I think many will agree that all important papers should be kept in a safe place, while at the same time so that they are always at hand.

And today organizers are participating in the selection — these are bags, folders, as well as multifunctional covers for passports and car documents that will help you properly organize and store their contents.

Document bags

Folders with A4 documents are stored in such bags measuring 37x27x10.5 cm, and it is convenient to place passports, certificates, diplomas and other smaller papers in mesh pockets.

In addition to the usual models, there are also larger versions that are equipped with a built-in folder.

All bags have handles for easy transportation and combination locks.

A great option for storing documents both at home and in the office or while traveling.
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There is delivery both from China and from a warehouse in Russia.

Document travel bag

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And such bags are a great option for work if you constantly have to carry business papers with you.

Made from Oxford cloth, durable and waterproof.

There are three available sizes: 50x38x20.5-25 cm, 42x32x11.5-13.5 cm, 46x35x18-22 cm.

The bags have the ability to expand to the sides, a compartment with fixation for a laptop or tablet, a back strap for attaching to the handle of a suitcase, a shoulder strap and several external and internal pockets, including hidden ones.

On the second link you will find a simpler option — its dimensions are 35x26x19 cm, there are three pockets with a zipper.

Folders-portfolios for documents

You will find two options in the links.

The first one is cheaper, it is a plastic folder 33×23.5×3.6 cm in size with 13 file compartments inside. Color is black only.

The second option is folders of different colors and sizes of 33×24 cm, more durable, but they also cost more. Inside — 12 compartments-files.

Both those and others have a strong handle and lock on the front surface.

Small organizer bag for passport and documents

Here you can choose the appropriate size from two: 25.5×18.5×2 cm and 21.5×12.5×2 cm and different colors.

Production material — polyester.

Inside there are 4 mesh pockets for passports, and several pockets (both open and with snakes) for bank cards, money, change, keys and tickets.

Bags have a strap on top for carrying in hand.

Open organizer folder for documents

These are accordion folders with compartments of different colors inside and the possibility of marking each of them.

There are options for 13, 24, 37 and 48 compartments.

The dimensions of the products are 34×24 cm, the width is adjustable.

It turns out that such a practical option for storing papers and documents in A4 format.

Genuine leather organizer A5

Their dimensions are 17×23 cm, different colors.

The organizer includes 4 pockets for a new policy (cards, business cards), 4 pockets for an old policy, 4 fold-out pockets for a birth certificate, 4 fold-out A4 pockets for a birth or marriage certificate (new) or TIN, 4 pocket for SNILS.

Production material — genuine leather.

Leather organizer for car documents

There are different options to choose from.

The first — 14×10.5×1 cm, has a compartment for a driver’s license, 4 pockets for registration certificates, 1 pocket for insurance.

The second option also includes a pocket for a passport, and the third one also combines a wallet.

All products are made of genuine leather.

On the back, the seller indicates the make and number of the car, you can also purchase an organizer in a box — for a gift.

According to the second link, the artificial leather version is simpler, its dimensions are 13×9.5 cm.

I hope the selection was useful, and you have found a suitable document organizer option for yourself.

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