Incandescent lamps, which are becoming increasingly obsolete today, have been replaced by LED lamps. Many factors speak in favor of the latter. This is a reduction in electricity consumption, environmental friendliness, an increase in service life, and, of course, more optimal light output. Plus, there is the possibility of reusing the LED lamp, as it is repairable. I bring to your attention a selection of seven LED lamps available for purchase on the AliExpress website, which are in greatest demand among buyers. In addition, in the article I will try to indicate promotional codes that will give an additional discount on AliExpress.


In the first place of our today’s selection is a model of an LED lamp, shaped like a «corn». The diodes are arranged in such a way that the light from the lamp is directed in all directions at once. The lamp lasts from one to two years, at least. Among the shortcomings, one can single out possible heating during use, as well as a flickering effect. Brightness and temperature shade correspond to the norm.


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The next lamp in the selection, as the seller assures, does not have such a drawback as flickering. The glow is bright and even. The main advantage of the model is the presence of a 100% insulated system with water protection. When ordering, you can choose the type of LED lamp power that suits you (10 options are available). Base class — E27. It is best suited for use in the kitchen, where, as a rule, the humidity is much higher than in other rooms.


The third place in our selection is occupied by an LED lamp with built-in motion and sound sensors. The lamp turns on at the slightest activity, so it is best to install it in the kitchen and other rooms where accidental movements are excluded. The light is white and cold. The power of the available model options varies from 3 to 12 watts. I recommend giving preference to a lamp with a higher power level in order to minimize the risk of dissatisfaction with the received goods (the seller overestimates the lamp’s capacity in terms of power). The pluses include the presence of ventilation, so you can not be afraid that the lamp will overheat. The lamps have ventilation, so you can not be afraid of overheating.


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The fourth line of our selection today is occupied by an LED lamp, which does not heat up and serves its owners for a long time thanks to the diodes presented in it in large quantities. Actually, you can choose the quantity during the ordering process (10-60 pcs.) You can also choose the type of base, even a plug option is available (when the lamp is plugged directly into the socket, however this option will not work for a European-style socket). The lamp is universal — it works in fixtures built into stretch ceilings, as well as in a standard ceiling.


Next, we have a line of LED lamps, which can be controlled remotely, namely from a smartphone. Adjustable brightness mode, color temperature, light direction. The base is E27, the network is 220 V. It is easy to install — we screw the lamp into the cartridge, download the appropriate application to the phone, contact the lamp, and you’re done. There is a color change function, which is definitely a plus of this model. In addition, there is a setting for changing the color in a certain period of time. It can be used at night instead of a night light.

This concludes our selection. I hope you managed to choose the best option for the LED lamp available for order on the Chinese site of AliExpress. If the information presented in the article seemed insufficient to you, then you can study in more detail the parameters of the model you like directly on the main page with the product.

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