Spring sorties to the country or stay at the construction site are just around the corner. I think that during the winter everyone mentally prepared for the upcoming alterations or a grandiose construction site, checked and bought the missing tool and consumables for it. Check to see if you have length gauges in your toolbox, because anyway, this is a very useful tool. I offer a selection of electronic and not only tools for ease of use.

Electronic rangefinder up to 120m Lomvum LV-B


This compact Lomvum LV-B rangefinder with high measurement accuracy will be an excellent assistant in repair and construction. This is a handy pocket tool that weighs less than 80 grams, its dimensions are 4.5 * 1.9 * 1.1 cm. Before buying, decide for what purpose you are buying this measuring device, and then choose: the measurement range varies from 40 to 120m. The body of the rangefinder is additionally equipped with a bubble level.

Electronic range finder DEKO LRE521 up to 100 m


Another rangefinder from a trusted manufacturer is DEKO LRE521. This is a compact, rangefinder with a maximum error of 2mm and functionality for measuring length, area calculations and the possibility of other calculations, built-in memory with memorizing 99 measurements, automatic shutdown. The manufacturer offers options for your choice of devices depending on the measurement range from 40 to 100 m. Dimensions 11.5 * 5 * 2.3 cm, weight 82 g.

2 in 1 rangefinder up to 40m and measuring tape up to 5m


I offer a tool for measuring length in its classic version — in the form of a tape measure in a durable waterproof case. This 2 in 1 device is a laser rangefinder and a measuring tape. To measure a small distance, use a tape that is 5 m long. Otherwise, measure the distance to a distant object that is located at a distance of no more than 40 m using a reflected laser beam with an allowable error of 2 mm. The information will be shown on the digital display.

Electronic rangefinder Mileseey 100m


For home construction, this model is suitable from a well-known manufacturer that specializes in the production of measuring instruments. I’m talking about a Mileseey rangefinder with a digital display to show measurements. It is designed for a maximum range of up to 100 m and gives an error of no more than 2 mm. This is a functional device with a built-in curvimeter, the ability to remember the last calculations, a water level.

Electronic rangefinder Noyafa NF-271 up to 80m


The Noyafa NF-271 laser range finder will be a convenient replacement for a tape measure. With it, you can make the necessary marks during construction and repair, measure the distance, calculate the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room or volume. The device is powered by 3 AA batteries, has a digital display, the rangefinder is designed to measure distances up to 80 meters. The measurement accuracy is high, the error is no more than 2 mm. Despite the low cost, the model has a solid build and a good set of features.

Electronic rangefinder SNDWAY up to 120m


Value for money, minimal error, convenient functionality, built-in memory, automatic shutdown, the ability to take measurements at a distance of 120m and, of course, an affordable price — make this SNDWAY device very popular with customers. Laconic design, functionality, good autonomy, light weight make it easy to use it both at home and professional builders. There are 2 bubble levels on the case, there is a strap for easy carrying, and a protective fabric case is included with the device.

Laser roulette HOTO up to 30m


A miniature HOTO laser tape measure, which was ordered from Ali many times, either because of its laconic and unusual design, or because of its compact dimensions. But buyers are happy with the purchase. This is, of course, a tool that is convenient to use indoors, is designed for measurements up to 30 m, is charged via the Type-C connection that is included in the kit, in a stylish case with a soft touch coating. It will become not only an interesting gift, but also a good measuring tool for home needs. Please note that with the promotional code VDR380, a discount of 4.90

Laser roulette Towayer up to 80m


If you are not a supporter of a brutal instrument and do not plan to use it outside, then you should like this option of excellent quality and stylish instrument. An interesting case, a large display, the manufacturer claims that it works even at 80 meters, the error is minimal, automatic shutdown. Case dimensions 10*1.2*3.2 cm.

HILDA electronic rangefinder up to 100m


I think that HILDA in the construction tools market is one of the honest manufacturers with goods at affordable prices, many have already heard. Therefore, I will add their product to the selection — a rangefinder for indoor and outdoor use with good characteristics: measuring distances up to 100 meters, the maximum error in measurements and calculations is 2 mm, auto-off function, built-in memory for the last 20 measurements, 2 built-in bubble levels in the body and strong body. Please note that the promo code VDR200 is $2.58

In my selection, I tried to indicate rangefinders that are inexpensive, high-quality, quite functional, which are sold with additional promotional codes from the seller.


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