A good and strong lock can provide good protection for the contents it guards. However, there is a class of small household combination locks that can give, albeit not very serious, but still protection from unnecessary eyes and hands, and most importantly, some illusion of security. Such devices are used on lockers, bags, suitcases and other places where it is expensive or simply impractical to put serious protection. In the selection I collected just such options for locks. Naturally, to use this or not — everyone decides for himself 🙂

Push-button padlock

A small version of a combination padlock, the opening code of which is dialed using eight buttons located on the flat part of the lock body. It is stated that the body is made of steel, the shackle is also steel. The code is preset and consists of four digits. Size: 6×3.5cm. Suitable for lockers in the locker room, suitcases, etc. Two versions: black and silver.

Combination lock for mailbox

A compact standard size lock with a twist locking plate that can be a good alternative to a lock mounted on mailboxes and opened by a key. Instead of a keyhole, on this instance, three rotating cylinders with numbers from 0 to 9 are installed, respectively, 1000 various combinations of the code are available. There are several lock sizes and colors to choose from.

Padlock with three cylinders

Classic lock with three rotating code cylinders. Suitable for use with hand luggage, suitcases, lockers with clothes, etc. Three cylinders give 1000 different code combinations. Size: 56x22x11mm. There are six different colors to choose from. The body is made of metal.

Anti-theft Combination Lock for Bicycle

A very popular thing to create an illusion and even some protection of the bike from the encroachment of not very persistent intruders. It is a flexible metal cord in a PVC sheath with a coded four-cylinder lock. The length of the cord is 100cm. You can attach a bicycle or scooter to fixed and well-secured structures.

Padlock for four cylinders

Another variant of a typical representative of padlocks. In this case, four-cylinder, which allows you to program 10,000 combinations. The lock is made of zinc alloy with a steel shackle. A good option for luggage and cabinets. Size: 79*40*13 mm. Two colors to choose from: silver and black.

Vintage character combination lock

The code lock can be not only digital, but also alphabetic or symbolic. For example, like this very unusual version, made in vintage style. On the locking mechanism there are five cylinders with different symbols and letters, and only a certain combination of them will allow the mechanism to get wet. It is made of metal, but its protection is of course purely decorative 🙂

Combination lock with carabiner

For fixing on bags, backpacks, suitcases and other luggage, it is convenient to use a cylinder combination lock with a carabiner mechanism. This design will not let it come off if you suddenly forgot to close it with a code. The code mechanism consists of three cylinders, which provides a thousand different combinations. Six color options.

Skull combination lock

A miniature lock for bags and suitcases with which you can connect zippers together, preventing access to the contents. Fixation is carried out with the help of a flexible cable blocked by a lock, which on the one hand is limited by a knob in the form of a skull. Looks very funny. The combination lock contains three cylinders.

Smart lock with fingerprint code

Modern technologies have reached the lock theme. Locks are sold in which the user’s fingerprint, read by a special sensor, is used as an access code for opening. The lock is completely autonomous and can store up to ten different fingerprints in its memory. Inside the device is a rechargeable battery that can last up to 6 months on a single charge. When the battery is low, the LED starts blinking in advance. Sturdy metal construction.

Combination lock with key compartment

An interesting hinged design of the lock, which combines, in addition to the locking mechanism itself, a storage compartment. In this small volume, which is locked with three code cylinders, you can store keys or other things. The size of the lock-safe is 7.3*3.5*9.3 cm. It is stated that the device has a reinforced metal case.

I hope that the options for household combination locks collected in the selection were interesting, and maybe useful 🙂 You can find other popular product selections and reviews on interesting things a little lower in the author’s profile. Thank you for your attention.


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