A welding machine for polypropylene pipes or a simple “soldering iron” is needed in everyday life and in production. Indeed, without it, it is impossible to make the correct and quick installation of pipes for water supply or heating. In addition, for domestic purposes, the pipe line can be used to supply pressurized air or oxygen.

For work, several nozzles are used for a certain diameter of pipes, covered with a special coating that protects against sticking during plastic melting. After heating, the pipes are connected and fixed until cooling and sealing. The result is an almost seamless joint capable of withstanding high pressure and temperature.

When choosing devices, be sure to pay attention to the presence of certain nozzles of the desired diameter with a non-stick coating and their number, the possibility of smooth temperature adjustment and convenient placement of the welding machine.

Deko PPWM1600W

One of the most budget solutions, but at the same time it is quite functional. The welder allows you to connect pipes made of polypropylene and other plastics thanks to three complete nozzles for 20, 25 and 32 mm. If you need to expand the functionality, then the nozzles can be purchased. The power of 1600 W is enough for quick heating and softening of workpieces. Temperature control is carried out from 50 to 300 degrees. Two indicators clearly show the operating mode.

Soyuz STS-7220S

A device similar to the first welding machine, but with the only indisputable plus in the form of a metal case for storage and carrying. The whole set is placed inside and securely fixed. The soldering iron is similar in configuration and contains three nozzles for 20, 25 and 32. A capillary temperature sensor is used to adjust the temperature, which provides the highest measurement accuracy. Smooth temperature control up to 300 degrees.

Deko PPWM2500W

One of the sets that I liked, because for the minimum cost you can get not only a welding machine for 3 nozzles at the same time, but also a set of tools for cutting pipes (scissors), measuring length (tape measure), bubble level and even plugs. It turns out that one set can completely cover the need for additional tools. Power of 2500 W is enough for a quick warm-up.

Wester DWM 1000A

Welding machine for welding plastic pipes for cold and hot water supply systems. It stands out from the total number of others by the presence of a digital display indicating the temperature of the heating of the working surface. Smooth adjustment will allow you to choose the temperature declared by the manufacturer, and 6 interchangeable nozzles of various diameters will simplify the welding procedure. The set also includes a metal case for storage and transportation.

Candan CM-05

Welding machine for large diameter pipes and fittings from 50 to 160 mm. There are no nozzles in the kit, so you will have to stock them up in advance. A power of 2400 W should be enough for a quick warm-up, and a double heating element is more reliable in operation. Temperature adjustment is up to 320 degrees. For storage, a metal case is provided, in which, by the way, nozzles can also be placed.

Sturm TW7218

An unusual version of the welding machine with a lightweight working part. Heating of nozzles is carried out on a cylindrical surface. Due to its compact size, it is most suitable for working in hard-to-reach places. Includes 4 Teflon-coated nozzles. Smooth adjustment within the declared temperature.

Caliber SVA-2000T

Another representative of a powerful welding machine with a complete set for the installation and dismantling of the line. Includes 6 nozzle diameters 20,25,32,40,50,63 mm. The heating temperature is continuously adjustable, and the welder itself can operate in 2 power modes. It even comes with heat-resistant gloves for easy handling of hot items. Everything is compactly laid out in a case.

I hope my selection will help you make the right choice, choose the best option in order to carry out high-quality welding of plastic pipes at home or in the realities of production. A well-chosen soldering iron is easy to use and speeds up the installation process.


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