Nowadays, wall clocks do not cease to be popular, because they not only help keep track of time, but also perfectly decorate any room. Today I have compiled my own rating of the best interior wall clocks, which, along with their usual functions, serve as a good decoration or addition to the interior. In addition, now such watches can be purchased at an affordable price on AliExpress with free shipping. The choice is yours.

1. Vintage Clock

Stylish wall clock that will perfectly fit into the interior of almost any room. Look original. They have a fairly solid construction. The seller has several options in gold and silver, and two diameters of 30 cm and 40 cm of your choice. It is worth noting the smooth movement of the hands, which do not create much noise, so the sound will not distract you from rest, work or study. The working mechanism is powered by 1 AA battery, which can be bought at any store.

2. FW001C

This trendy wall clock will look great in any room in your home. The square body is made of high quality ABS plastic. The watch has carved and volumetric figures, which are located in a chaotic manner on the dial, as well as two metal hands — hour and minute. The mechanism is precise and quiet. The clock can be easily hung in a place convenient for you. Fast delivery.


The original round-shaped clock made of hardboard accurately shows the time, works quietly. The arrows are metal. The background of the dial is various stylish drawings. The clock looks beautiful, perfectly fit into the interior of the bedroom, living room or nursery. There are 18 designs in the range. You can choose the diameter of the watch — 15, 30, 34 or 40 cm. The weight is 500 grams. In the back there is a hole for one AA battery, which acts as a power element.

4. Dreamburgh

Beautiful and original wall clock is made in the form of a realistic picture of the planet Earth. Made from acrylic. Acrylic thickness: 2mm. Watch diameter: 30 cm. In bright light they accumulate light, they are an additional source of light in the dark. The mechanism is silent, so the watch will not interfere with your rest. Powered by AA batteries.


Wall clock «Galaxy» with a very interesting design will definitely not go unnoticed by your guests. They look very original. Size: 22 x 22cm. The planet Mars is responsible for the minute hand, the planet Earth is responsible for the hour hand, and Venus is responsible for the second hand. At the back of the watch is a battery compartment, as well as a wheel for setting the time. An AA battery is used as a power source.


Simple and interesting 3D clock of good quality. Look good. The body is made of ABS plastic. Size: 30 x 30 cm. Weight: 800 grams. The numbers and hands are large enough so you can see the time from afar. There are four body colors to choose from. The clock mechanism works almost silently, the accuracy of the course is not bad. The quality fully corresponds to the amount spent. Powered by one battery.

7Geek Alerts

No less original wall clock, which is decorated with a realistic image of scrambled eggs, will look harmoniously in the kitchen. Watch diameter 30 cm. Made of acrylic plastic. Equipped with a smooth-running mechanism, they work quietly. The battery compartment is located at the back of the product. In general, an excellent model with good build quality, which can be presented as a gift for any celebration to family and friends.

8. Oho 12S005

Stylish and creative wall clock that will fit well into the interior of any room. The diameter of the clock can vary from 27 to 47 cm, so you can choose the optimal clock size for your interior. The numbers have a self-adhesive base, easy to stick to the wall. The housing is attached by hanging on the fastener. There are eight watch colors to choose from. They work almost silently, have good quality and fast delivery. Suitable for those who love style, quality and precision.

9. Acrylic Clock

Stylish and discreet wall clock that will decorate any modern interior. Look original. Production material: acrylic. Size: 28 x 28 cm. The hands are made in a classic form, which goes well with the theme of the watch. The clock is equipped with an accurate silent mechanism, so it will not interfere with your rest or work. Powered by one battery.

10. Wall Clock

Bright creative wall clock will not only decorate any modern interior, but will definitely not go unnoticed by your guests. The watch has a round shape and is made from a fine fraction of wood. The dial is decorated with bright colors with large numbers that are clearly visible from afar. The seller has several design options in the assortment. Equipped with precise quartz movement. Mounted on the wall by hanging on the fastener. Powered by 1 AA battery.

I hope the selection was interesting, and you have chosen an interesting version of the wall clock for yourself. That’s all. All successful shopping.


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