Many users, especially new Apple technology, lack a fast charging charger and have to buy new ones. In order to make it easier to deal with this issue, I decided to make a selection for you, in which I will tell you about the advantages of each of the presented models and you can choose the appropriate option for you. When choosing a block, the main conditions were the presence of type-c and type-a ports and support for «quick charge». Also don’t forget to leave your feedback in the comments.

1. Upgreen GaN 65W

The charger from Upgren, known to many users, opens our today’s selection. The unit is equipped with 3 USB type-c ports and one USB type-A port. The first port outputs 65 watts at the peak, the second also 65 watts, the third 18 watts and the fourth 22.5 watts. Also, the unit has a compact size and it is possible to quickly charge even laptops that support fast charge via type-c.

2. Mcdodo CH-077

On the second line we have a block from Mcdodo. The block, similarly to the first option, has 4 ports. According to the manufacturer, this device has the following specifications, the first USB type-c port is 100W, the second type-c port is 100W, the third type-c port is 20W, and the fourth type-a port is 22.5W.

3. Rock USB Gan Charger

On the third line we have a model from Rock. The seller will put in the kit an adapter for a European plug. This model has 2 USB type-c ports and one type-a port. The first port produces about 45 watts, the second 18 watts and the third 15 watts.

4. Fonken PD 3.0

The charging unit from Fonken has a lot of positive feedback from customers, it has «Quick charge» support in its arsenal. It has two type-c and type-a ports, the power of the first is 18W, and the second outputs 10W.

5. Baseus GaN Charger

The well-known brand Baseus produces very high-quality devices and one of them is a charger that supports 125W fast charging. The block has two type-c ports and one type-a. The first produces up to 100 watts, the second also up to 100 watts, and the third 30 watts.

6. Voxlink 65w

The model from Voxlink has several types of plugs to choose from, including the European one. The unit has two usb-a ports and one type-c port. The first produces about 30 watts, the second 15 watts and the third 65 watts. This unit is very light and weighs only 122g.

7. Liitokala 65w

The unit from Liitokala has a built-in Gan module, like many models from our collections, which provides low heat, while quickly charging the device. It has one type-c port that outputs up to 40W and one type-a port that outputs up to 20W.

8. Nohon Gan PD

The model from Nohon has an interesting design and a led indicator that will help you easily find it in a dark room. There is one type-c port with a power of 45W and a type-a port with a power of 18W. There is a smart GaN thermal protection module.

9 Uslion A6

The model from Uslion A6, according to the manufacturer, has a total power of 51 W and has one type-c port and three type-a ports. The type-c port outputs up to 18W, the quick charge port has an output current of 3A, the other ports have 2.4A each.

10. Orico PV100-1U3C

The model from Orico completes our selection. The block will be equipped with three type-c ports and one type-a port. The first port has a power of up to 100 W, the second also outputs up to 100 W, the third port 30 W and the fourth up to 30 W. Has a GaN module.

This concludes our selection. I hope you managed to find a charging block with fast charging support for yourself. Do not forget to share this collection with your friends and go to my profile, as there you can find other collections with interesting technical devices.


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