While driving a car or in the process of parking, controversial moments often arise when the “native” rear-view mirror reflects the current situation not completely or not quite accurately. Rear view cameras are just the same designed to effectively solve problems of this kind. A wide range of rear view cameras is presented on the Chinese site of Aliexpress. I offer you a selection of ten titles to make it easier for you to navigate the flow of information. In the selection, I will talk about cameras with different technical characteristics, highlight the main pros and cons of the models that are most in demand among buyers.


In the first place of the selection is a budget model with a viewing angle of 135 ° / 170 ° — in terms of level and diagonal, respectively. There is a night light function. There is IP67/68 water protection. Can work with PAL screen and NTSC. The picture quality is somewhat lower than the manufacturer claims, but in general, the objects that the camera records are visible on the display quite well. To get acquainted with this type of equipment, this device is just right, well, and later, if you wish, you can purchase another, more sophisticated gadget, if, of course, such a need arises.

Dasaita CA-725HD

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Next in line is a rear view camera model, the main feature of which is high resolution — 1280 × 720 pixels. Thanks to the MCCD module (from Sony) installed inside the gadget, even the smallest details are clearly visible from a decent distance (for example, you can see the license plate of a car driving behind at a distance of 20 m). Night shooting is also possible. Among the additional options, I note the possibility of setting up parking lines — these marks are superimposed on the picture, thereby allowing the driver to drive a car in extreme conditions on a narrow road. Also, the model provides a mode with a literal translation of «fisheye» — Fisheye.

70mai Reversing Camera

The third line of our mini-rating is occupied by a rear-view camera from the Xiaomi brand, popular in China (and not only in it). Briefly about the advantages of the model — high picture quality, a fairly good viewing angle (138 °), there are no blind spots. Unfortunately, the camera is compatible with a limited number of Xiaomi brand DVRs. If you want to connect it to gadgets of other brands, it will be very difficult, since it is very difficult to find suitable connectors and adapters. This point is a significant drawback of the model, please consider it before putting the product in the basket and placing an order.

Podofo Rear View Camera

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Budget version of the rear view camera, capable of delivering good picture quality. There is a backlight, at night objects can be seen at a distance of up to 3 m. The seller offers several variations depending on the number of diodes (4, 8 or 12 diodes are available). Supplied with user manual (English language), connection screws and cables. Unfortunately, there were some drawbacks — there may be interference during video playback, and the color reproduction leaves much to be desired.


Let’s move on to the description of the next rear view camera, the body of which is well protected (there is water protection according to the IP69 standard). This mortise-type model is, by the way, a worthy option in terms of price and quality. The seller offers two variations of the camera — one has LEDs, the other does not. In my opinion, LEDs are among those options that you can easily do without. Judge for yourself, the headlights at night already shine brightly, so, most likely, additional lighting is also not required. The viewing angle is 170 °, at least that’s what the seller claims, but this statement is very doubtful.

GISAEV Xiaocaomao

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In sixth place in our selection is the camera, presented by the seller in six variations, including models with a bracket and mortise. The case is metal, combined with glass and plastic. It is connected via a 12 V cable. IP68 water protection is provided. Video formats are PAL and NTSC. The viewing angle is several times smaller than indicated in the description. Among the advantages of the model is the presence of a reverse image function and the ability to configure parking lines, they are removed using two jumpers on the board.


Next, I present to your attention a wide-angle rear-view camera, which has a fisheye mode. The lens is 2.8 mm in diameter. The material from which the device is made is high-quality plastic + metal. There is IP67 water protection. In general, as a rule, there are no complaints about the quality of the camera, which cannot be said about the cutter that comes with the kit — it backlashes and is made, to put it mildly, unreliably. The picture is clear thanks to the wide-angle lens. The camera boasts the ability to adapt to the lighting, color correction occurs automatically.

Auto Wayfeng W-981

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The eighth line of our mini-rating is occupied by a camera that is simply made for night shooting. Perhaps this is one of the best options in the line of rear view cameras with this feature. The level of image quality is pretty decent, given the cost of the gadget. Bribing and compact dimensions of the camera, which will place it unnoticed from prying eyes. The model is equipped with a rotation angle, which is also a plus, because you can adjust the camera according to your wishes.

Sinosmart CCD

The penultimate place of the selection today is occupied by a rear view camera, which was appreciated by many motorists. The cost of the gadget is quite high (by the standards of AliExpress), but it’s worth it, you can rest assured. The advantages of the model include glass in combination with the Aptina MT9V136 sensor, due to which the gadget produces high image quality, regardless of the time of day. Viewing angle — 170 °. The noise level is minimal — does not exceed 40 dB. The product is sold in nine colors, in various configurations.

To Hayie Rear Camera

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And in the last place of our selection is a camera from a well-known brand in China, available from the seller in silver, white or black body color. Picture quality is average. Fully corresponds to the description. It should be noted that the dimensions indicated on the product page are suitable only for the black model. The camera, made in silver, is larger, and therefore there may be problems with mounting the device. The disadvantage of the model is also a flimsy threaded tube, be extremely careful when tightening the nut.

This concludes our selection. I would like to hope that you managed to decide on the choice of the most suitable rear view camera model that will meet all your wishes and requirements. If the information presented in the article seemed not enough for you, I recommend that you look at the main page with the product you like, where you can study all the nuances, as well as read the reviews of real users.


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