Table clocks have not lost their relevance in recent years. In addition, manufacturers are constantly releasing new interesting models that not only show the time, but have a number of additional functions. For example, the alarm clock function will allow you to wake up on time every morning, and the function of displaying the air temperature in the room will help you find out the current temperature in the room. The selection contains precisely multifunctional models with a set of popular functions from AlExpress. Among which you can choose the most worthy option in accordance with your expectations.


Opens the list of table clocks with customizable backlit digits, wooden case and a set of necessary functions. The clock successfully fits into almost any interior, perfectly harmonizes with wooden furniture. In addition to the time, the screen displays the temperature and humidity in the room. The clock supports the alarm function, there is a «sleep» mode and voice control. There are several options for the shape of the case and the color of the illumination of the numbers. Delivery is fast, the seller is responsive.


A compact table clock with a bright, memorable design can decorate any interior. The case with rounded edges is made of plastic. Touch control buttons are located on the top of the case. The screen is large, there is a customizable backlight, which will allow you to correctly navigate in time at any time of the day. The built-in alarm clock with snooze function, volume control and the ability to select a melody will wake you up at the right time. There is a time memory function, which is useful when disconnecting from the network. In general, the model is interesting, worth a closer look.


Compact table clock with a modern design and a standard set of functions. The body is made of plastic. Available in three body colors: white, green and pink. In the upper part there is a special compartment for aromatic oil, adding just a few drops to it and your room, in just a couple of minutes, will be filled with a pleasant aroma. The watch supports the alarm function, there is a thermometer, a calendar. Powered by a built-in 1200 mAh battery.

Lenovo TS13

With a simple design and colorful body, Lenovo’s desk clock blends seamlessly into any environment. Management is simple and intuitive. Available in several body colors. The screen is high quality with a mirror surface. It is possible to select the brightness of the numbers. The numbers are quite large and are clearly visible at any time of the day. The alarm sound can be selected, the snooze function is provided. Another plus is the ability to use the clock as a small speaker. Powered by a 1500 mAh battery.


Desk clock with a beautiful design and a sunset simulation mode with a gradual fading of the brightness and volume of the sound. The screen is large enough, the numbers are easy to read. There are manual and automatic brightness adjustment, support for the alarm function. A bonus is the display of the current date and radio. Powered by built-in battery. In general, an interesting model with a good set of features and good quality.

wooden clock

Original table clock will be a great addition to any interior. Screen with large numbers and customizable backlight. In addition to the time, the screen displays the date and air temperature. There is an alarm clock with a fairly loud signal, a sleep mode and a mode for turning on the dial by clap. Powered by three batteries. Perfect for a gift for any occasion.

mirror clock

Stylish table clock with an interesting screen solution and time projection. They will look great in any room. The case is made of plastic in white or black colors. The screen is curved with a mirror surface and manual or automatic adjustment of the backlight of the numbers. Time display format 12/24. The watch has an alarm clock with a snooze function, a thermometer, a radio and a sleep mode. Powered by 1 CR2032 battery.


This version of the desktop clock is made in a plastic case stylized as a computer. The watch has compact dimensions (78x87x97 mm) and light weight. You can easily find a place for them in any room. The screen displays the time, day of the week, readings of the air temperature in the room. In addition, there is a screen backlight, three customizable alarms and a large selection of melodies. The model is interesting, worth your attention. Fast delivery.


A good desk clock model that will look great both in the office and on the bedside table. The range has three color variations of the case: black, white and green. Size: 134x26x94 mm. The screen is large, numbers with customizable backlight. There is an alarm clock, calendar and thermometer. The battery is powered by three AAA batteries. The quality of the model is good, delivery is fast at the expense of the seller.


Table clock with a pretty design and bright backlight can be used as a night light. Housing made of plastic. The screen displays not only the time, but also the date, the air temperature in the room. The numbers are large and easy to read. Brightness has both manual and automatic settings. There is an alarm clock with a choice of melody and a snooze function, a sound sensor, sleep mode support. They are powered by a battery.

The selection presented, in my opinion, the most interesting options for desktop clocks, which today can be purchased on Aliexpress with free shipping. More interesting selections can be found in the author’s profile.


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