It’s no secret that a wireless upright vacuum cleaner is much more convenient than the old grandmother’s «Rocket», and in some cases it is not inferior in power. The only question is what to choose from the magnificence on the market. In Yandek-Market alone, about 600 positions are opened at the request of “vertical vacuum cleaner”. To make it easier for you to figure it out, I have selected the 10 most interesting models in terms of the combination of price and quality: 3 washing vacuum cleaners, 2 ordinary, but very expensive, and 5 vertical cleaners for moderate money.

Let’s start with washing vacuum cleaners. They wash away the dirt on the floor and immediately draw the water back in, leaving the floor almost dry. In a matter of seconds, such a vacuum cleaner will collect porridge, a broken egg, and put things in order after a flower transplant.

Dream H11


Bronze is taken by Dreame H11 with a very stylish cylindrical case. A 500 ml container is inserted from below — dirty liquid and debris enter there, and a voluminous tank with a volume of 900 ml is inserted from above. A soft roller is installed in the working unit, which collects sand and dust well, wipes off dried-on dirt. The suction power of 170 watts is enough to work with wooden floors — the floor remains only slightly damp. It is not necessary to rinse the roller after cleaning. Just put Dreame H11 on the docking station and press the self-cleaning button. The vacuum cleaner itself will pour water into the pan, rinse the roller and pull the dirt back. The control buttons are located on the handle, and the change in operating status, as well as the battery charge, is displayed on a round display at the end of the case. In addition, Dreame H11 can speak, including in Russian. The vacuum cleaner reports the need for recharging, mode change, technical malfunctions. The main disadvantages of this model are the absence of a carpet brush, which is why the use of the washer is limited to an exceptionally smooth floor; and a non-removable battery that lasts only half an hour. Dreame H11 will have to pay 27 thousand rubles.

Conga Popstar 29600

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In second place is the Conga Popstar 29600 from the promising Spanish brand Cecotec. The vacuum cleaner boasts a simple and functional design with a symmetrical arrangement of tanks and an advanced control system. In particular, a separate lever is provided for supplying water under the handle — you can reduce and increase the abundance of wetting on the fly: for example, fill in greasy stains in the kitchen or do a delicate cleaning on the laminate in the bedroom. The dimensions of the Conga Popstar 29600 are compact, and it weighs only 3.5 kg, so it is easy to manipulate it in hard-to-reach places. The battery lasts for 30 minutes, but if you have a large house, you can buy an additional battery. However, the Conga Popstar 29600 still cannot be called ideal. It has small tanks (400 and 350 ml), which means that large areas will have to be treated with intermediate conditions. The roller is also inferior in size to its counterparts, which means that the cleaning area in one pass is smaller — you will have to make more movements. There is no carpet brush, so the vacuum cleaner is only suitable for smooth floors. There are also questions about the lack of a display — you need to guess about the change of mode by the indicators. But at least the price tag is modest — only 19 thousand rubles.

Atvel F16

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The best washing vacuum cleaner, in my opinion, is the Atvel F16. It’s as comfortable as the Conga Popstar, with a water lever and a half-hour autonomy, but it’s full size and more thoughtful in terms of design. Atvel F16 weighs a little more (4.3 kg). This almost does not affect maneuverability, but the coverage of the area in one pass increases, and there is no need to constantly add water to the tank. It holds 680 ml — enough to clean the floor in a three-room apartment, and then start self-cleaning. Debris and dirty slurry are collected in a 450 ml dust container. The entire flask, together with the HEPA filter, can be washed under the tap, which greatly simplifies maintenance. And in case you need to clean the working nozzle, a special brush was put in the box. If necessary, the roller in the nozzle can be replaced with a turbo brush, clean the door mat or collect hair on the dog bed. The suction force of 5500 Pa is enough to solve these problems. So that the user understands which operating mode he has chosen and how long the battery will last, a display was mounted in the end of the case. The price tag is not much higher than that of Conga Popstar — about 22-24 thousand rubles.

Now let’s move on to the dry vacuum cleaners, and to begin with, I will separately talk about two very good, but very expensive vacuum cleaners. If you are not ready to pull 60 thousand out of your pocket, you can immediately scroll a little lower.

Samsung Jet 90 Complete Extra

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Firstly, this is the Korean Samsung Jet 90 Complete Extra. Refined and stylish vacuum cleaner with a suction power of about 200 watts. Enough to get sand out of a medium pile carpet. Carpet turbo brush rotates at 3000 rpm, combing the villi, knocking out crumbs and collecting hair. And for a smooth floor, a separate nozzle with a roller is designed. By the way, this is not a simple roller, but with silver threads — they relieve static stress and help to better collect dust. The Samsung Jet 90 Complete Extra is one of the most comfortable vacuum cleaners out there. Management is done with one hand, all buttons fit neatly under the thumb. Everything works on a single click, you do not need to clamp the “trigger”. And this is the only vacuum cleaner in the ranking with a telescopic rod — you can adjust it to your height. A bunch of additional accessories were put in the box, including a furniture brush and a second battery. The attachments can be stored together with the vacuum cleaner in a secure floor station. It has a separate slot for recharging a second battery. The basic kit will cost 52 thousand, but if you wish, you can also buy a self-cleaning station. How much does a complete set cost, don’t even ask.

Dyson V15 Detect Absolute

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The second robot from the “not for everyone” series is the Dyson V15 Detect Absolute. Dyson differs from most competitors in its bright design with yellow and purple accents, but the main advantages of this model are power and functionality. The suction power reaches 240 watts — enough to pull sand even from under the carpet. True, it is almost impossible to vacuum in turbo mode, because. nozzle sticks to the floor tightly. The vacuum cleaner comes with two separate nozzles: a carpet nozzle (generally similar to the one on Samsung) and a branded “fluffy” nozzle with a soft roller and laser illumination, which shows every speck of dust in the path of the nozzle and significantly improves the quality of cleaning. By the way, when evaluating the work done, Dyson uses a scientific approach: the display, in addition to standard information, displays statistics on the collected particles of different fractions. It is a pleasure to empty the dust collector: the manufacturer has provided a lever and a sliding cuff that cleans off the dust adhering to the grid. Such a flask can be cleaned without getting your hands dirty. The package bundle is rich: there is a furniture brush with a helical roller, and a knee, and a brush for clothes, and much more. The price tag is solid — 63 thousand.

Well, now I present the TOP-5 vacuum cleaners for a wide audience.

Dreame T30 Neo


In fifth place is the Dreame T30 Neo. A modern upright vacuum cleaner with an impressive seamless design. The build quality is excellent, but the manufacturer paid attention to other aspects. The suction power of 190 watts is enough to pick up large debris and thoroughly clean carpets. The main nozzle is universal — with rows of pile and rubber ribs. Garbage falls into a vertical flask with a «skirt» and a complex filtration system. This is certainly not a Dyson dust collector, but still soundly done. For control, a key on the pistol grip is used (it is not necessary to press it all the time, because there is a latch) and a display with a button that will have to be pressed with the second hand. The set is rich. The box included a corrugated hose, an elbow, a transparent crevice nozzle, a clothes brush and a modern furniture brush with hard bristles. She combs her hair and pulls dust mites out from under the upholstery of the sofa. Depending on the selected mode, Dreame T30 Neo can work from 7 to 90 minutes. You can charge the vacuum cleaner in the wall docking station. There is also room for two additional nozzles. At different sites for this vacuum cleaner they ask from 30 to 33 thousand.

Genio Magic Stick M30

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The transforming vacuum cleaner Magic Stick M30 from Genio climbed a little higher. It is a separate vacuum cleaner with its own dust collector and handle, which is installed in a floor nozzle (with a separate flask), but can also work without it. A huge number of accessories are available, including a clothes brush with a velor lining (it will help to remove hair from your suit), a corrugation, a knee, a removable barbell. All this can be combined in a variety of combinations, turning the Magic Stick M30 into a car vacuum cleaner or a clever ceiling cleaning device. Also available is the original «tentacle» for sofa cushions and a furniture attachment. It is not as cool as the Dreame T30 Neo, but with a UV lamp. When assembled with a floor nozzle, the suction power does not exceed 150 watts, so it is useless to use the Magic Stick M30 on carpets. Especially considering that he is armed only with a soft roller. But if you remove the motor unit from the floor nozzle, this figure rises to 200 watts. So pulling dust out of an old chair Magic Stick M30 can easily. The price tag is much more modest than that of Dreame — about 25 thousand.

Xiaomi Jimmy H9 Pro


Top three opens Jimmy H9 Pro. The vacuum cleaner is made under the strict guidance of Xiaomi, which is expressed in a thoughtful design and excellent ergonomics, although the design of the Jimmy H9 Pro is surprisingly unusual. Instead of the simplest and most efficient vertical dust collector, a horizontal flask is installed. This option is slightly worse in terms of garbage distribution, but it makes Jimmy stand out from the competition. Management is done on the same principle as that of the Samsung Jet 90 — you can change modes with one hand. But the main advantage of this vertical is a hurricane motor. It puts out 200 watts with a pole and floor nozzle, which is much better than the 150 watts of the Magic Stick M30. At maximum speed, Jimmy H9 Pro can work for as long as 17 minutes, but it is best to turn on automatic mode, in which the smart vacuum cleaner will independently adjust the suction power, depending on the flooring. In this mode, the battery will last for 40 minutes, and the quality of cleaning will not suffer at all. When processing carpets, it is better to replace the roller in the main nozzle with a turbo brush. She combs her hair and fur well. Also, from the advantages of Jimmy H9 Pro, one can single out a bar with a kink in the middle (you can not kneel in front of the sofa), rich equipment and a floor docking station that fits all accessories. You can buy this model for 27 thousand rubles.

Atvel G9

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Atvel G9 is an original vacuum cleaner with a large floor nozzle. The fact is that two working tools are placed in it at the same time: a soft roller that collects dust and sand well, and a turbo brush — it carefully combs the carpet, removes crumbs and hair. Therefore, you don’t need to constantly assemble / disassemble the socket — just take the Atvel G9 and vacuum it anywhere. The suction power is slightly less than Jimmy’s, at 170 watts. But this is compensated by the counter rotation of the brush and the roller — they throw mote into the air duct, thereby increasing the efficiency of cleaning. Also of the pluses should be noted the backlight on the main nozzle. In terms of lighting intensity, it will not yield to your flashlight, because. on the front side of the bell there are two «headlights» with three LEDs in each. The Atvel G9 nozzle is more bulky than its analogues, but it is convenient to manipulate the vacuum cleaner, since its weight when fully assembled does not exceed 1.5 kg. If you want to hang the vacuum cleaner on the wall, there is a wall mount with sockets for two attachments. But it is more convenient to store it in a suitcase station, where there are places for all accessories. The price tag, of course, is serious — 30 thousand — but given the described functionality, the offer is quite adequate.

Conga Rockstar 1500 Ultimate


I gave the first place to the Spanish Conga Rockstar 1500 Ultimate. This is a premium vertical with 230 watts of suction power, like a corded vacuum cleaner. The Conga Rockstar 1500 easily swallows cat litter, cleans tile gaps and gives dog litter a human look in a couple of passes. The motor block has a good balance, so that the hand does not get tired. There is also a bar with a kink — in general, the vacuum cleaner has a complete order with ergonomics. Dust collector of capsule type. The garbage falling into it is divided into two fractions: heavy particles remain under the “skirt”, and only fine dust rises up. The battery is removable, but buying a spare is optional. The Conga Rockstar 1500 recharges twice as fast as its counterparts — just 2 hours to a full charge. There are a huge number of accessories: a corrugation, a brush for clothes, a “tentacle”, like the Magic Stick M30, a knee — in general, “full stuffing”. Walking nozzles can be hung on the docking station, and everything else can be folded into a branded bag. The Conga Rockstar 1500 Ultimate is not inferior to the Dyson either in terms of power or build quality, but costs half as much — only 35 thousand. By the way, if you do not need a large number of nozzles, you can take note of the Conga Rockstar 1500 Ergoflex — it costs only 25 thousand.


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