The electric screwdriver is a compact alternative to a screwdriver. It is not as powerful and the battery does not last long, but at the same time it is lighter and more compact. Due to its size, it is able to get to hard-to-reach places and does not tire your hands so much. An electric screwdriver allows you to reduce the physical effort that we need to make to tighten and unscrew self-tapping screws, screws and other fasteners.

These cordless screwdrivers will fit perfectly into your home tool kit, and will also come in handy in the garage.


The cordless screwdriver from HOTO opens our selection

This screwdriver is completed with twenty-five bits and a case for their storage. The case has a built-in bit magnetization zone. The case itself has a magnetic base, the bits do not fall out and the lid closes tightly.

Easy to operate and elegant on the outside. Clear key for twisting and reverse rotation. Nice non-slip handle material. Type-C charging port, charging indication is made using an LED. Battery capacity 350 mAh.

This screwdriver is good for home use. Due to the presence of small bits, you can repair small appliances, and also be used, for example, to repair sockets and switches.


The next item is a screwdriver from GROSAM

Pretty good cordless screwdriver, slightly larger than the previous one, but the bits are bigger here. It will not replace a screwdriver, but it can screw in a self-tapping screw.

Clear key for twisting and reverse rotation. Charging via USB port.

Good magnet for fixing bits.

It comes with a foil case, but inside everything is beautifully and securely inserted into the foam padding.


The following is a cordless screwdriver from DEKO

This screwdriver has a 1300 mAh battery on board.

A feature of this screwdriver is the ability to change the handle from a straight to a pistol-shaped for more comfortable use. Keyless chuck and 15 torque options.

This screwdriver has an LED light and a flashlight on the back of the handle for finding parts in dark areas of use.

There are various configuration options, on which the price also depends.

4. Hi Spec

In fourth place is a cordless screwdriver from Hi-Spec

An ordinary screwdriver from a Chinese manufacturer. Everything is simple without unnecessary bells and whistles. It comes with a plastic case of dubious quality, in which everything is not very securely held, but at least it is.

Two buttons for twisting and unscrewing, LED flashlight and built-in battery with USB charging.

Of the shortcomings, the lack of a plug on the charging connector can become clogged.


Another representative with a variable handle from straight to L-shaped from POSENPRO

This screwdriver is already designed for a long time, as evidenced by a removable 1500 mAh battery. While one is working, the second is charging. The battery has a built-in flashlight to illuminate dark corners. There is also an LED flashlight to illuminate the work area. Quick release chuck.

This screwdriver comes in 2 versions, a simple one with a small number of bits and an extended one with a case, sockets for nuts and additional accessories.


The following is a cordless screwdriver from LAOA

A simple and good small screwdriver. Comes with a set of bits and a small storage bag.

Type-C charging port, capable of charging from portable batteries.

Clear key for twisting and reverse rotation. The charge indicator is implemented by an LED. There is no backlight. Most similar to a regular screwdriver.

7. Bosch

Bosch is next with its cordless screwdriver.

This screwdriver is made in two versions, the first with torque adjustment at the end of the screwdriver and the second with adjustment on the chuck. In the first version, the screwdriver is turned on when pressure is applied to the bit, in the second, when a separate key is pressed.

Clear key for twisting and reverse rotation. Built-in rechargeable battery with USB port.

Reliable and high-quality cordless screwdriver with a rubberized handle for comfortable use.

Many configuration options with different number of bits and accessories.


Following is a cordless screwdriver from Worx

This screwdriver comes with a good plastic case with a set of 24 bits. Also included is a charging cord and an extension bit. In the case, everything is compactly folded and well secured.

Clear key for twisting and reverse rotation. One button torque adjustment, three options. The backlight is implemented by two LEDs to increase the illumination plane.

Great option for home use.

9. Xiaomi Mijia

The following is a rechargeable screwdriver from Xiaomi Mijia brand

This screwdriver is implemented in a metal case and has a small number of bits.

It is possible to switch between manual and electric mode. First, the screw is loosened manually and then unscrewed at the push of a button. Clear key for twisting and reverse rotation.

Lightweight, compact and beautiful cordless screwdriver for home use.


At the end of the selection, another representative of the company HOTO

This cordless screwdriver will perfectly fit into your home tool. Nice design and great performance. Supplied with a cylindrical case made of aluminum with a matte surface with a set of bits inside. 1500 mAh large capacity battery. The handle is made of rubber-coated plastic. Clear key for twisting and reverse rotation. Torque adjustment on the chuck. The ring version of the backlight around the bit does not leave dark places.

I took this as my home tool.

This concludes my selection, I hope it helped you decide on the choice of a cordless screwdriver. It is not superfluous to recall that even the most Chinese instrument (in the absence of marriage) is able to serve a long service if handled with care. Always choose the right tool for your purpose, and do not try to rip off rusty bolts with such cordless screwdrivers.


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