Marubox M600R video recorder is a combined model that has been available on the market for a long time. The radar detector has several sensitivity modes (city/highway). For the GPS informant, it is possible to update the databases via a memory card. The camera records in FullHD 1296p SuperHD or 1080p FullHD. Review and testing of Marubox M600R at the link.

Video recorder Neoline X-COP 9300c

A fairly advanced model with a built-in radar detector and GPS informer is available in the Neoline assortment. We are talking about the X-COP 9300c DVR — a modern hybrid model that is characterized by increased sensitivity to low-power radars and speed cameras. Signature filtering of signals is provided. The camera records in Full HD 1080p.

DVR Sho-Me Combo Note MStar

The Sho-Me brand has a modern hybrid model in its range. We are talking about Combo Note MStar, a compact car recorder with a built-in radar detector and GPS informer. Mounting with the possibility of tilt and rotation, with fixation with a suction cup to the windshield. Recording resolution — FullHD 1080p.


An interesting combined model is offered by the CARCAM brand — a HYBRID 3 Signature DVR with a recording resolution of 2K (2560 x 1440 pixels). The sensor is Sony IMX 335 with night mode. There is a built-in radar detector and a GPS-informer with updated databases. It also supports 1296p (Super HD) and 1080p (FullHD) recording.

DVR Daocam Combo WiFi

The compact «combine» Daocam Combo is an advanced model with WiFi, a radar detector and GPS databases. A matrix from Sony is used, an enlarged lens (6-layer glass lens with a polarizing effect). 1296p (Super HD) and 1080p (FullHD) recording is supported.

DVR Silverstone F1 Hybrid Uno WiFi

Another model with gesture control, the Silverstone F1 Hybrid Uno has a hand motion sensor. GPS bases are updated, WiFi connection is provided. The radar detector has several sensitivity modes (city / highway) for comfortable movement. The SONY IMX 307 matrix writes in FullHD 1080p format. I note that the kit also comes with a rear camera.

Save this collection for yourself, recommend to your friends! These are really useful auto gadgets both for your own car and as a gift to a friend or colleague. You can find other tests and reviews of smart gadgets and technology, as well as selections at the links below and in my profile.


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