It is difficult to calculate how many jars, pickles and preserves a person opens in his entire life. Quite often, this process is accompanied by reflections on how to quickly and effortlessly access their content. For example, lids from glass jars, of course, can be twisted by hand, but often come across too tightly screwed, and then the opening process turns into a kind of quest, and not always successfully completed. In the selection, I collected a variety of tear-off devices from Aliexpress, classic and original, which will allow you to solve this problem effectively and without much effort.

Classic bottle opener in a new format

A classic of the genre, the design is ancient and simple, but extremely reliable, tested by more than one million open cans and bottles. In the «new reading», the opener is made of stainless steel, including the handle, in addition, a metal ring is added at the end for the possibility of hanging the tool. Length 17 cm. Cope with almost any closed containers: metal cans, lids on glass jars, etc.

Parrot Opener

A portable version of the previous device, which is convenient to take with you on a picnic or on a hike, does not take up much space, but is simple and convenient to use. The shape resembles the silhouette of a parrot. Made from thick stainless steel. Size 9.7 * 2.5 cm, there is a hole for a lanyard. Suitable for jars, bottles and cans.

Can opener – Elim

Composite mechanical ratchet can opener, a design that has been around for many years and has stood the test of time. Roller cutter and ratchet gear, squeezed by means of handles on the edge of the can, provide accurate opening of any canned food with a round or oval base. The handles have plastic lining, plus there are protrusions for opening glass bottles. Length 20 cm.

Opener with swivel thumb

A popular and advanced version of the can opener, it works on the same principle as the previous one, the roller and gear rotate to cut off the tin lid. However, in this case, not just the round part of the can is cut out, but the entire upper part along with the rim. According to reviews, the workmanship is good, the cutting edge is sharp.

Adjustable jar opener with screw caps

An interesting device with which you can easily open almost any jar with a closed screw cap. Suitable for all sizes, as the compressing parts of the opener are adjustable relative to each other. The key is made of stainless steel, securely fixed on the lid and provides good leverage when unscrewing the lids.

Opener made of silicone and plastic

Another good and inexpensive option for unscrewing caps in four standard sizes: 2/3/5/7.5cm. The device is made of plastic with silicone pads, which, when compressed, are securely fixed on the lid and prevent it from scrolling. Also suitable for opening ordinary water bottles with plastic caps.

Adjustable can opener option 2

An alternative to the adjustable can opener. Suitable for jars with lids diameter: 2.5, 6.6, 9.5cm. It is made in the form of a handle, which is installed on top of the lid, as well as a sliding mechanism that ensures its secure fixation. The handle is made of durable plastic and is comfortable to hold.

Underbench jar opener with screw caps

Convenient piece with which you can open screw caps on jars and bottles. The device is fixed under the table with several self-tapping screws and has a triangular recess. A lid is clamped in it, which needs to be opened and carefully unscrewed. Platform diameter 18cm.

Electric tin can machine

The miracle of Chinese thought is an electric machine for opening round cans. It is fixed by the rim of the tin lid on the jar and carefully cuts out the round part. The principle of operation is similar to a mechanical can opener, only here everything is done by simply pressing a button. Powered by two AA batteries.

Electric screw cap machine

Another version of the electric device for automatic opening, in this version — for jars with screw caps. The device is installed on the lid and, when the button is pressed, compresses the lid with a pair of «legs», and the other rests against the jar. Then the parts move in different directions, which, in theory, allows you to open the can.

I hope the selection of devices for opening jars and canned food was interesting, and maybe useful 🙂 You can find other popular product selections and reviews on interesting things a little lower in the author’s profile.


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