Nowadays, a person is surrounded by a huge number of individual portable devices that consume electricity, and most of them already have the ability to charge without using wires. Phones, watches, headphones, almost all modern models are charged on wireless chargers. But it is far from always possible for these devices to hold the charge for the right amount of time. Previously, in addition to a power bank for recharging, it was also necessary to take a wire with a wireless charging station on the road so that the headphones could be recharged. Now this problem has already been solved, and power banks are being produced immediately with the function of wireless charging devices.

In this collection, we will consider various options for power banks with the ability to wirelessly charge phones and more.

1. Tollcuudda

Opens the selection of a cheap battery from the company Tollcuudda.

In addition to the possibility of wireless charging, this power bank is equipped with 4 USB outputs and three different charging inputs.

There are also three built-in LEDs on the end that act as a flashlight, and five on the side to indicate the charge.

Of the features, the presence of a solar panel for the possible recharging of the power bank on the street.

The declared capacity is 30,000 mAh, but the real one is lower.

Budget option of a power bank with a lot of functions.


The next item is a power bank from ZMI for 10,000 mAh

This power bank is equipped with 10W Max wireless charging capability

USB-A (single operation): 5V 2.4A, 9V 2A Max, 12V 1.5A Max

USB-C (single operation): 5V 3A, 9V 2A Max, 12V 1.5A Max

When working two ports: 5V 3A Max

Support two-way fast charging.

The charge is indicated by four LEDs.

Beautiful stylish power bank. This is what I currently use.


The following is a power bank also with a capacity of 10,000 mAh from BASEUS.

Wired mode:

Type-C: 20W PD output

18W QC/PD input

USB: 18W FCP/QC output

Type-C + USB: 5V/3A

Wirelees mode

5W: for APPLE Pods 2, Pods Pro, etc.

7.5W: Only for Apple 11/12/13 series

10W: for Mi10 Pro/10/9/Mix3, S20+/ S20/ S10+/ S10 etc.

The power bank is equipped with a display to show its own charge and magnets to align the phone for wireless charging.

4. Tollcuudda

The following is another power bank from Tollcuudda with a capacity of 10,000 mAh

In my opinion, it is already much more interesting. Beautiful mirror surface, no extra features.

At the end there is a small display to show the charge level.

Fast Wireless Charging 15W Max

Support two-way fast charging.

2 USB: DC 5V/4.5A, 4.5V/5A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A

Type-C 5V/2A, 9V/2A

Decent power bank for little money.


Following is the power bank of GENAI

It comes in two capacities 10,000 mAh and 20,000 mAh

In addition to wireless charging, it has four cables with different connectors. It is also equipped with a small digital display to show the level of charge.

Fast Wireless Charging 10W Max

Ability to charge five devices at the same time.


Further, an excellent power bank from Samsung with a capacity of 10,000 mAh

Built-in wireless charging pad (Qi-compatible, supports FAST CHARGE wireless fast charging, compatible with Samsung wearable devices), Fast wired charging in and out (supports Samsung AFC and QC2.0 fast charging standards, max power 15W)

Weight only 234 grams


The following is a cute power bank from LIBERFEEL

Capacity 10,000 mAh

These power banks are available with various designs. The charge is indicated by four LEDs.

Fast Wireless Charging 10W Max

Support two-way fast charging

A feature of this power bank is the presence of hand heating.

I don’t know why this is needed, but it’s a very good option for a gift to a child.


This power bank from the WST brand with a capacity of 10,000 mAh has on board not only a wireless charging method, but also a built-in wire and even a plug for charging from the mains.

Support two-way fast charging

USB output: 22.5W

Type C input/output: 22.5W

iPhone Output: 18W

Magnetic wireless charging: 15W

The charge level is indicated on a small display.

9. Anker

The next power bank is represented by the Anker brand

Capacity 5000 mAh

Magnetic wireless charging: 7.5W

Charge indication is made by four LEDs.

A very original and compact power bank, thanks to strong magnets, it is firmly attached to the phone and practically does not interfere with its use. On the back, there is a small foldable stand, thanks to which you can put the phone upright while charging and watching videos.


And finally, in our selection, we will mention a portable power bank exclusively for watches.

Capacity 1400 mAh

Wireless type of charging.

Externally, this power bank is made in the form of a keychain and will not take up much space in your purse or just on it. If your watch runs out quickly, and you, for example, need it for training, you can recharge it. Extremely original power bank.

Not suitable for all watches, the list of models can be found on the store page.

This concludes the selection, I hope that if it does not help you choose, it will tell you what you want for yourself. Do not forget that when choosing a power bank, you should not take its capacity as the one you can count on. If you have a 2500 battery in your phone, then from a power bank with a capacity of 5000 mAh you need to count on one full charge and a little more. And this is if the manufacturer really put 5000 into the power bank. Be prudent and choose your battery with a margin.


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