Any handy man knows the golden rule: «measure seven times, cut once.» Otherwise, it will be painfully disappointing when the result obtained may not meet expectations and you will have to redo everything again. To make accurate measurements, a measuring tool is naturally required. In the selection, I collected inexpensive options for hand-held size meters from Aliexpress, which will be useful in the home workshop.

Metal ruler in assortment

The classic of the genre is a metal ruler, one of the most popular measuring tools for any master. Useful in carpentry, joinery, metal work, etc. Made of stainless steel, with a clear indelible engraving of numbers and divisions. On the product page, there are several options for the length of the ruler to choose from: 15/20/30/50mm. Supplied in a soft case.

Self-adhesive ruler

Flexible metal tape with a self-adhesive layer that can be stuck on any flat surface: table, workbench, machine bed, etc. It is very convenient to use when you need to measure a large number of identical parts. I have this glued in the workshop on the desktop, a completely universal tool, you can measure the length of the cable and the bars of the same length. There are several options to choose from in the forward and reverse direction of the numbers. Available lengths from 1 to 5m, there are different widths of the canvas.

Radio amateur and electronics line

A measuring tool for those who cannot live without electronic components. The so-called multi-tool line or PCB line. In addition to the measuring scale, there are information pictograms, cribs, microcircuit samples, calibration holes, examples and fixed segments of conductors, and much more. On the product page there are three versions with a length of 15 to 25 cm. You can order a set of three lines at once.

digital caliper

Another extremely popular tool for manual measurement of linear dimensions is a caliper. In a modern design, it is equipped with a digital display for five digits. Measurement range from 0 to 150mm. Excellent accuracy, it is possible to reset to zero and switch units. Made from stainless steel. I advise you to take exactly this one, because. a cheaper version, in which the guide is made of plastic, is worse in measurement accuracy and less reliable. I also advise you to take the option in a plastic case.

Corner ruler 3 in 1

Great multifunctional handheld measuring tool. It allows you to measure not only linear dimensions, but also accurately determine angles, fix the center of the part, and also check the vertical or horizontal level. Consists of several moving relative to each other elements. Ruler length 300 or 600mm.

T-ruler with perforations

A rather interesting and unusual version of the T-shaped ruler, which is convenient to use with an emphasis on the edge of the workpiece to be marked. The ruler is made of thin and flexible steel sheet with a large number of holes in front of each millimeter division, which allows you to accurately take notes of dimensions along the edge of the part. Length from 200 to 400 mm, there is an option in the form of a square. To work, you need a pencil with a thin nib (can be ordered in the kit).

Carpenter’s Square

A replica of the world-famous Swenson carpenter’s square. A good option not only for quick measurement of dimensions and parallel marking, but also for laying down and measuring angles of inclination. Good for making straight saws, etc. Made of black painted aluminium, two sizes to choose from.

Circle Marking Tool

An interesting little thing with which you can mark circles of an exact radius on any flat surface. The compact tool has sliding parts that are fixed relative to each other and a pointed stop, which is used as the center point of the marked circle. Everything is made of metal. Two options: 165 and 340mm.

Ruler with adjustable angle

An excellent version of the corner ruler with which you can not only measure the size, but transfer any angle to the workpiece, for example, when laying a laminate. To do this, we apply the tool in the desired joint of the walls, fix it with a screw lamb and transfer it to a laminate or parquet board. In addition, on the product page there is a good marking square at 90 degrees.


I will complete the selection with another caliper, with which you can not only measure, but also mark the desired size on the workpiece. The tool is equipped with a pobedite tip with which you can perform parallel marking on the part at the required distance from its edge. The scriber is suitable for both straight and curved parts. The tip makes a clear and clearly visible furrow on wood, metal, glass, ceramics, etc. There is a spare tip included.

I hope the selection of measuring tools for manual measurements was interesting, and maybe useful 🙂 You can find other popular product selections and reviews on interesting things a little lower in the author’s profile.


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