With the help of a thickness gauge, you can measure the thickness of the paintwork during the process of buying a car, so it is useful not only in the professional field of use, but also in everyday life. Also, the device can be used in the manufacture of DIY crafts, for example, when you need to measure the thickness of paper or other material. Today I have prepared for you a selection of ten thickness gauges that are available for purchase on the Chinese site Aliexpress. In addition, in the article I will indicate promotional codes that will give a discount.


In the first place of today’s selection is a thickness gauge, which definitely deserves attention. The purpose of the device is to measure the thickness of the varnish or paint coating of materials made of any metal, including aluminum. Powered by a built-in 1000 mAh battery. There is a backlight. The device takes measurements with an error of 3%. Measurement range — from 0 to 1300 microns. Memory capacity — 30 blocks. Sound accompaniment is provided. Available in three modes, including continuous, differential and single point measurement.


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This is a compact and convenient device, which is a pleasure to use. Fits even in your pocket, the device is so small. It weighs approximately 70 g. It should be noted that the device has a particularly sensitive probe that fixes the exact thickness with an error of 3%. If you need to determine whether the car body has been puttied, the device will cope with this task perfectly. For other, more complex tasks, you will most likely need another device from a higher price category. There is a display, backlight. Calibration is carried out automatically.

R&D GM998

The next device in the selection is suitable for professional use, with its help you can determine the thickness of a varnish or paint layer on a car. Specifications are excellent. Auto appraisers and pickers often use this device in their work. The case of the device has a high strength, as for the measurement accuracy, as a rule, there are no complaints. The substrates on which the device operates can be made of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The display and illumination are available.

All Sun EM227

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Next in the selection is a compact device that is designed to measure the thickness of a coating, predominantly non-metallic, on a magnetic material made of steel or iron. The device weighs a little — 23 g. A battery is required for operation. The advantage of the model is that there is no need for calibration and adjustment. Once you choose a unit of measure, you can immediately get to work. The data entering the display does not need to be reset, if you change the position of the device, this operation is completely automatic. The model is suitable for beginners who are familiar with the technique.


The purpose of the device, which occupies the fifth place in the selection, is standard — to measure the hollow of a varnish or paint coating. The metal can be both magnetic and non-magnetic, which is a significant plus of the model. Units of measurement — microns, mm and microns. The measurement accuracy is 1 micron, while the range is from 0 to 1300 microns. Among the advantages of the device is the presence of a data reset function, as well as the presence of a multi-stage calibration. There is no backlight.

Alloet GM200

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The sixth line of our mini-rating is occupied by a thickness gauge with good technical characteristics, which is suitable for measuring the thickness of paint coated with iron and metal. Works with ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Measurement error — from 0.03 to 0.04 mm. The device is compact and easy to hold. The thickness gauge is available from the seller in three color options — white, yellow and blue. Powered by two AAA batteries. The model weighs 80 g.

Juanjuan HV-300

Next, I present to your attention a model of a thickness gauge with compact dimensions, made of ABC plastic. Appointment — measurement of thickness of a paint and varnish covering of the car. Measurement accuracy ±3%. For power, two AAA batteries of 1.5 V each are required (I am glad that the batteries are included). Measurement range — 0-2000 microns. The sensor adopts a precise integrated probe and uses the principles of electromagnetic induction and eddy current effect, which automatically detects the attribute of the substrates. Good model for the price.

LZ Car Accessories HV-300s

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With the help of the thickness gauge, which today occupies the eighth line in our selection, you can measure the level of the thickness of putty or paint without compromising the coating. Calibration is carried out automatically. The measurement data error is minimal, up to 3%. Measurement range — 0-2000 microns. The device weighs 80 g. It is powered by two AAA batteries. Batteries must be ordered separately, please consider this point when purchasing. The instruction is in English.


A relatively new model in this segment of goods, it went on sale only in 2021. Can work with both magnetic and non-magnetic materials. Calibration is automatic. Feature of the model in the presence of a multi-color display. Accuracy ± 2.5%. The measurement step is 0.1 µm. Range 0-1500 microns. Powered by two AAA batteries. The model weighs 120 g. Among the shortcomings, one can single out a bag for the device, which is much larger than itself, as well as instructions written in very small letters.

R&D TC200

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And the thickness gauge model completes today’s selection, which is equipped with the functions of sound accompaniment of measurements, saving a record of the received data (during the last use). There is a charge indicator, as well as an auto-off option. Measurement range — from 0 to 1300 microns. Measurement accuracy ±2.5%. Powered by four AAA batteries. The model weighs 125 g. The product fully corresponds to the description, works flawlessly and fully justifies its cost.

This concludes our selection, I hope you have chosen the most suitable thickness gauge for yourself. If the information presented in our selection was not enough for you, in this case, I recommend that you go to the main page with the product you like directly to the AliExpress site and study the parameters and technical specifications in more detail.

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