Spring is coming soon. This means that sidewalks in all corners of the country, and not only in the capitals, will be covered with extensive puddles. After overcoming which, most models of casual shoes will require drying.

What is the right way to dry shoes? Let’s start with the fact that drying shoes with external sources of heat (near a fire or on a radiator) is extremely harmful for them. The leather may dry out and the soles may peel off. The most favorable way for the condition of shoes is to dry them naturally at room temperature. If the shoes are very wet: absorbent material is placed inside — crumpled paper. If the shoes are leather and quite expensive, it is better to use natural wood mold holders. It will absorb excess moisture.

The next, slightly less gentle, but faster way is to blow the inner surface of the shoe with streams of warm (rather than hot) air. There are quite a few models of such dryers on the market.

Well, the most numerous, but also the most dangerous dryers for shoes are models with heating elements. However, if there is an adjustment and limitation of heating, then your shoes may not suffer. You just need to choose the right dryer model.

Wooden mold holders

The best option for expensive leather shoes. If you wear shoes every day, it’s a good idea to have at least two pairs of shoes and two pairs of mold holders, and alternate between them to dry.

I have provided a link to the very best rose cedar mold holders. There are different sizes to choose from. If the price seems off-budget to you, in the same store there are New Zealand pine mold holders for almost half the price. When choosing, pay attention that the tree is not varnished, that’s when it will be possible to use the device for drying.

Air dryer Deerma hx20

Dry shoes with warm air. The dryer consists of a main unit and two corrugated hoses. Thanks to special nozzles, each of the hoses can blow into a pair of sneakers at once. That is, you can dry two pairs of low shoes at the same time. In the case of high boots and boots, each of them will need a separate hose.

The device has several degrees of protection against air overheating. As well as special blowing scenarios to speed up the drying process.

Air dryer Xiaomi PM10

A rather unusual device in the form of two plastic feet. On the one hand, this form maximally repeats the internal structure of the shoe. On the other hand, if you come across shoes with an insole length of less than 200 mm, the device will literally not fit in it.

A gentle and delicate blowing of your boots from the inside is promised, while the temperature will not rise above 45 degrees. There are 6 airflow timers.

Air dryer HK-8886

This dryer boasts the ability to sterilize shoes with ozone. And if you do not allow bacteria and fungi to multiply in shoes, then there will be no smell.

The dryer is made in the form of a rack with the main unit suspended on it and hoses hanging down. Height 48 cm. There is a height adjustment.

Fast sterilization is promised in 15 minutes. The air temperature does not exceed 70 degrees.

Air dryer DMWD

This model also treats shoes with ozone, but there is also an ultraviolet treatment with a wavelength of 180nm + 254nm.

The dryer has two modes: drying with air heated to a temperature of 50 degrees, and sterilization. At drying, you can set the processing time depending on the material from which the shoes are made. The minimum time for leather shoes is 60 minutes, for cotton shoes the maximum time is 240 minutes. Maximum sterilization time 60 min. You can dry and sterilize shoes at the same time.

As an option, you can choose a model with U-shaped nozzles and dry two pairs of sneakers at the same time.

Air dryer Xiaomi Sothing DSHJ-S-2110

Small dryer in a nice retro design. It makes me want to give it to some girl.

It consists of a small block 107 mm wide and two corrugated hoses 75 mm long when folded. Power 100W. The temperature of the blown air is 60 degrees. There is a timer with three positions. There is a «smart» temperature control

Universal air dryer

Worse adapted to the processing of shoes, but with its help you can also dry clothes, furniture and pets. And also warm up the bed before going to bed.

Consists of a main unit and one corrugated hose. Power 800W. Outlet air temperature 60 degrees.

Electric dryer DMWD

A popular model without airflow, but simply with heating elements. Shoes are worn on the «horns» protruding upwards. Power 200W. A gentle temperature regime of 42 degrees is promised. There are several models in the lot: some have a mechanical timer, others have a “smart” one, there are models with ozone or ultraviolet sterilization, to choose from.

Electric dryer Sothing

Very popular model, more than 4 thousand orders. It consists of two heating elements in the form of an oval ring and a wire that feeds them. Power 20W. There are models with and without a timer. Judging by the reviews, very decent workmanship. Some stores sell it under the Xiaomi brand.

May not fit in shoes smaller than size 35.

Drying cabinet for shoes

It is not cheap, but it allows you to process several pairs of sneakers or high women’s boots at a time.

Dimensions 300x330x380 mm. Power 300W. There is a 3-second mode. heat shock for sterilization. Drying temperature from 30 to 60 degrees. The timer is adjustable from half an hour to 12 hours. Uniform heating from all sides. «Smart» temperature stabilization.

Thus, there is a fairly wide selection of reliable shoe dryers on sale. I deliberately did not include in the selection the cheapest, and therefore, the most popular options for dryers with heating elements. Since they usually heat up too much, and using them is no better than drying shoes on a radiator. For the average consumer, I would recommend choosing a quality air dryer. She, and dries relatively quickly, and the shoes will not spoil.


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